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How to offer a discount for review submission?

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Keeping customers motivated is necessary for business success, and offering customers discounts is a great motivational strategy. Here, through "ReviewXpo Shopify reviews app" you can provide discount coupons to customers after they have posted their reviews.

If the customers have posted reviews following the “First Review Request” email notification, please proceed with these steps to provide them with discount coupons;

Step 1: From Shopify admin, open your ReviewXpo App “Menu” and click “Review for Discount”.

How to offer a discount for review submission_Screenshot_1

Step 2: From “Discount for First Review Request” select the discount type and a modal window will pop up.

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Note: ReviewXpo offers two types of discount codes. 

  • Auto Generated Single Use provides each customer with a unique discount code for one-time use. And, 
  • Single Code For All” offers customers the same discount code. 

We will be using “Auto Generated Single Use” for demonstration.

Step 3: From the modal window, customize the discount options to your preference and click “Save”.

How to offer a discount for review submission_Screenshot_3

Note: Discount Customization Options;

  • Discount Type: You can choose the percentage of the product price or a Fixed amount.
  • Discount Value: You can customize how much discount you want to avail for the customers. 
  • Active Date: Activation Date and Time of the discount code is also customizable.
  • Expired Date: Choose the expiration date and time of the product code. End of that given period, the code will be invalid.

Now customers will get a discount coupon if they have posted a review using the “Write a Review” button from the first review request email. 

For further queries please contact us, we'll always be there to help you!