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7+ Best Shopify Review Apps That You Can Trust & Rely on 2023 [Latest Features & Pricing]

Best Review App for Shopify

Are you a Shopify store owner looking to get the best user feedback on your products? 

95% of people read reviews before purchasing something online. Plus, over half of consumers read reviews on their mobile devices, and 66% of people who have read reviews say they have purchased something depending on what they read and acknowledged. 

With the right review app, you can not only boost your customer reviews but also collect valuable insights and improve customer loyalty.

For these particular reasons, we decided to compile a list of the best review apps for Shopify so that you can choose the best one and use it for your Shopify store.

Our picked best review app for Shopify are mostly automated and helps online retailers turn their customers into brand advocates with ease. These offer product ratings, surveys, notifications, and other customizable features to make sure you gain positive reviews while gaining actionable data from customers at the same time. 

In this blog post, we'll be taking a deeper look at these apps' suite of features and why they stand out as one of the top apps for Shopify stores when it comes to increasing customer engagement and satisfaction!

Importance of Online Reviews for A Shopify Store

Best Review App for Shopify: Importance of Online Reviews for a Shopify Store

You may have built a great online Shopify store. In fact, your loyal customers may be happy with it and leave you great reviews. 

At the same time, there might be some fake information or a lack of authentic reviews as the number of scammers is growing. For this reason, your potential customers may lose trust in your products or shop. They might think the reviews are not real.

Therefore, by having a real and authentic review right next to your product, people who come to your shop will have the proof and confidence they need to buy it.

Apart from that, there are still some other benefits if you use an authentic review system for your online store.

Let’s see some of the real facts about having a review system on your Shopify store.

  1. Builds Trust: As people, we tend to trust things more quickly and easily when they come from other people who can vouch for their quality. The same goes for your clients. So when making decisions, they tend to trust the reviews and suggestions of other customers who are like them.
More than 92% of B2B buyers are more willing to purchase after reading a trusted review - G2 Crowd
  1. Beneficial for Search Engine: Customer reviews and other user-generated contents can help Google rank your store higher. So, if you have a Shopify site, having a lot of customer reviews can help your SEO.
People are more likely to trust a 4.7 rating than a flawless 5-star rating and it definitely improves the SERP result as it satisfies the user's intent. - ReviewInc
  1. Negative Reviews Show the Scope of Improvement: Good customer reviews are important, but so are bad reviews, especially if they are managed in a smart way. Reviews from customers are a type of feedback. So, if you get bad feedback, it means you are doing something wrong or at least could do something better. 

Bad reviews will always happen. But the fact is how you deal with them.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this race. Let’s see how:

Among Facebook, Yelp, Google and Trip Advisor; Yelp got an average review score of 3.65 which is the lowest. The others have an average rating of 4.42, 4.3 and 4.25, respectively. - Neil Patel

Now you can see why reviews are so impactful for a business. As you now understand how it’s beneficial for your Shopify store, let’s see what you should keep in mind while choosing the best review app for your Shopify store.

How to Choose the Best Review App for Shopify Store

How To Choose The Best Reviews App for Shopify Store

This might be one of the toughest tasks for you to find the best review app for your Shopify store. Most of the available apps in the store are amazing and offer some cool functions and features.

You will also get a trial period before using any app. So you can check out the app's features and functions before making a final decision. 

However, we’ll give you some must-have characteristics of a smart Shopify review app. It will undoubtedly expedite your purchasing decision.

  1. Reviews and Ratings of An App: By going through each app’s reviews and ratings will give an initial idea of how the app is doing or providing its service. You will get to know user satisfaction, the app quality, and how good the app is through the reviews and ratings.
  2. Support System: When you install an app to help run or grow your business, you should make sure that the team behind the app cares as much about your success as you do. For instance, check these things carefully:
  • When you have a problem, how quickly can you expect to hear back?
  • Does the app give you any hands-on documentation before you use it?
  1. Match the Pricing with Your Budget: When comparing prices for Shopify apps, make sure you look at the total cost of using the app and your initial budget. Also, think about whether you can afford that pricing plan for the upcoming days. So consider this point very carefully. Because it will not be a good move to cancel using the app in the middle of your usage.
  2. Availability of The Free Trial: In the Shopify App Store, it's easy to see if an app has a free plan or a free trial. When looking for new apps, the free trial is important because it lets you see how they work before you decide to make the final purchase.
  3. Authenticity: Do others recommend the app that you’re looking to use? Look for the answer and clear your confusion. So ask when deciding whether or not to use a new app for your store.

So, consider these five points before purchasing a review app for your Shopify app. Maybe there are some others, but these are the most common and important as well.

7+ Best Shopify Review Apps You Can Use in 2023

Best Shopify Reviews Apps You Can Use in 2023

Now it's time to see some of the best Shopify Review apps that you can think of to use for your online store in 2023. We’ve tried to focus on their main features and functions so that you can easily decide which one to choose!

1. Loox Product Reviews & Photos

Loox: has an average rating of 4.9 on Shopify app store based on 10,700+ reviews.

Loox comes first on this list. Like other review apps for Shopify, it lets both small and big brands automatically manage customer reviews with photos and videos and get them as well. It helps to smartly showcase happy customer reviews. Another interesting thing about it is that it’s the official Google review partner. 

Best Review App for Shopify - Loox

Plus, it helps to get instant reviews through the app and has all the basic features that work well, a great design, and a plan that is worth the money.

Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of this review app.

Loox: Pros and Cons

  • Emails, text, and colors can be changed in more ways than ever.
  • Various beautiful widgets enable reviews to display on the store pages.
  • Powerful integration with different third-party features.
  • Incentive & referral program for reviewers.
  • Automatically collect reviews from customers via email, Facebook, SMS.
  • Display reviews in galleries, review carousels, popup widgets, and review sidebars.
  • Activate the rich snippets & Google shopping.
  • Integration with Google Analytics for additional Marketing & Sales Research.
  • Review moderation option.
  • The Unlimited plan price is too high.
  • You can only use the video review feature in the pro version.
  • Lacks some important social integration features like Instagram.

The Pricing Plan for Loox Is as Follows:

It has two pricing tiers: Reviews and Reviews & Referral. And both of these plans have a free trial. So, you will be able to test the app before putting it to use on your Shopify store.

  • Beginner: $9.99 per month.
  • Growth: $34.99 per month.
  • Unlimited: $299.99 per month.

Loox Is Best For:

Loox is a simple yet powerful solution for customer reviews for companies of all sizes. It’s ideal for you too if you sell a lot of things and produce a lot of reviews per month.

2. Product Reviews has an average rating of 5.0 on Shopify app store based on 12,700+ reviews.

On this list, JudgeMe is another sophisticated app. It not only has basic review functions that work well, but it also has a lot of small features, like the ability to schedule review requests, help with Google speed tests, and more. When you get to work, these features will definitely come in handy. 

Best Review App for Shopify -

Apart from that, the most notable thing about this app is its free plan with actually usable functions. With a small budget, anyone can easily purchase its pro version.

Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of this review app.

JudgeMe: Pros and Cons

  • Unlimited reviews option for users to leave reviews smartly.
  • Functions such as video reviews, unlimited reviews, and apps integration ease the review process.
  • Users can have it in 34 different languages.
  • Both free and paid plans have support available 24/7.
  • There are some cool review features like review badges, review medals to show the quality and quantity of reviews, Q&A, CSS customization, and so on.
  • Competent review moderation that can collect and edit reviews.
  • Analytical tool to track and check the reviews in time.
  • It leaves JavaScript even if you uninstall it.
  • The admin UI could be a bit more easy and simple. Sometimes it looks too complicated.

The Pricing Plan for JudgeMe Is as Follows:

As said above, it’s the most affordable app you'll find for the Shopify store. It has both free and paid plans. 

  • Free: Unlimited features and functions.
  • Pro: $15 per month and it includes all the free plans.

JudgeMe Is Best For:

It's a good choice for small-medium businesses that are looking for an app with all the basic features and functions at an affordable price.

3. Fera Product Reviews App

Fera: has an average rating of 4.9 on Shopify app store based on 4,700+ reviews.

Fera is another affordable alternative to other Shopify stores. It’s doing great with some of the basic features that let anyone manage their review system within the Shopify store. 

Other than that, you will get general product review options, photos or video reviews, automated review emails to keep reminding the customers about the review, and so on.

Best Review App for Shopify - Fera

Apart from that, Fera can help you add different widgets to make your review system more efficient and smart. Also, you can easily import/export your important data from your old store to the new one.

Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of this review app.

Fera: Pros and Cons

  • Import & Export feature ( Google, Facebook, Trustpilot).
  • Automated review request emails.
  • Collect product reviews, photos, and videos.
  • Offer customers incentives for reviews.
  • Instant cashback for reviews.
  • Loyalty points & discounts.
  • Use stunning built-in themes to display reviews.
  • Display reviews with other options like product reviews, store reviews, average rating badges, and photo/video wall widgets.
  • Group products to simplify displaying reviews.
  • Not enough options to add more admins.
  • Restrictions on review requests & widgets.
  • The developer customization feature is only available in the pro plan.

The Pricing Plan for Fera Is as Follows:

Fera has two pricing tiers: Monthly and Annually. In the free plans, you can add up to ten reviews. But you need to upgrade your plans for more reviews.

  • Free.
  • Startup: $9 per month.
  • Small: $24 per month.
  • Medium: $99 per month.

Fera Is Best For:

Individual newcomers and small enterprises on a low budget that are looking for all review options.

4. Ali Reviews ‑ Product Reviews

Ali Reviews: has an average rating of 4.9 on Shopify app store based on 11,900+ reviews.

Ali Reviews is well-known as one of the best Shopify apps for reviewing products. It's a powerful app that helps store owners build a good reputation and boost sales by making customer reviews more visible.  

Best Review App for Shopify - Ali Reviews

There are many useful features and almost all of them are simple to use. 

Let’s take a look at other key features of Ali Reviews:

Ali Reviews: Pros and Cons

  • E-mail and text message-based automated review requests.
  • Include reviews on the home page, in the shopping cart, or any other page using different widget styles to help customers find products and get them to buy more.
  • A reward program to gives customers discounts or offers.
  • Schedule email review reminders or a scheduler.
  • Personalized reviews system for users.
  • Fully changeable.
  • Change countries, preferences, and copy reviews in bulk.
  • Easily move reviews from other review apps.
  • Display product reviews and ratings on Google Shopping ads.
  • Work well with any store theme, are mobile-friendly and fully responsive.
  • Cheaper plans come with fewer features.
  • There is no video review.
  • Can't share reviews on social pages - Not yet, it's in their upcoming plan.

The Pricing Plan for Ali Reviews Is as Follows:

  • Starter plan is $9.9 per month.
  • Essential plan is $19.9 per month.
  • Premium plan is $49.99 per month.
  • Enterprise plan is $99.9 per month.

Ali Reviews Is Best For:

So if you’re an SME or just opened a new store, you can easily use the Ali Reviews app on the Shopify store for your review management process.

5. Okendo: Product Reviews & UGC

Okendo: has an average rating of 4.9 on Shopify app store based on 600+ reviews.

Automate feedback and gather UGC and Q&A with the post-purchase emails from Okendo. By using some beautiful widgets, Okendo helps to represent ratings and UGC on your Shopify online store. 

Best Review App for Shopify - Okendo

Also, it has super customer support, available 24/7, who are ready to answer all your queries in time.

However, let’s have a look at other key features of the Okendo Shopify Product Review App:

Okendo: Pros and Cons

  • Capture reviews, photos, videos, and Q&A with custom automated email requests.
  • Use user-generated content from reviews in shoppable galleries.
  • Incentivize reviews with coupons or loyalty points.
  • More than 15 review display widgets.
  • Add reviews to Google Shopping, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Detailed analytics with natural language processing and sentiment analysis.
  • Review syndication to big-box retailers.
  • Lack of customization while submitting a review.
  • The price is too high.
  • Some users complain about its bug.

The Pricing Plan for Okendo Is as Follows:

  • Essential plan is $29.9 per month with 500 orders each month.
  • Growth plan is $99.9 per month with 2,000 orders each month.
  • Power plan is $299.9 per month with 5,000 orders each month.
  • Advanced plan is $499.9 per month with 20,000 orders each month.

Okendo Is Best For:

For a mid-sized business, Okendo is the perfect app. With the free trial of 14-days, you can first run the app to check if you have any issues or not. Later, you can choose any of the four plans and buy the premium package. 

6. Reviews by Yotpo

Yotpo: has an average rating of 4.9 on Shopify app store based on 5,760+ reviews.

Yotpo is a well-known e-commerce marketing tool that helps brands get more customers and keep the ones they already have. Yotpo's software helps companies connect with their clients through features like reviews and ratings, loyalty and referrals, visual marketing, and more.

Best Review App for Shopify - Yotpo

Let’s see some other key features of the Yotpo app below:

Yotpo: Pros and Cons

  • A great way to moderate reviews.
  • Multiple widgets with an average star review badge, Q&A, and high-converting snippets from top product reviews.
  • Optimized for SEO yet rich snippets in Google.
  • Third-party social integration to accelerate your tasks.
  • Reports & Analytical tool.
  • Collect reviews & handle UGC across stores in one workplace.
  • Fully customizable for premium and enterprise plan.
  • Great support for even a free plan.
  • The prices are too high.
  • Features are not organized.
  • Lack of customization and some bugs are there.

The Pricing Plan For Yotpo Is as Follows:

  • Free plan.
  • Growth plan is $19 per month.
  • Prime plan is $59 per month.
  • Powerhouse plan is $199 per month.
  • For Enterprise plan, you need to talk to the team.

Yotpo Is Best For:

This app is ideal for enterprise business stores.

7. Stamped Product Reviews & UGC

Stamped: has an average rating of 4.7 on Shopify app store based on 5,910+ reviews. is one of the most popular apps for reviewing products on Shopify. The extension is powerful and has both essential and unique features that can boost sales by a large amount. For exaple, you could look at reviews or the feature that lets the same review appear on multiple websites at the same time.

Best Review App for Shopify - Stamped

Let’s see some other key features of the Stamped app below:

Stamped: Pros and Cons

  • Multiple options to collect reviews such as email, SMS, Facebook Messenger.
  • Display widgets to make reviews more elegant & smart.
  • Integration with other apps.
  • Great analytical tool powered by AI.
  • Allows Q&A on the product page.
  • Net promoter score, or NPS, gauges how satisfied customers are.
  • Outstanding customer service is provided on a 24/7 basis, even with the FREE plan.
  • Photo review is not available in the free plan.
  • Some customizing issues like installing and load time.
  • Sometimes reward for purchase stops working.
  • The shoppable Instagram feature is not available in the free version.

The Pricing Plan For Stamped Is as Follows:

  • Free.
  • Basic plan is $23 per month. 
  • Premium plan is $49 per month.
  • Business plan is $119 per month.

Stamped Is Best For:

The premium plan is a great deal for mid-sized businesses with fewer than 500 orders per month that need a powerful, full-featured app with great technical support. 

8. Growave

Growave: has an average rating of 4.8 on Shopify app store based on 1,800+ reviews.

Growave is an app that lets people review products, but it also has a reward program, wish list and gift cards; all of which can be used with just one installation. 

Best Review App for Shopify - Growave

Growave's all-in-one integration means that you don't have to buy and set up multiple products. Also, your store will not have to load whether you have a lot of apps or not.

What else will you get with this Shopify store app? Let’s check out some other key features of the Growave app below:

Growave: Pros and Cons

  • It loads fast and quickly and is a light-weight app.
  • You’ll get different review widgets such as review customizations & verification badges for verified users and so on.
  • Google snippet feature to rank your store quickly.
  • Let your team or your loyal customers answer questions under product pages with a Q&A option.
  • Social login feature to let customers log in to your store via Facebook, Google, Line, Twitter, Yahoo, Tumblr, Instagram, or Amazon account.
  • Loyalty program, referral, VIP program, and so on.
  • Prices are too high.
  • Free features are limited.
  • The number of free orders is low.
  • The integrations are not up to the mark as like other apps.

The Pricing Plan For Growave Is as Follows:

  • Basic plan is $18 per month.
  • Premium plan is $47 per month.
  • Business plan is $119 per month.
  • Professional plan is $239 per month.

Growave Is Best For:

Small to midsized businesses or business-to-business (B2B) businesses with fewer than 1,000 orders per month want to increase sales through strong social media integration and loyalty programs.

9. LAI Ali Reviews Product Review

LAI Ali Reviews: has an average rating of 4.9 on Shopify app store based on 1,200+ reviews.

LAI Product Reviews is a well-liked review app on the Shopify App Store that is growing quickly. LAI is easy to use, has a professional look, and is very cheap for most Shopify merchants.

Best Review App for Shopify - LAI AliExpress

This powerful app helps merchants boost their reputation and increase sales by showing real social proof in the form of text, photo, and video reviews. 

Let’s see what other features LAI Product Reviews offers:

LAI Product Reviews: Pros and Cons

  • Automatically add to your store after installing the LAI product review.
  • Sync reviews between similar products.
  • You can get traffic from both social networks and Google with social sharing and Google rich snippets.
  • A custom tab showing the best reviews.
  • Smart filter to automatically detect and moderate spam reviews.
  • Lack of some important features like AI analytical tools.
  • Customer support is not up to the mark.
  • Video review is only on the pro plans which are too pricy.

The Pricing Plan for LAI Product Reviews Is as Follows:

It has four available pricing plans: 

  • Free
  • Essential plan is $4.95 per month.
  • Growth plan is $9.95 per month.
  • Expert plan is $14.95 per month.

Lai Product Reviews Is Best For:

Small and medium-sized stores that want an app to help them show reviews in beautiful widgets.

10. Product Reviews by Shopify

Product Reviews by Shopify: has an average rating of 3.5 on Shopify app store based on 1,700+ reviews.

You may integrate product reviews from customers using Shopify's Product Reviews functionality. In order to boost revenue, this facilitates communication between you and your clientele.

Best Review App for Shopify - Shopify Product Reviews

Most importantly, it has easy-to-use customization features that help stores improve their SEO results and make more money. And all these come with flexible design layouts.

Let’s check out some of the key features of Shopify Product Reviews:

Shopify Reviews: Pros and Cons

  • Easy to customize.
  • It adds your Google search result to boost SEO ranking.
  • Visually representable themes to make your store more lucrative.
  • A great app for the beginners.
  • Only offers some basic features.
  • Only able to import existing reviews with a CSV file.
  • Unable to send or regulate review requests.
  • No photo or video reviews available in the plans.

The Pricing Plan for Shopify Product Reviews' Is as Follows:

  • Free

Product Reviews by Shopify Is Best For:

Shopify Reviews is best for those who are just starting out with their new store and just want to display the reviews.

11. Product Reviews by has an average rating of 4.9 on Shopify app store based on 400+ reviews.

Google owns the review aggregation platform, which companies can use to get feedback from real customers about their products and services and then post on Google. Through this service, businesses can get helpful feedback about how they run and the quality of what they offer.

Best Review App for Shopify -

It has all the basic tools a store needs to interact with and talk to its customers, like the ability to collect and publish new reviews.

Let’s see some other features and disadvantages of Pros and Cons

  • Automatic review collection.
  • The easy review publishing process.
  • Review with photo.
  • Google and Bing seller ratings.
  • Rich snippet to increase CTR.
  • Advertisements based on user reviews can be made on Facebook and Google, and sentiment analysis can be performed.
  • Mobile-friendly app.
  • Review monitoring.
  • Review request.
  • Email templates for a review reminder email.
  • Runs fast on the store.
  • Automatically update with the latest theme.
  • The price is too high.
  • Issues with the general settings.
  • Not affordable for all the business types.

The Pricing Plan For Is as Follows:

It has a 14-day trial before you use the pro version.

  • Growth plan is $135 per month with 500 monthly invitation.
  • Professional plan is $235 per month with 2500 monthly invitation.
  • Enterprise plan is $799 per month with unlimited monthly invitation.

Reviews.Io Is Best For:

This app is ideal for freelancers, small businesses, mid-sized businesses and large enterprises.

Final Words

We tried our best to put together a list of the best product review apps for your Shopify store. Every app ranged from free to paid and had different features and functions. We hope you find the perfect match for your store. So, try to pick the best one that matches your business needs and meets other parameters like budget, cost, scope, available features, benefits, and options.

Well, we have come to the end of this post. From the compiled list, which one did you like the most? Have you gone through each one's features and pricing plans? Let's tweet using #ReviewXpo and let's hear which one you find to be the best review app for Shopify.


Question: What is the best review app for Shopify 2023?

Answer: The best review app for Shopify in 2023 would depend on the specific needs and preferences of the user. According to outstanding app ratings, feature-rich functionality, and cost-effective pricing, some popular options include:

Question: Which is the best Shopify app to increase sales?

Answer: Some of the best Shopify apps to increase sales include:

  • Sales pop is an app that creates urgency and social proof by displaying recent sales notifications.
  • Email marketing apps: such as Klaviyo, Omnisend, and Mailchimp, can help you create targeted email campaigns to increase sales.
  • Upselling and cross-selling apps: like Bold Upsell, which allows you to recommend related products to customers during the checkout process.
  • Personalized product recommendation apps: such as Recommendify, helps you to increase sales by showing personalized product recommendations to customers.
  • Abandoned cart recovery apps: like Jilt, that help you recover lost sales by sending targeted email campaigns to customers who abandoned their shopping carts.

Question: How do I increase my Shopify sales?

Answer: To increase your Shopify sales, a great place to start is to use review apps. With these apps, you can encourage customers to give feedback on their purchases as well as leave ratings and reviews. 

This can help potential customers make informed decisions about their purchase and will also provide evidence that your product is of good quality and that customers are satisfied with it. Additionally, studies show that having more reviews associated with a product increases its chance of being purchased. 

By using review apps for Shopify, you'll be able to take advantage of this to boost your sales!

Question: What apps are a must for Shopify?

Answer: "Unlock the full potential of your Shopify store with these must-have apps that are essential to boosting sales, streamlining operations, and providing an exceptional customer experience."

Some apps that are considered a must-have for Shopify stores include:

  • Google Analytics: to track website traffic and customer behavior
  • Shopify's own apps: such as Shopify Payments and Shopify Shipping, to manage payments and shipping directly from your store's admin panel
  • A reviews app: such as Loox or Judge. me to collect and display customer reviews on your website.
  • A security app: such as McAfee Secure, to keep your store and customer data secure.
  • Email marketing apps: such as Klaviyo, Omnisend, and Mailchimp, can help you create targeted email campaigns to increase sales.
  • A mobile optimization app: To optimize your website for mobile devices as more and more customers are shopping on their mobile devices.
  • A social media integration app: to connect your store with your social media accounts and allow customers to share their purchases on social media platforms.
  • An inventory management app: like Stocky to manage and track your inventory levels so you never run out of stock.
  • A shipping and fulfillment app: like Shipstation, to automate shipping processes and fulfill orders efficiently.

Question: How do I find honest reviews?

Answer: There are a few ways to find honest reviews:

  1. Look for reviews on reputable sites: Look for reviews on sites like Trustpilot, Yelp, and Consumer Reports that have strict guidelines for review authenticity.
  2. Check for a mix of positive and negative reviews: A product with only positive reviews may not be trustworthy, as it could be fake reviews. A mix of positive and negative reviews can indicate that the reviews are genuine.
  3. Look for reviews with detailed explanations: Reviews that provide detailed explanations about the product's features, pros and cons, and personal experiences can be more trustworthy than reviews that simply state "Great product" or "Terrible product."
  4. Check for reviews from verified buyers: Many review sites have a verified buyer badge or icon that indicates the reviewer has actually purchased the product.
  5. Read reviews from multiple sources: Don't rely on reviews from one source; read reviews from multiple sources to get a well-rounded picture of the product.

Question: How do I get reviews on my website using Shopify apps?

Answer: Follow the steps below to get reviews for your Shopify website using Shopify Apps.

Identify the best review app for your store: There are a variety of review apps available for Shopify customers, including Yotpo, Loox, and Each one offers different features, so it's important to assess which one is best suited to your needs before installing it in your store.

Make sure it fits with your store design: Many review apps offer customizable features such as colors, fonts, and layouts, so you can make sure the app fits in with the look and feel of your store.

Promote reviews through social media: After setting up your review app, you should promote customer reviews on social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This is a great way to increase brand awareness and encourage potential customers to leave reviews on your website.

Offer rewards for leaving reviews: You can incentivize customers by offering discounts or free products for leaving reviews of your goods or services. This encourages more people to take the time to leave reviews, which can help to improve your store's reputation.

Respond to customer feedback: You should always take the time to read and respond to customer reviews or feedback, whether it's positive or negative. This shows customers that you value their opinions and helps build trust in your brand.

Monitor your reviews regularly: It's important to keep an eye on the reviews you receive and address any issues that arise quickly and efficiently. This will help to maintain a good reputation for your store and ensure customers have a positive experience with your brand. 

These are just some of the ways you can use review apps to increase your Shopify sales. By following these steps, you should be able to get more reviews on your website and ultimately boost your store's performance.