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Boost Sales Instantly With Automated Social Proof

ReviewXpo helps you collect, moderate, showcase, and interact with customer reviews with the power of AI.


storefronts empowered


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Boost Sales Instantly With Automated Social Proof

Used and loved by 500+ Shopify stores to cut cost and boost sales

why you should use reviewXpo

Install ReviewXpo, automate the customer review collection process, and sell more without spending money on a team.

Automated Customer Review Collection

Don’t spend hours collecting reviews manually. ReviewXpo will do that for you, automatically.

Automated Customer Review Collection
Showcase and Engage with Customer reviews

Showcase and Engage with Customer reviews

Moderate and showcase reviews with beautiful widgets. Interact your customers with AI replies!

Offer discounts for boosting sales

Want to offer custom discounts for photo or video reviews? ReviewXpo does that with followups.

Offer discounts for boosting sales
SEO & Email Marketing Optimization

SEO & Email Marketing Optimization

ReveiwXpo’s rich snippet optimization ranks you higher to sell more with free traffic!

Don’t fall behind. Let’s Smash Your Ecom Goals Using AI Automation


Stores boosting sales


More conversion rate


More trust from visitors


More ROI on Ads spent

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using ReviewXpo NOW!

And Here’s How ReviewXpo Does The Magic


customer reviews

Import or send automated review request emails with personalized coupons and offers.

Collecting customer reviews

Moderate and Showcase with widgets

Show customer reviews with Grid, Carousel, List, or Popups, all tailored to your branding.

Infograph of moderating and showcasing customer review with ReviewXpo

AI Powered Customer Engagement

Promptly respond to reviews using AI to make your customers heard and appreciated.

Infograph of engaging customer reviews with AI-powered store replies using ReviewXpo.

Social shares for organic branding

ReviewXpo’s special social share option opens up a new horizon of organic branding for you.

Infograph of sharing customer reviews on social media

Track growth with insightful analytics

Track how your social proof is growing at your dashboard analytics to take decisions.

A growth curve showing how customer reviews grew with ReviewXpo

Our eCom Users Are Getting Great Results

Setup was simple, interface was easy to use. Reviews, rating widgets, and review request emails match my brand.

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Customer Growth

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Product Orders

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Women’s Fashion Store

ReviewXpo made it super easy to display customer reviews professionally. Overall, this is a great app. I highly recommend

3x More

Customer Interactions


Variety of product

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Lifestyle Store and Services

Wonderful and neat, recommended! They have a bunch of colors you can pick or customize it on your own!

80+ More

Reviews than usual

6x more

Time saved with replies

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Ben Shaker

Tech & Lifestyle Store

Incredibly easy to use and is exactly what I was looking for. Quality Customer Service and Application! I would recommend this app to any store owner.


Reviews collected

50+ More

App installations

Atlantis Health Group

Healthcare product


Boost Your Sales Now

Boost Your Sales Now

Boost Your Sales Now

Boost Your Sales Now

Boost Your Sales Now

Boost Your Sales Now

Boost Your Sales Now

Boost Your Sales Now

Boost Your Sales Now

Boost Your Sales Now

Boost Your Sales Now

Boost Your Sales Now

Boost Your Sales Now

Boost Your Sales Now

Boost Your Sales Now

Boost Your Sales Now

Got Some Questions For Us? We’ve Got You Covered

Do I Need Any Coding Skills To Use ReviewXpo?

No, you don’t need to have any coding skills to set up or use ReviewXpo. It’s all picking your brand colors, selecting styles, and deciding on widgets you like. If using Shopify is easy for you, so will ReviewXpo.

Can I Customize Star Rating Styles?

Yes, you’ll have multiple star rating styles to choose from while setting up the app. You can change your style at any point of time in the settings, though.

Can I Set My Own Email Templates With My Branded Customization?

Yes, you can create your own email templates to send out to your customers. It’s all customizable with your own branding, logo, and colors.

Can I Import Bulk Reviews?

Yes, you can bulk import reviews from your existing sources like Aliexpress, CSV files, or existing review apps.

What Happens To My Reviews If I Uninstall ReviewXpo?

You can always export all your reviews and comments. If you decide to uninstall it, you can have all the related data to yourself.

Can I Change The Colors And Control How The App Feels?

100%! You’ll get the option to change how the reviews and everything look and feel like while installing the app. And you can always go into the settings and customize them as you feel like to keep your branding consistent across the store.

Does ReviewXpo Shows The "Verified Reviews" Tag Below The Review?

Yes we do! With ReviewXpo, you will have full control over what to show and what not to, including review source authentication marks. You can set the app to show verified review badge and mark on top of the feedback.

How About Offering Custom Discounts With Review Request Emails?

You can send personalized or automated discounts and offers while sending review request emails. The discount can be the same for each email, or you can get each customer a custom coupon code. With their name to it, you can make your customers feel special. Set parameters like adding photos or videos to offer discounts.

Will I Get Full Access To The Features While In The Trial Period?

You’ll get all things necessary to test the app if it’s a good fit for your branding to increase sales through social proof. However, you’ll not have the branding with your own logo to the emails until you set yourself free with a premium plan. 

Helping 500+ Stores To Boost Sales

ReviewXpo customer review showcase setup and growth illustrated

Boost Your Sales With Better Customer Review Management

Are you struggling to boost sales just because of poor social proof to your brand? Not anymore. We’ve got you covered with an expert guide to the best kind of social proof: customer reviews.

Where more sales are hiding

Get this straight: Over 49% of your potential customers want to see reviews from your previous customers before they decide to buy from you.

Even if you sell high priced items, you can get over 380% more conversion rates if you have 50-star reviews.

Over 88% of consumers want to see user reviews as personal recommendations while visiting your product page.

So, it's settled that you need good quality customer reviews, meaning an entire management team has to work to make it happen. 

From tracking shipments, collecting reviews, responding, and leveraging customer reviews to boost sales, there's a whole management hassle to deal with. 

Or, is it?

Today, we'll guide you through the ingenious process of good customer review management with the power of AI. After this guide, you should be able to boost your sales by at least 50% by the end of the quarter. 

Let's get to it, shall we?

How Customer Reviews Help You Sell More

Customer reviews are the kind of social proof that directly translates your marketing efforts into sales. The difference good customer reviews make to a store is simply undeniable. 

Potential customers give you an authoritative consideration when they see positive reviews. They feel confident with their purchase. To reflect that, over 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

More customer reviews will also increase your search engine visibility and map listings. This will give you more exposure to potential customers. What would happen without reviews? Surveys show that 92% of consumers will hesitate to buy a product without customer reviews.

Having more reviews means you have more feedback from customers on what they like and dislike. You can now identify your strengths and weaknesses, and make data-driven decisions to improve customer experience. 

How To Get More Reviews?

You want to get more customer reviews and boost sales. But how do you get the reviews? The answer is, by importing reviews, or by asking the customers. You can email each customer after each sale to share their shopping experience with you and possibly leave a review.

Sometimes, you want to offer a custom discount code to encourage the shopper to leave a review with some photos or videos, as those will work best as user-generated content. After each review comes in, you want to moderate, publish, and interact with them.

Sounds like a lot of work managing customer reviews, right? Necessarily needing an entire team just to handle a few customers a day! Yes, it is a lot of work, if you do it all manually. 

Now, what if you had a tool that does all these on your behalf while you look after sales and growth? Say hello to ReviewXpo, the AI-powered tool that helps you double your sales by automating your customer review management.

How To Automate Customer Review Management

Sending review request emails has never been easier when ReviewXpo empowering your store. Initiate review requests manually or automatically. You can set a time after when ReveiewXpo will send an automated customer review request.

Now that you know automating customer review management can help you boost sales without spending a ton of money or time, the only question that remains is, how to automate?

Here’s how ReviewXpo automates your customer review management system:

  • ReviewXpo sends an automated customer review request to each customer
  • You can also import existing reviews if you have some in other stores or files
  • If someone doesn’t comply, it follows up and sends personalized discount coupons
  • It collects all the reviews, analyzes, lets you moderate, and automatically publish
  • It even interacts with your customers on behalf of the store with personalized replies

And the best part, after automating it all? You’ll get everything completely on your brand name, colors, and identity. Even better, You can start using ReviewXpo for free! 

How to Add Customer Reviews To Your Store

ReviewXpo does wonders to boost your sales and helps you do better branding. Now, how do you add customer reviews to your Shopify store and product pages using ReviewXpo?

Here’s a quick guide to do that:

Step 1: Installing ReviewXpo
Search "ReviewXpo" on Shopify App Store, click "Add App,". It’s free to install and to use for small stores. Choose the plan of your choice to start with if you have a large store.

Step 2: Setting Up and Branding
Configure ReviewXpo to make it branded to your store theme. Customize things to your linking, starting with the language, your branded colors, what style you want to showcase your reviews in, the star rating style, etc. You’ll also see the options to set how your automated review request emails are to be sent.

Step 3: Import Your Existing Reviews
If you have existing customer reviews to showcase, you can certainly import them to ReviewXpo in a single click. You can import existing reviews from AliExpress, CSV files, or any other existing Shopify app you’re currently using. 

So, with ReviewXpo, you’re not entirely starting from scratch to build your social proof. You can get to branding right from where you are, right now! All you have to do is, install ReviewXpo, make it yours, import, and get to collecting some social proof!

Step 4: Sending Review Requests
Sending review request emails has never been easier when ReviewXpo empowering your store. Initiate review requests manually or automatically. You can set a time after when ReviewXpo will send an automated customer review request.

You can choose to send it right after the shipment, or delay by a few hours or days. Customize request messages based on the product, personal information, or anything that will make the customer to leave a review.

You can even offer promotional offers to the customer for leaving the review! It can be something like “Get a 10% extra discount on your next purchase”. 

You can also personalize that discount code just to that customer, making him/her feel special, all automatically. 

Step 5: Review moderation and Showcasing
Customers can leave both bad and good reviews; so you want full control over what gets published on the store and what not. ReviewXpo allows you to take full control over that, too. You can moderate, approve, or decline a review before it gets to the public.

Yes, you can even tweak the reviews as you like. That’s how much freedom ReviewXpo gives you to make it rain with your store. Showcase using beautiful review widgets like carousel, gallery, lists, etc. 

Interacting with Customer Reviews

You want to interact with each customer review in your store, right? But do you have enough time to reply to 100s of reviews daily? Well, unless you have a whole team, just to engage with your customers!

How about cutting that entire cost to zero? ReviewXpo gives you just that opportunity, with the power of AI. As the review gets published on the site, our integrated AI will analyze the review, what it’s about, how it should be dealt with, and reply with a personalized tone. 

Engage reviews promptly and boost your customer relationships. This way, you can build real relationships with your customers and make them love you while AI does the engagement! Meanwhile, the ReviewXpo dashboard analysis tracks performance for improvements.

Ask Custom Questions 

Asking your customers customer questions about their shopping experience can give you valuable insights. Since asking is the only way to know how people feel about your store, there’s no work around for it. 

However, you can’t just expect your customer to click several links just to reach the questionnaire page. ReviewXpo makes this super easy for you. With ReviewXpo, you can set custom questions which people can directly answer from the email along with the review.

Track Performance and Feedbacks

The only way you retain customers and build a recognizable brand is by improving product and customer service experience. ReviewXpo gives you a dedicated dashboard to track how your customers feel about you.

You’ll know as your store grows its reputation with more customer reviews. Better yet, you can now make more data driven decisions to improve customer experience and products or services. 

Customer Reviews Best Practices

These best practices while planning customer review management will help you do better branding, increase sales, and boost average rating to push more sales. 

1. Don’t hesitate to ask for reviews
The most important rule to get more reviews is asking for it. Implement an advance review collection using ReviewXpo for smart product upsell and down sell. Track each sale, after people click that add to cart button, down to collecting feedback.

2. Collect consumer feedback like a pro
Enable the automatic review request feature with your custom email templates for increased conversions. Offer discounts for photo reviews and videos to encourage people.

3. Offer user-friendly interface
Display star ratings and trust badges along with average rating after you import product reviews. Enable images gallery and videos to show how people are loving your products, and you’re getting customer trust. Use customizable widgets of ReviewXpo to do this.

4. Repurpose them for marketing
Use all your customer reviews, photos, and videos as UGC on all your social media and other marketing channels to get more organic traffic. This will not only benefit your SEO and Google Shopping results, but also get more direct traffic to your site.

5. Keep It Real
Don’t fall for fake reviews if you want to sustain in the long run. Get real reviews and don’t be afraid of negative reviews. Consider the negative reviews as valuable feedback to improve user experience. However, keep an eye on the average product rating and publish wisely.

Can I Embed Customer Reviews On My Shopify Website?

Yes, you can easily embed customer reviews on your Shopify site using ReviewXpo. You can automatically send review request emails, import reviews, and showcase. 

How to enable product reviews on Shopify?

Enable product reviews by adding ReviewXpo from Shopify App Store. Click "Add App," choose a plan, and let's roll – reviews will soon grace your store.

How To Manage Product Reviews On Shopify?

You can moderate reviews before publishing with ReviewXpo. If you know how to edit reviews on Shopify, simply approve, reject, edit, or delete. Respond to reviews as well. It will make your audience feel connected.

How To Respond To Product Reviews On Shopify?

Interact with your customers using ReviewXpo by replying with personalized responses to their reviews. If you have too many reviews to respond to, ReviewXpo’s AI will do that for you.

How To Use Product Reviews To Improve Your Shopify Store?

You can use the ReviewXpo's Analytics review performance tracking to refine products and services. Insights from reviews can enhance overall customer experience, and your review feedback will improve too.

How To Get More Reviews On Shopify Products?

You can get a ton more reviews than you’re getting now by using review requests through ReviewXpo. You can set personalized messages and ReviewXpo will send review request emails, collect, and showcase your customer reviews, all while you’re busy planning your sourcing, shipment, and business. 

How To Add Product On Shopify For Dropshipping?

Showcasing social proof with dropshipping can be a piece of cake if you use ReviewXpo. You can easily import product reviews from AliExpress and reuse the existing reviews as your own social proof from the get go of your store. 

How Do I Import Reviews From AliExpress To Shopify?

In your Shopify store admin dashboard, navigate to ReviewXpo’s “Export/Import” section and choose “Import from AliExpress” menu and follow the on-screen instruction. It’s super easy if you just follow the visual guide there.

How to delete reviews on Shopify

Go to your Admin dashboard of ReviewXpo and navigate to the “Reviews>All Reviews” section. You’ll see all your reviews in one place. Select the ones you want to delete and delete them from the context menu.