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Discount codes and coupons do great to push out more sales. Then there’s Social proof that offers more than just sales. 

It offers passive sales, and most importantly, better branding. 

But how do you get such social proof?

By offering discounts!

Yes, it’s possible to generate both more sales and get more customer reviews as social proof if you do one thing:

Personalize the discount codes!

Here’s how it goes:

You offer a very personal message with a personalized discount code that works just for that customer.

And here’s the catch:

To attain that lucrative discount, the customer has to leave a review of their previous purchase!

So, how do you make people feel personally about your discounts and act promptly?

That’s what we’re about to reveal. The ultimate personalized discount code ideas that work every time. 

Why Personalized Discount Codes Are The Best

While tossing out generic discounts can generate more sales, personalizing the discount codes can just do more.

Learn more about how personalized discounts work

You can leverage these discounts to your greater benefit. You can make people leave reviews, share your brand name out there, and build an emotional connection to your store by making them feel special.

If you want more, you have to put more on the table. Keeping that in mind, if people feel your presence in their shopping life with a special touch, they’re also going to spread the word out. This way, you’re actually hitting 3 birds with one stone.

So, as it needlessly goes, personalized discounts can help you bank it big if done right. To prove that, over 92% of shoppers try out personalized coupon deals, and it's completely subconscious.

Types of Personalized Discount Codes

Types of Personalized Discount Codes

There are two main types of discounts: Before Purchase Codes and After Purchase coupons.

Each type of discount work differently than the other, with different outcomes. 
But first, you need to tell Google that you want the star ratings to show up on SERP for your page.

Before Purchase Discounts
Sending out discount codes before purchase can be uncertain. You can hope that you might catch the prospect’s attention to your store, and then there’s a chance you’ll get a sale at most.

Good news is, this works very well to attract new customers into your funnel as this is mostly cold outreach whether with Ads or Emails. 

Even if you have less conversion, this is all a gain at your bottom line.

After Purchase Discounts
Now, after purchase discounts work with much better outcomes as the customer already knows you well.

And if you’ve served the customer well in the first purchase, the coupon reinforces their loyalty to your brand.

With after purchase discounts, you’ll get a much higher rate to your bottom line with existing customers.

The best part?
You can use both and take your store to the next level with proven discount strategies!

Personalized Discount Code Ideas

Personalized Discount Code Ideas

Just putting something related to the last purchase or a cause in the code won’t cut it. You need to know the causal situation of that user and what will resonate with them the most. 

Here are the most common situations and causes that you can send out a personalized discount for:
But first, you need to tell Google that you want the star ratings to show up on SERP for your page.

Feedback or Review Coupons
It’s given that social proof helps you get more sales and more brand exposure. On-site customer reviews are the best kind of social proof, as they do their work while the customer is hesitant to buy.

But who has the time to leave you reviews after purchases? Well, everyone! If you compensate them for their times. 

There comes the discounts to incentivize their time. To make this discount strategy work as a sure shot, you have to personalize that coupon and cater to that specific customer.
‍Let’s say your customer’s name is “John”. The coupon can look like this:


See how it will feel personal to John? 

No, one question comes up immediately: How would I create 100s of such codes every day? 

Guess what? You have to create none.

Meet, ReviewXpo; the AI powered review management tool that automates the process.

ReviewXpo can send out review request emails with personalized discount codes to each customer. 

You don’t even have to filter out your customers. It can send first email, craft and send a discount code if not responded, keep following up until you get a juicy review!

Start sending personalized discounts today

Birthday or Anniversary Codes
You can use both and take your store to the next level with proven discount strategies!

To make this one work, you will need to have your customers’ personal details on your database. If you have that along with your customer’s consent to use for such promotional usage, it can be a win win.

If you do have their information, sending out personalized discounts on the special day can be game changing. 

Here’s how the discount would look like: HappyBirthdayJohn

Imagine getting such discount message crafted just for you. Would you not be amazed and convert immediately?

Loyalty Codes
These are discount codes crafted just for loyal customers who have been consistent patrons of your store. If you’ve got multiple purchases from a particular customer, do consider sending out such discounts occasionally.

A good example of such discount codes can be: LoyaltyTreat

Or, it can also be personalized to your brand or product name: VIPBookworm

This type of code helps in customer retention and gets you more word of mouth marketing. 

Abandoned Cart Codes
These are discount codes sent to customers who have added items to their shopping cart but have not completed the purchase. 

Offering such discounts can incentivize them to finalize the transaction. It does more than that though, even if you don’t make a profit off of that purchase. You get a customer who will know you and will come back.

The code can be like: LeftBehind10 (for 10% discount) or CartMagic15

Referral Codes
These discount codes are the ones you send to your customers so that they can gift the code to someone else. 

If you’ve ever done influencer marketing, you should get an idea what we’re suggesting here. This not only helps you get more clients, but also gets you more word of mouth marketing for free. 

Once you get the hold of this strategy, you can make a fortune with it. Plus, you’ll build a community around your brand. 

Example can be as generic as Friendship10 or as specific as LoveFromJohn 

Product-specific Codes
These discounts are tailored to specific products or categories based on your customer's purchase history. 

It can be a great way to promote related products and encourage your customers to try new offerings. You can send them the discount emails along with a code that says it all.

If you can craft them right while keeping your associated products in mind, you can bank it well. 

Example: If you own a grilling product store and a customer buys just grilling skillets and you want to sell smokers, the code can be: ChickenFest

Seasonal or Holiday Codes
Seasonal discounts are the ones you send out during specific seasons or holidays. This works the best during the big days like Black Friday, Thanksgiving, etc. 

You can encourage your customers to make purchases during festive periods. And if you combine the code with some personal gesture, this should get you a bigger traction than last year. 

Example of such personalized code can be: ThanksGivingJohn10, FallInLove15, SpookySavings15

Social Media Engagement Codes
Do you want your customers to talk about you and your store on social media? Who doesn’t! Right?

Well, you can have just that if you offer your customers some discounts in return. They’re getting compensated for their generosity and you’re getting more sales and brand mentions!

But to make it work without going crazy on costs, be sure you’re keeping your headroom open on the profit margin! 

The types of activity can include liking, sharing, or commenting on posts.

Examples of such discounts can be: HashtagSavings10, TagStore10

Send Personalized Discount Codes To Get More Reviews

Shopify gives you some decent options to send discounts in general. However, asking people to leave reviews and offering them discounts in return can be tricky. For that, you need to install ReviewXpo on your store.

This will not only open up this discount feature for you, but also help you do a lot better as a brand. So, here’s how you ask people for reviews in exchange for discount codes:

Your first step is getting ReviewXpo.
First off, log into your Shopify store and navigate to the Apps section in the menu. From there, search for ReviewXpo and install the app. 

Once installed, select your language, store theme colors, rating types and finalize the setup. After that, you want to navigate to “Review For Discount” option in the menu. 

From there, you’ll get a bunch of opinions to play with. Here are the facilities you can avail using ReviewXpo:

Option 1: You can offer discount codes on the review request email.

Option 2: Want to wait for an email? Offer discounts on follow up emails

Option 3: You can even offer discount codes only if the customer leaves photo/video reviews.

As for personalization, you can either use single-use unique discount codes, or Single Code For All customers as you’d do in general.

Depending on which one you’re interested in, follow the guides in the links above.


When should I offer a discount to my customer?
If you’re sending a discount after a purchase, it’s better to send discount codes on the follow up email. However, if you’re trying to attract new customers or running a cold campaign, these are the best options to offer discount:

  • Offer discounts on Exit-intent for visitors
  • Run influencer marketing campaign with personalized discounts. 
  • Send discounts to cold audience using emails, phone number, and Ads. 

Can I bulk generate personalized discount codes?
You can use ReviewXpo to bulk generate discount codes crafted to each customer uniquely and send out on schedule. 

How to track the performance of my personalized discount strategy?
ReviewXpo has a very informative dashboard where you’ll see how your reviews are coming in and how your strategies are working out. 

Can I offer discounts only if my customer leaves a photo/video with review?
Yes, you can definitely do that using ReviewXpo. Follow this guide to offer such conditional discount codes to your customers.

Final Advice

Getting ahead of the curve needs you to be sharp about where the market is moving. And now is he time for personalized discounts. If you can personalize discounts to your customers, they’ll feel like you care for them. 

Get as much as customer reviews as possible and offer discounts with an open hand as that works really great. Once you have reviews on your product page, and people see others are laving reviews, they’ll buy more. Best of all, they’ll also feel like leaving reviews themselves. 

Take care of your future and current and customers, and they’ll take care of you.

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