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Photo and video reviews, as visual UGC content, help you sell more and build your brand loyalty. 

But how do you get people to take the extra time to take photos and capture videos? Doesn’t look so convenient for the customer, does it?

Guess what? 

There’s a proven way to make your customers do just that! And it costs you nothing compared to the fortune you spend on Ads that give you nothing but temporary spikes in sales.

Today, we’re going to discuss why you need visual customer reviews so badly and how to get them.

Spoiler: It’s easier than you think.

Why Photo And Video Reviews Are So Important?

Let’s start with the obvious question first; why visual UGC, or photo and video reviews, are so vital in e-commerce?

Well, think of it this way:
How much visual content appeals to you compared to just written text content? Significantly higher, right? 

This is also true for each of your customers, especially those who are visiting your store for the first time.

  • They see how other customers love the product
  • The photos and videos give them a sense of feeling the product as humanly as possible

People want to make sure others are using the product to feel how it will suit them just as good. This way, photo and video reviews open up the opportunity to make more sales with social proof. 

We’ve talked about photo and video reviews for more conversions before. Check that out to learn more about how to convert visitors into customers with visual customer reviews.

How To Get More Photo Reviews From Your Customers

How To Get More Photo Reviews From Your Customers

Okay, it’s settled that you need more photo and video reviews to sell more and do better as a brand overall. 

But how do you get the reviews in the first place? How do you convince people to spend a substantial amount of time to take photos and videos for you? 

The answer lies in compensation.

Yes. You have to compensate the customers for their time, taking photos and leaving reviews.

Here’s how it goes:

Whenever a customer buys a product from you, you ask them to leave a review of the product. And you do that using the email they’ve entered during the purchase. 

When they find your email, asking for a customer review, you give them two options:

- Either they can leave a text review that doesn’t take more than a minute.

-Or they can take a few minutes, take some pictures holding the product, and leave the review attaching those photos/videos.

If they choose the second option, you’ll give them a good discount on their next purchase. It can be a free delivery, a well-wishing gift from your store, or a simple discount code.

Pro Tip: Personalizing your discount codes can reinforce the possibility of getting more customer reviews and repeat purchases.

Another crucial thing about getting customer reviews is following up after the first email

All of a sudden, you end up with thousands of emails to send out and keep track of! Doesn’t sound so doable, does it?

So, what’s the solution? 
Of course, you can deploy a team of experts to do all these! A heavy load on your pocket, but it’s possible!

But, there’s a better way to do it, saving you time, money, and manpower. I’m talking about automating all these tiresome jobs with a tool that does all the heavy lifting. 

Meet ReviewXpo: The ultimate AI-powered customer review management tool that takes care of all things customer reviews. Be it text, photos, or videos.

Here’s an easy 5-step process to collect more photo and video reviews using ReviewXpo:

Step 1: Install ReviewXpo to your store
Go to the Shopify app page of ReviewXpo and install the app on your store. Customize ReviewXpo to your store theme, select the language, and select how long to wait before sending request emails.

Step 1: Install ReviewXpo to your store

Step 2: Enable Customers to Add Photos and Videos

You have to enable the customers (the recipients of your email) to add photos and videos while they’re leaving a review. 

To do that, navigate to the Reviews>Settings Menu and enable the feature.

Step 3: Setup Email For Sending Review Requests

Now you have to set up the photo and video review request feature on ReviewXpo. You can simply do that from your store dashboard here:

Step 4: Offer Discount for Photos and Videos

Now that your customers can leave photos and videos, all you have to do is make them want to. For that, you’re going to offer discounts to the customer upon attaching photos or videos. You can do just that from here:

Step 4: Offer Discount for Photos and Videos

You can even set your custom message to send to the customer along with the review request. Here’s a detailed guide on offering discounts while following up with your customers.

Step 5: Showcase Your Customer Reviews On Your Product Page

All that’s left to do after getting the customer reviews with visuals is showcase them on your product page. To do that, navigate to the widgets section of your admin panel and select the type of widget you want to show your reviews with.

Step 5: Showcase Your Customer Reviews On Your Product Page

Once you’re done setting things up with those simple steps, it’s all going to be on autopilot. ReviewXpo will keep bringing in sweat customer reviews with photos and reviews and showcase them. 

Best of all, you can even customize each discount code based on the personal information of the customer! 

For example, you can set up ReviewXpo to create unique discount codes for each customer for each email!

Talk about engagement that spreads like a plague, then comes ReviewXpo, but with only good news.

Use ReviewXpo For Free

Final Remarks

Getting your store on a slingshot of growth is really not that hard if you can use the right tool to work. ReviewXpo is the tool you never want to miss out on. It practically replaces a whole team that does all those outreach jobs for you at a fraction of the cost. 

You can finally take your time to think about scaling your store to the next level while ReviewXpo keeps things smooth. 

Got some questions regarding how ReviewXpo does all the wonders or need a personalized tour to the app? Give us a hit and let us help you grow your long cherished dream store!

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