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Last update August 24, 2023

ReviewXpo Vs TYDAL: Best Shopify Review App For Your Business

ReviewXpo Vs Rivyo: Uncover The Best App For Your Shopify Store

By Editorial Team


May 27, 2024

5min Read

ReviewXpo Vs TYDAL: Best Shopify Review App For Your Business

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ReviewXpo and TYDAL are two of the most popular Shopify review management software for starters. However, you need one app that comes with all the necessary features.

Which one is better between ReviewXpo vs TYDAL?

ReviewXpo is better than TYDAL for both starters and large businesses. It has all the basic features in its free plan. Besides, it offers some advanced features in its premium plan that growing businesses need.

Are those features of any use for your shopify business? Let’s compare ReviewXpo and TYDAL to determine which one is best for you.

ReviewXpo Vs TYDAL: Basic Overview

Every Shopify store requires a review management app to display reviews. Although there are a lot of apps available, ReviewXpo and TYDAL are amongst the top ones.

Here’s a brief overview of these apps:

ReviewXpo Product Reviews App
ReviewXpo  is an all in one solution for Shopify product review management. It offers all the necessary features such as collecting and displaying photo & video reviews. You can automate the review request function. Moreover, ReviewXpo uses advanced AI technology to make the app more efficient.

TYDAL Reviews
Formerly known as Rivo Reviews, TYDAL is a basic Shopify review management feature. It comes with the basic features such as collecting and displaying reviews, sending emails, offering discounts, and more.

ReviewXpo Vs TYDAL: Comparison Chart

If you are in a hurry and have no time to read the detailed comparison, here is a brief rating comparison chart for ReviewXpo and TYDAL:

ReviewXpo Vs TYDAL: Comparison Chart

ReviewXpo Vs TYDAL: Detail Comparison

Many users will instantly install TYDAL reviews knowing it is free. The question is, is it worth trying? Or should you use an app that comes with both free & premium plans with more advanced features?

ReviewXpo Vs TYDAL: Detail Comparison

Let’s discuss the detailed comparison between ReviewXpo and TYDAL to determine which one is more efficient and worth your time:

1. Review collection & display
ReviewXpo offers an extensive way of collecting reviews. The most common method is collecting through email requests. The best thing about ReviewXpo’s review request emails is that they include review forms. That means your customers can reply to the mail without visiting your store and the review will automatically be posted.

Other ways to collect reviews are social media UGC, import, migration, campaigns, and so on. You can also display reviews using various widgets, such as grid layouts, listings, summaries, and so on.

TYDAL: TYDAL enables you to collect and display photo & video reviews. You can use multiple review widgets to display the reviews. It includes all the necessary features you need to showcase your product reviews.

Verdict: ReviewXpo and TYDAL are excellent apps for collecting and displaying reviews on Shopify product pages. However, ReviewXpo’s review collection system is more efficient due to personalized emails, import options, etc. Hence, the first round goes to ReviewXpo.

2. Review widgets customizations
 The best part of using ReviewXpo’s product review widget is that you can customize them as you like. Common review widgets are listings, grids, summaries, testimonials, star ratings, pop-ups, etc.

You can customize the appearance of these reviews with different shapes and colors. It gives you the freedom to organize the section matching your brand’s theme. This helps boost social proof that increases conversion rate.

TYDAL: TYDAL also offers various review display formats. The app has a few customization options that help you style the product review section.

Verdict: When comparing, ReviewXpo’s customizable review widgets have more options. You can style them in any way you want. In contrast, TYDAL’s review widgets have limited customizability. As a result, ReviewXpo remains at the top of this segment.

3. Import options
 Importing reviews gives you a great advantage of showing reviews even when you do not have a sale. ReviewXpo allows you to directly import Aliexpress reviews to Shopify without any hassle.

The best part of the AliExpress review importer is that you can automate the whole process. It saves you a lot of time and makes you more efficient. You can read our article on How To Import Reviews From AliExpress To Shopify Automatically to learn more about this feature.

You can also import reviews from other e-commerce platforms. All you have to o is export your current reviews into a CSV file and import that file to ReviewXpo.  

TYDAL: Unfortunately, TYDAL does not support direct product review imports. You will have to use its CSV format and do the process manually. The whole process is quite hassling and often reviews do not get imported.

Verdict: ReviewXpo offers a more convenient way to import reviews to Shopify stores. It also supports one-click import from AliExpress, with options for choosing what to import. With such convenience, ReviewXpo is far ahead of TYDAL.

4. Review request automation
 Review request emails are the most effective way to collect Shopiy reviews. However, manually sending emails to each customer can be quite a job. Luckily, you can use ReviewXpo to automate the review request emails.

You can set different filters for when to send emails after the purchase. Then you can activate automatic emails. After that, whenever someone purchases a product from you, automatically receive review request emails.

Although the emails are automated, they are written in a personalized way to ensure maximum responses. If you do not get a response in the first mail, the app will automatically send a follow-up email.

You also can use TYDAL to automate the review request email system. The app allows you to send two automated emails to customers after a certain gap.

Verdict: Although both these apps support review request email automation, ReviewXpo comes with more email template options. You can choose any of them from a wide range of options. In contrast, TYDAL usually gives you two email templates. Therefore, ReviewXpo once again wins the race.

5. AI replies
One of the most useful features of ReviewXpo is the AI replies to reviews. The app uses AI technologies to analyze and reply to customer reviews. General automated replies sound robotic, but not the ones with AI.

However, you can set some filters while activating the feature. You can specify the star ratings for which the app will reply automatically. You can also manually reply to the rest of the reviews if you want.

Still have doubts about the efficiency of this feature? You should know the Benefits Of AI-Generated Automated Replies To Customer Reviews.

This amazing feature is not available in TYDAL reviews. You will have to read the reviews manually and reply accordingly.

Verdict: ReviewXpo undoubtedly wins this round as TYDAL does not have an AI-generated reply feature. When you receive hundreds of reviews every day, it can be challenging to reply manually. AI replies to reviews save your time and sound natural to customers.

6. Personalized discount/coupon
Offering discount codes or coupons to customers is a great way to encourage them to take certain actions. Most review software has this feature. What makes ReviewXpo different is its ability to generate personalized codes.

ReviewXpo can produce discount codes using customer’s names. When you offer such codes, the customer will feel valued. It will be more effective than normal codes. Personalized codes not only receive more responses but also increase customer loyalty.

TYDAL allows you to customize different offers and generate codes. However, it does not have a personalized discount code feature. The app will generate common discount codes that are less effective.

Verdict: There is no argument that ReviewXpo is once again ahead of TYDAL. Personalized codes are quite helpful for getting more video reviews, which creates more effective social proof and increases sales.

7. SEO optimization
   ReviewXpo’s rich SEO features ensure that your Shopify store is discoverable across various SERPs. The reviews are specially optimized for Google’s rich snippets. It means that your products will appear with star ratings. This significantly increases the click-through rate (CTR).

We have a detailed guide on How To Get Star Ratings To Show Up In Google Search Results. You can read that to know how it works.

TYDAL: TYDAL uses structured data to ensure better visibility for your Shopify store on Google. It helps get more organic traffic on your site.

Verdict: Although both apps have the necessary SEO optimization features, ReviewXpo has been more consistent and effective. You can expect better online visibility and more traffic with ReviewXpo.

8. Speed & performance
 ReviewXpo is committed to provide a smooth performance to the customers. Hence, the app is quite lightweight. Even though the app is loaded with features, its advanced technology ensures it does not feel heavy.

Moreover, the development team works day and night to keep the app bug-free. This is another reason why ReviewXpo delivers super-fast performance. 

TYDAL includes only the basic review management features. One of the reasons can be because it is free to use. It makes the app lightweight. However, it has some bugs. Most users complain that even after removing the app, the app's codes remain in the store. These codes are hard to get rid of.

Verdict:  While both apps are lightweight, ReviewXpo does not include bugs like TYDAL. It allows the app to perform better and more efficiently. You will surely have a smooth experience using ReviewXpo.

9. Customer support
  ReviewXpo has a large & trained customer support team. All the team members have in-depth knowledge of the app. It allows them to promptly solve any user issues.

You will also get a quick response from the team 24/7. Moreover, the app offers a dedicated store success manager. He will always be available to you to solve any issues you may face with the app.

Surprisingly, TYDAL has a good customer support team for a free app. Users typically get quick and helpful responses.

Verdict: Both apps have an excellent customer support team. However, the availability of a dedicated customer support manager will keep ReviewXpo slightly ahead in the comparison.

10. Ease of use
  ReviewXpo has a simple user interface (UI). All the options are easily findable, and the UI ensures that everyone, including beginners, can navigate the app without any problem.

Besides, the app has a large YouTube video library. It consists of several instructional videos on how to use different functions of the app.

TYDAL also has a simple UI. Most of the app’s functions are easy to use except the import option. 

Verdict:   Although both apps have a simple UI, TYDAL does not have a resourceful video library. Besides, some of the features are complex to use. Hence, ReviewXpo is far ahead of TYDAL in the case of ease of use.

11. Pricing
  ReviewXpo has a free plan for everybody. It includes all the necessary a new Shopify store needs, including AliExpress import.

For growing businesses, the premium plan starts at $15 per month. The most expensive plan costs only $115 per month.

TYDAL:  TYDAL app is 100% free to use.

Verdict:  TYDAL is a free app while ReviewXpo comes with a both free and premium plan. Considering the pricing, TYDAL will be slightly ahead. However, ReviewXpo can be a cost-efficient option as it has more useful features.

ReviewXpo Vs TYDAL: Which One Should You Use?

While deciding between ReviewXpo and TYDAL, you may opt for TYDAL as it does not cost a penny. However, that should not be the sole deciding factor. ReviewXpo also comes with a free plan with all the necessary features.

Moreover, TYDAL leaves behind codes in your store even after removing the app. It is a serious point to consider while choosing between these apps.

However, when you compare other features and functions, TYDAL is no match to ReviewXpo. ReviewXpo has more advanced features, easy to use, offers maximum numbers of functions, and whatnot.

Whether you are only starting your Shopify store or own a large business, ReviewXpo fits all requirements.

ReviewXpo Vs TYDAL: Which One Should You Use?

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ReviewXpo Vs Rivyo: Uncover The Best App For Your Shopify Store

By Editorial Team


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