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How to offer a discount for photo/video reviews?

Having a photo/video review on your product page certainly comes in handy, but you’ll need motivated customers for a good number of photo/video reviews. And what’s the best way to motivate the customers besides gifting discount coupons?

"ReviewXpo Shopify product reviews app" enables you to encourage customers to post a photo/video review by offering them discounts of your preference. To avail discounts for your customers for photo/video reviews, follow these simple steps;

Step 1: From Shopify admin, open your ReviewXpo App “Menu” and click “Review for Discount”.

How to offer a discount for photo or video reviews_Screenshot_1

Step 2: From “Discount for Photo/Video Review” select the discount type and a modal window will pop up.

How to offer a discount for photo or video reviews_Screenshot_2

Note: ReviewXpo offers two types of discount codes. 

  • Auto Generated Single Use provides each customer with a unique discount code for one-time use. And, 
  • Single Code For All” offers customers the same discount code. 

We will be using “Auto Generated Single Use” for demonstration.

Step 3: From the modal window, customize the discount options to your preference and click “Save”.

How to offer a discount for photo or video reviews_Screenshot_3

Note: Discount Customization Options;

  • Discount Type: You can choose the percentage of the product price or a Fixed amount.
  • Discount Value: You can customize how much discount you want to avail for the customers. 
  • Active Date: Activation Date and Time of the discount code is also customizable.
  • Expired Date: Choose the expiration date and time of the product code. End of that given period, the code will be invalid.

Now customers will get a discount coupon if they have posted a review using the “Upload photo/video” button from the photo/video review request email. 

For further queries please contact us, we'll always be there to help you!