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Last update August 24, 2023

how does shopify review work

ReviewXpo Vs Rivyo: Uncover The Best App For Your Shopify Store

By Editorial Team


June 11, 2024

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how does shopify review work

Positive product reviews can boost your sales overnight. When you start a store with Shopify, you may not find options to allow your customers to post reviews.

Does that mean your customers can not post reviews? No! They can.

Then how does Shopify review work?

You need to install a third-party product review management app to enable product reviews in your Shopify store. ReviewXpo is one of the most reliable Shopify review apps without a default Shopify review app.

Let’s explore everything to understand how you can display reviews on your Shopify store.

Can people write reviews on Shopify?

With Shopify’s default review app gone, you can s till let people leave reviews on your store. You can do this using a third-party review management app like ReviewXpo.

It’s available on the Shopify store and takes minutes to set things up with your brand theme. Not only people can write reviews with it, you can automatically engage with them using AI replies. 

How Are Reviews Displayed on Shopify Product Pages?

Reviews on Shopify stores are displayed on the product pages. Whenever a customer purchases something and posts reviews on that particular product, the review will appear on that page. 

Some common elements of Shopify product reviews are:
Star ratings: Usually, reviews on Shopify include star ratings at the top. Users can rate a product out of 5 and it will appear with stars.
Text reviews: Below the star ratings, there will be detailed text reviews on the product. It depends on how long reviews customers write.
Photos & videos: Reviews with photos and videos are most effective. These reviews can attract more new customers increasing the conversion rate. It is not easy to get photo & video reviews. You can read our article on How To Get More Photo And Video Reviews From Your Customers to learn more.

Most shopify product reviews apps come with all of these elements. However, some may not include the video review feature. Hence, it is important to select a product review app that has all these features.

We have a detailed article on The Best Product Review App For Shopify. You can read that to find out the best review app for your Shopify app.

However, to make the review display more attractive, apps today come with various review widgets. They display the reviews in more attractive formats to convince customers to purchase.

Some of the common review widgets are:

Grid layouts: Grid layout is the most common Shopify product review widget. It displays all the reviews separately in the grid layout format.
Listings: It is a traditional review format. Listings show all the reviews serially in a list.
Review summaries: Review summaries are great for customers in a hurry. This widget analyzes all the reviews and displays a snapshot to understand customer opinion.
Top reviews: The top reviews widget finds the best reviews for a product and shows it on the top. This widget is great for enriching social proof.
Badges: You also can add various badges such as Top reviewed, Best selling, etc, on products. These are great for driving customers to particular products.
Other review widgets include testimonials, media galleries, voting, surveys, and more. These widgets vary from app to app.

Benefits of Shopify Reviews

Shopify review apps come with a lot of elements and widgets. While some apps offer limited free features, others are completely premium.

Is it worth investing in a Shopify product review? Does it bring any value to your business?

Investing in a Shopify app is absolutely worth it. They can help you attract more customers and boost your revenue.

Approximately 95% of the customers today read reviews before shopping. Hence, if you do not have product reviews on your Shop, you are already losing 95% of the target customers.

Reviews give a customer a deep insight into the product's real-life performance. It helps them decide whether to purchase a product or not.

When you have good product reviews on your online store, people are more likely to purchase from you. It can boost conversion rates, sales, and profit.

We recommend you read our article Benefits Of Customer Reviews to learn the importance of Shopify reviews.

Is There Any Official Shopify Product Reviews App?

No. There was an official Shopify product review app, but Shopify discontinued the app.

The app was free to use and had limited features. Hence, it was not really a great choice to display reviews. That is why Shopify decided to discontinue the app. It gives third-party review apps a better chance to showcase their advanced features.

Best Shopify Product Reviews App: ReviewXpo

Best Shopify Product Reviews App: ReviewXpo

With the unavailability of the official Shopify review app, you need a fantastic app that can display product reviews in the best way possible.

You can search on the Shopify app store for product review management apps. It will show you hundreds of reviews.

Are they all good options? Absolutely not!

Then which is the best Shopify product review app?

ReviewXpo is the best Shopify product review app that comes with all the necessary features including advanced technology like AI.

Some of the reasons why ReviewXpo is the best Shopify review app are:

Photo & video reviews
ReviewXpo allows your customers to post both photo and video reviews. These reviews are more effective at attracting new customers compared to general text reviews.

Aliexpress import
When you are new at Shopify and yet to make a sale, it can be tough for you to convince customers to buy from you. ReviewXpo allows you to import Aliexpress reviews to Shopify completely free. It helps you grow your business.

Review widgets
ReviewXpo comes with a wide range of attractive review widgets such as grids, media galleries, star ratings, testimonials, and more. Moreover, you can customize them to match your brand’s theme. It helps you multiply your sales.

Advanced AI features
One of the best features of ReviewXpo is its automated AI replies to reviews feature. When your business grows and you get a lot of reviews, it can be challenging to reply to each of them manually. This feature will eliminate the hassle and reply to reviews for you.

Personalized features
ReviewXpo’s customer communication features are always personalized to get better responses. For example, when generating discount codes, the app can use the customer's name to make it more effective. Besides, when sending emails, it uses a personalized tone to get more responses.

Besides, ReviewXpo comes with a lot of other advantages such as automations, followup mails, SEO optimization, beginner friendly user interface, quick responses, and so on. Primarily the app is free to use.

Efficient Shopify Review Management


Can I respond to customer reviews on Shopify?
Yes! You can reply to all the customer reviews on your Shopify store. You can even continue the conversation to fix any particular issues.

Can I enable product reviews for all products on my Shopify store?
Yes! After installing a review management app, you can activate review features for all your products on your Shopify store.

Are Shopify product review apps free to use?
Yes! Most Shopify product review apps are free to use. The free plan usually comes with some limitations. You can upgrade to a premium plan for maximum benefits.

Can Shopify review apps make your store slow?
Some heavy and less developed review apps may make your Shopify store slow. However, a well developed app like ReviewXpo performs super fast. It does not lag nor make your store slow.

Final Advice

Lastly, Shopify reviews work through third-party review management apps. Out of hundreds of apps, ReviewXpo offers the most efficient features.

If you are only starting your Shopify business, installing the app is a must. It will allow your customers to post reviews on your store. As a result, you can get more sales.

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ReviewXpo Vs Rivyo: Uncover The Best App For Your Shopify Store

By Editorial Team


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