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Think about all the discount emails you get every day. How many do you actually open? Standing out in that crowd can be tough.

But, to connect with your customers, you need to figure out what they truly care about. And there's a proven way to do just that: personalized discounts. 

Over 80% of customers are more likely to buy from you if you offer personalized experiences.

Your buyers want you to treat them as unique as they are. Generic messages with pointless discount campaigns are no longer effective.

Personalizing discounts can do big things for both brands and customers. 

Let’s discuss why personalized discounts matter, how they work, and how you can effectively implement the tactics for your business. 

Personalization: What Is It?
In simple terms, personalization means customizing content for customers and aligning their expectations.

Some examples of personalization can be,

  • Using a customer's name in emails 
  • Recommending products based on past purchases
  • Offering discount codes that contain the customer’s name, etc.  

So, how does personalized discounts work?
Whenever a customer can apply a discount that is exclusive to him/her, you get a sure shot sale from that.

Not only you’re building a relationship with that customer, but also making them feel heard.

With discounts exclusive to each customer, you can get more customer loyalty and repeat business.

What Are The Advantages Of Personalized Discounts Emails

What Are The Advantages Of Personalized Discounts Emails

To start with, personalization can boost revenues by up to 15% and make marketing spending 30% more efficient. 

In a competitive market, where standing out is crucial, you can’t rely on a ‘one size fits all’ strategy. 

A simple yet effective way to distinguish yourself is by sending personalized discount emails. This not only sets you apart but also brings long-term benefits. 

Here’s how:

Boosts Your Chances of Making a Sale

People want a great shopping experience, quick and free deliveries, top-notch customer service, all at reasonable prices.

But above all, they want to feel special.

Personalizing a discount code and sending it out to them as a personal gift can be a big step towards that.

Think about the usual discount emails you receive. Now, imagine your favorite electronics store sends you a discount code specifically for the blender you've been eyeing.

And what if, after using the discount, the price is just right for you? It's a deal you wouldn't want to miss, right?

That's the magic of personalized discounts—meeting customer needs and significantly increasing the chances of them buying from your store.

Getting the Most from Each Customer

People have different ideas about how much they're willing to spend on a product. When setting a price, it won't suit everyone, so you target a specific group.

In the beginning, you might set a lower price to attract more customers. For high-end users, choose a higher price. The key is to find a balance between making profits and selling a lot.

That's where personalized discount emails come in.

With personalized discounts, you can set a higher price that's attractive to customers willing to pay more. 

Then, you can offer more appealing deals to more price-sensitive customers.

This way, you maximize profits from every sale, all while not letting the price shoppers go away.

Recovers Abandoned Carts

Bring back customers with a discount! Giving a discount can bring back customers who left without buying. 

It creates a sense of urgency, adds the thrill of not missing out on a good deal, gives them a benefit, and makes them feel special & appreciated.

When you customize discounts based on what they almost bought or their previous purchases, it shows you appreciate them.

Personalizing the discount based on what they left in their cart shows you care about them and their choices.

Personalized discounts say, 'We value you, and here’s proof.'

Saving More, Earning More

In the world of online shopping, every penny counts. With easy comparison tools like Google Shopping, customers quickly find the best deals.

While discounts attract price-conscious shoppers, offering blanket discounts can eat into your profits. It's a risky move that might backfire if you need to raise prices later.

Personalized discounts, however, are a savvy way to keep your customers happy without slashing prices across the board. 

Tailor discounts to individual preferences to encourage spending. Why give everyone the same deal when you can make it personal and profitable! Right?

Building Better Connections with Your Customers

Did you know that 40% of e-commerce revenue comes from repeat purchases? 

Getting new visitors to buy from your store can be tricky because they might not trust you yet. But your existing ones have already trusted you once, and they are more likely to buy again.

Instead of focusing all your efforts on getting new customers, take some time to understand your current customers better. 

Around 91% of shoppers prefer to buy from stores that recognize them and offer relevant deals. They want to see that you're paying attention to their preferences and needs. 

Sending personalized discount emails is a great way to show them that you care and can provide what they're looking for.

Helps Promote New Product Launches

Ever wondered how those special discounts magically appear when your favorite brand launches a new product? 

It's not magic; it's personalized discounts at work! Let me break it down for you.

When a brand is about to drop something new and shiny, they use personalized discounts to make you feel extra special. 

They check your buying history, what you've liked before, and your overall vibe with the brand. Then, ta-da! You get a personalized discount that's just for you.

But Why? 

Because brands study customer data to identify potential early adopters or loyal customers who are likely to be interested in the new product.

As a result, personalized discounts become a strategy to drive product awareness and build a positive brand perception.

Customers Will Feel Secure Sharing Personal Info In Future

Over 86% of shoppers are open to sharing info for personalized discounts. It's a big deal!

But why more data? 

The decisions you make today might not matter in a few weeks. What's in demand today might not be tomorrow. 

For instance, studies suggest that consumers are becoming more price-sensitive. They'll go for cheaper options, prefer economy packs, and look for better value.

As an online seller, if you have good data systems, you're better prepared to navigate these uncertain times successfully.

How To Craft Personalized Discount Emails?

How To Craft Personalized Discount Emails?

The idea of selling more and customer loyalty are good, but how can you make a personalized loyalty program happen? 

What is you have hundreds of sales happening every day, hour, or minute?

How could you possibly analyze thousands of data points and craft perfect personal discounts?

The answer is ReviewXpo!
To do things like sorting customers in real-time, personalizing messages, setting triggers, and managing rewards, you need a capable tool. ReviewXpo.  

Without the tool, targeting, experimenting, tracking, analyzing, and optimizing your discounts, you could end up spending your promotional budget on the wrong audience.

To make sure your personalized discount program works well, is easy to use, and keeps your budget safe from overspending and fraud, give ReviewXpo a try. 

ReviewXpo automatically sends personalized discount emails to the right person at the right time.

Not only it will send out personalized discounts, but also ask for customer reviews, collect and showcase them on the product pages. 

It works to get you even more sales because showcasing customer reviews can increase sales and help you with SEO.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send personalized discount emails?
Start by gathering customer information like what they buy, how much they spend, how often they buy, and when they make purchases. 

Then, use ReviewXpo to automate your emails and drip feed to your customers.

This way, when you complete a sale, ReviewXpo automatically sends personalized content to your customers.

When's the best time to send personalized discounts?
Here are some times when you can give special discounts just for you:

  • Right after a sale to upsell relevant products
  • When other stores lower their prices
  • During special sales seasons
  • As part of our loyalty program


Sending personalized discount emails not only increases your sales but also strengthens your customer relationships. 

Avoid the drawbacks of generic discounts by tailoring offers to individual customers. 

Start by offering them a good shopping experience, pay attention to what they have to say with custom questions, and then offer discounts crafted just for them.

To save time and money on personalized discount programs, automate the whole process with ReviewXpo, and skyrocket your ROI. 

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