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Online reviews play a big role in how customers decide to buy things. Products with reviews have over 270% more chance for a sale compared to a product with no reviews. 

But not all reviews are the same. Photo and video reviews are more powerful than just text-only reviews. 

Here’s why:
Plus, they catch the happy feelings of customers. These reviews give more info than just words and show what your stuff is really like.

What's cool is,
These reviews also make your website look better online! They grab attention, make people click more, and even help your website SEO and show up higher in search results. 

Let’s explain how photo and video reviews can help you get more sales and how to collect and showcase them!

Importance Of Photo/Video Reviews For E-com Businesses

Importance Of Photo/Video Reviews For E-com Businesses

You’ll see smart marketers and advertisers use images to promote things effectively.

And you know what? They’re banking it right! 

Pictures and videos are still super important for brands to connect with the people they want to reach.

These reviews are like stories from real customers showing what they thought about the stuff they bought. Here's why they're so great:

Makes people trust your shop 
When customers see positive reviews with pics or videos, they feel more confident about buying from that shop. It's like getting casual advice from a friend.

Shows up more on the internet
Pictures and videos make the shop's website look cooler and more interesting. This helps it show up higher when people search for things online. 

According to a study by Shopify, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know.The more people see it, the more they visit the shop.

Keeps customers happy 
Happy customers spend 140% more money, according to a study by Harvard Business Review. Pictures and videos of happy customers make other customers feel good about buying. 

It also makes them more likely to come back and buy more and tell their friends about the shop. 

Why Photo/Video Reviews Increases Conversion Rates

Everybody loves pictures and videos, and they're not just fun—they help brands talk to people.

Here's the cool part: pictures and videos don't just look nice, they also make more people buy stuff. 

Whether it's making your website better, using social media, or sending emails, pictures and videos make more people say 'yes' to your products.

1. Making People Feel Connected

Did you know, almost 9 out of 10 customers read reviews before buying, and just one review can boost sales by 354%

Photo and video reviews can make customers feel a strong connection because they show real people sharing their thoughts about using the products or services. 

Unlike just reading words, these reviews are more visual and bring out the real experiences and feelings of customers. 

This visual and emotional connection can spark different feelings in potential customers, like curiosity or excitement, and influence their decisions to buy. 

Including photo and video reviews in your online selling plan is a great way to make a deep emotional bonding with potential customers and increase sales.

2. Breaks Down Complex Ideas

Making things simple is important for online shops. Sometimes, explaining complicated stuff, like how a product works or why it's good, can be hard. 

That's where photo and video reviews come in. 

These are like stories from real customers showing and talking about what they bought. They use pictures or videos to make things easy to understand. 

For example, they can show how a product works or why it's great. 

This makes the shop look better, and more people might buy because they get what the product is all about.

3. Improves Your Website Aesthetics

Making your website look good is important, like a cool picture that grabs your interest. 'Aesthetics' means how your website looks. Photo and video reviews help:

  • Make your website interesting and easy to remember, by adding eye-catching things.
  • Create a fun and convincing vibe, showing why people like your stuff, so visitors trust your brand.
  • Improve ease of use, providing more info visually for a diverse audience, helping visitors understand and feel confident.

Using photo and video reviews makes your website look better, interesting, and builds trust for people to buy from you

4. Saves Money for Your Business

Putting at least four pictures or videos of a product is a common practice in online stores. Having a 360-degree video or augmented reality (AR) is even better.

But, let’s be real, making content like this costs a lot. If you sell a bunch of different things, this can get really expensive.

So, what if your customers could do this for you? Big shops now use pictures and videos from customers alongside their own images. 

For example, they added two pictures. Then, they mix in two or three (free!) pictures from customers to build trust.

Now, if you have to offer your customer some discount to get the UGC photos/videos, it’s still a win-win for everyone!

5. Show Products in Real Life with Customer Reviews:

Real photos and videos from customers help shoppers see how your products fit into their lives. 

Even if you mention product dimensions, some might miss or not understand the numbers. This can lead to negative reviews and mistrust.

Customer reviews with photos make a big difference here. They let shoppers see how products look on other people with similar environments like theirs. 

This extra info helps them buy with confidence and reduces the chances of regrets.

6. Builds Trust and Confidence

Studies even say that 60% believe UGCs, like customer reviews with photos and videos, are 3 times more authentic than branded content.

People feel more confident buying when they see others have done the same. Since online shoppers can't touch or smell products, they rely on customer reviews with photos and videos.

People also want to see how others feel about your products to see if they're as good as described. 

It builds trust and increases the chance of a sale. 

7. Makes Your Ads More Awesome

Ads with customer reviews, especially photos and videos, get 4 times more clicks and cost you half as much per click!

Why? Because they:

  • Stand out from other ads
  • Feel less like a sales pitch
  • Build trust right away
  • Talk directly to your audience
  • Speed up the time it takes for people to buy

Get customer reviews with photos and videos to make your ads more memorable and engaging. Create Review Ads using customer pics and videos for a 35% boost in memorability. 

Make your retargeting ads even better by adding customer testimonials and visuals to remind customers of products they liked. 

Design attractive Social Banners with customer photos that seamlessly fit into your shoppers' social feeds.

How To Get More Photo/Video Reviews From Customers

What Are The Benefits Of AI Generated Automated Replies

With ReviewsXpo, you can easily collect user-generated content (UGC) to use in all the cool ways we have discussed earlier.

Here's how it works:

  • After customers buy something, they get an email asking for a review. 
  • In that email, they can quickly write a review and add photos or videos.

This makes it super easy and fast for customers to share their thoughts and pics. And that means more customers will actually do it.

Unlock the Power of Photo/Video Reviews With ReviewXpo

Limitations of AI in Responding to Reviews

ReviewXpo is an AI-powered review platform that makes it easy to collect, display, and engage customer reviews. 

Plus, you can give your customers personalized discounts based on what they love. With ReviewXpo, you can:

Automated solutions may require manual handling for quality responses, whereas managed services use a team to respond efficiently in real time.

Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Ask for reviews with automated messages
  • Show off reviews on your store with cool widgets
  • Talk to customers using smart AI responses
  • Bring in reviews from AliExpress, CSV files, or other apps
  • Boost your reviews for better SEO and emails

It works on any platform – Shopify, WordPress, or WooCommerce. Setup takes minutes, and you'll see results fast.

Don't wait! Click below and start boosting your sales and happy customers with ReviewXpo today!


Showcasing customer reviews through photos and videos is a great way to highlight your brand and attract new customers. 

It not only makes the shopping experience more fun and engaging but also lets your customers know they're valued. Plus, it can boost your sales and reputation. 

Want to know how to make the most of photo/video reviews? 

ReviewXpo automates the review process, builds social proof, and helps your business grow. 

Try it for free and see how ReviewXpo can amp up your business with awesome reviews and personalized discounts.

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