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Tired of testing tons of customer review apps, just to pick the right one for your Shopify store? Let’s save you the time-consuming and ineffective searching for good.

We’ve just done that for you, and tested some of the best customer review apps in the market so that you don’t have to. Not to forget, we’ve got a Shopify expert team here!

For your quick head start, ReviewXpo came out on top in pretty much any criteria. It’s a mighty social proof app with its automated review request, AI generated replies, and tons more.

Go ahead with ReviewXpo if you really don’t want to miss out on the automated AI fun. And keep reading if you also want to sneak peek into its alternatives like Judge.me, Stamped.io, and Yotpo.

What Are The Best Customer Review App For Shopify?

1. Best Overall: Reviewxpo
“Puts your business growth on automation with the power of AI. Get 3X or more social proof in just a few clicks”

2. Stamped.io
“Automated review collection, customizable widgets, and seamless integration with shopify”

3. Yotpo
“Boost site engagement with genuine user reviews, photos, and more”

4. Judge.Me
“Build a strong relation with customers with ease”

5. Growave
“Faster growth with in-built referral system and analysis”

6. Reviews.io
“Make a data driven decision on every step of the way”

7. Trustpilot

“Engage your customers with detailed business insights and genuine reviews”

Best Customer Review App For Shopify: Comparison Chart

Here’s a comparison chart that will make your decision a whole lot easier. The best Shopify review app, compared in a single table:


Automated Review Requests

Customizable Review Widgets

AI-Generated Replies

Review import

Email Marketing Optimization

Social Proof Showcase








7 Best Shopify Review App For Customers

7 Best Shopify Review App For Customers

If you are still reading, then you must really be into the best customer review apps. Here are 7 of them that we think are the best. But it’s up to you to choose:

1. Best Overall: Reviewxpo

ReviewXpo is the best Shopify review app for customers, no matter what type they are. It's like having a tech-savvy AI sidekick that gives out instant replies, mind-bending email tricks, and mind-blowing social proof showcases. With a few minutes of setup at max.

You can get 2X, 3X or even 4X sales on your Shopify store with the help of ReviewXpo. That’s because collecting, importing, displaying, and replying to customer reviews (text, photo, and video), will require zero effort on your part, literally.

best Shopify review app for customers

Quick Overview

  • Automate reviews and follow-ups (Sales literally skyrocket 3X)
  • Effortlessly collect and manage authentic customer reviews.
  • Showcase compelling social proof
  • Highly customizable widgets for stunning on-site conversions.
  • Improve online visibility with SEO.

Why ReviewXpo Is The Best

Supercharge Conversions with Social Proof

With ReviewXpo, you will witness remarkable conversion boosts by harnessing the power of social proof. In most stores, sometimes the sales drop uncontrollably. However, using ReviewXpo's adaptive AI, your sales trend will always go up.

Authentic Reviews, Tangible Impact: Unleash the Love of Customers

ReviewXpo displays genuine customer reviews and ratings (UGC) on your Shopify store. And this helps you increase credibility and inspire trust in your products.

Mix & Match: Import Reviews with Lightning Speed

No more wrestling with tedious importing processes. Seamlessly integrate with popular platforms or use our user-friendly CSV import feature.

Masterful Review Management With Automation Feature

You can also take control like a pro with ReviewXpo's comprehensive review management toolkit. So, moderating, approving, and declining submissions becomes much easier. Also the automated emails and SMS, customer follow ups, and witty user-centric responses can help speed things up.

Unearth Insights that Fuel Success with Advanced Analytics

Dive deep into customer satisfaction, shopping experiences, product quality, and more. On top of that, make data-driven decisions that revolutionize your business and propel it to new heights.


  • Review Display Widgets: Grid, Carousel, List, Popup
  • 24/7 Support: Available support for assistance
  • Automated Review Request Emails: Yes
  • Incentives for Media Reviews: Yes
  • Supported Review Types: Text, Photo, Video
  • Email Marketing Optimization: Yes
  • Import Sources: AliExpress, CSV, Existing App
  • SEO Optimization for Improved Rankings: Yes
  • Reply to Reviews: Engage with customers by replying
  • Social Sharing: Encourage customers to share reviews
  • Auto-Sharing: Automate sharing on social media

2. Stamped.Io

Stamped.io is the 2nd in line as the best Shopify review app. It gathers valuable feedback from verified customers, and improves product satisfaction. Though it’s not as good as ReviewXpo, it sure will allow you to harness the power of genuine customer feedback and elevate your online reputation.

features of Stamped.io

Here are some features of Stamped.io:

Boost Your Brand's Reputation with Reviews

Stamped.io boosts your brand's credibility and trust by proudly displaying genuine customer reviews. It's a game-changer for businesses, leading to increased conversion rates through authentic user feedback.

Unleash the Influence of User-generated Content

Tap into the power of user-generated content (UGC) with Stamped.io. With the right settings, you will have a high engagement and authentify the customer experience.

Uncover Valuable Customer Insights

Gaining invaluable insights into customer preferences and behavior is just too easy. Stamped.io helps unveil actionable data that enables informed decision-making.

Boost SEO and Online Reputation

This feature helps you in click-through rates, higher organic rankings, and a subsequent surge in website traffic and sales. See your brand get popular day by day.


  • Multiple e-commerce Platform Compatibility: Yes,.
  • Review Collection: Gather authentic customer feedback.
  • Customizable Review Widgets: Yes. Tailor review displays to your website.
  • Moderation Tools: Manage and filter reviews.
  • Email Review Requests: Automated review solicitation emails.
  • Review Reminders: Prompt customers for feedback.
  • Photo and Video Reviews: Collects them all.
  • Social Media Sharing: Yes
  • Review Commenting: Engage with customer reviews.
  • Review Analytics: Gain insights and track performance.
  • Review Import and Export: Yes
  • Custom Review Forms: Design personalized review templates.

Know The Cons

  • A bit expensive for the service, and has a steep learning curve.

3. Yotpo

Yotpo has been in this customer app reviewing game for quite some time now. It increases the user-engagement on sites, showcasing reviews, photos, and so on. Integration to any shopify business is nearly seamless, although you have to log into their website to manage your account. Here are some features of it:

features of Yotpo

Social proof and customer testimonials

Yotpo makes social proofing a whole lot easier by soliciting and displaying authentic customer testimonials. You don't have to work too much as the app will take your valuable data and turn it into conversions.

Gathers customer photos and videos

You can double the user engagement by using Yotpo's visual marketing feature. This allows brands to collect and showcase customer-submitted photos and videos.

Manage your UGC with tagging, filtering, and highlighting

Maximize your user-generated content (UGC) effectiveness with Yotpo's robust content management system. Tag, filter, and highlight reviews and UGC to customize content display and improve product discoverability.

Integrate with all the major eCommerce platforms.

Seamless integration with over 25+ eCommerce platforms including Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce, Yotpo ensures a smooth user experience. Businesses should see a surge in conversion rates within a few months.


  • Referral System: In-built
  • Social Media Integration: Broad-ranging
  • SEO Improvement: User-generated content
  • Analytics: Comprehensive reporting
  • Integration: 25+ eCommerce platforms
  • Review Tagging: Yes
  • Review Filtering: Yes
  • Review Highlighting: Yes
  • User Interface: Intuitive
  • Mobile Optimization: Yes
  • Q&A Feature: Yes
  • Customer Segmentation: Available
  • Email Marketing: Integration supported
  • Multi-language Support: Yes

Know The Cons

  • You can’t manage your account from your own store, rather you’ll log into Yotpo’s website.
  • Customer support can be a bit slow at times.

4. Judge.Me

Boost conversions, build trust, and showcase your professionalism. With Judge.me, you can collect and display genuine feedback, while building strong relationships with your customers. Here are some features of it:

features of Judge.me

Increase Conversions with Genuine Customer Reviews

Witness a surge in conversions with genuine customer reviews. Judge.me boasts an impressive 4.96 average rating based on a staggering 11,867 reviews, providing undeniable proof of trust and credibility.

Effortlessly Collect Reviews

Judge.me simplifies the process with automated and customizable review requests via web, email, push, and SMS. Join the ranks of over 261,635+ stores worldwide benefiting from valuable customer feedback.

Showcase Your Professionalism

You can easily showcase verified customer photos that exemplify your dedication to transparency. Our 24/7 customer support ensures a seamless experience, reinforcing your brand's credibility.

Build Strong Relationships

Trying to bond with your customers? Now, you can engage them with personalized replies, reward coupons, and follow-up flows.


  • Review requests: Unlimited requests
  • Installation: Automatic setup
  • Photo and video reviews: Yes, Free media inclusion
  • Reviews Carousel: Yes
  • In-email reviews: Email-based review collection
  • Reviews moderation: Control over published reviews
  • SEO rich snippets: Yes. With enhanced search engine optimization
  • Review importing: Import reviews from other platforms
  • Drag-and-drop email editor: Customizable email templates
  • Automatic reminders: Automated review request reminders
  • Reward coupons: Coupons for reviewers
  • Customized review requests: Tailored request messages

Know The Cons

  • The interface isn’t the best for new users to get ahead with.

5. Growave

Growave is a super marketing app for Shopify that boosts growth, influences social proof, ignites customer engagement, and a lot more. You can get faster results in terms of credibility and customer engagement. Here are some features of Growave:

features of Growave

Drive Organic Growth

Growave helps drive organic growth by implementing a robust referral program, allowing customers to refer friends and earn rewards. It's proven to be effective in acquiring new customers and saving on ad spend.

Harness the Power of Social Proof

With Growave, you can collect and showcase photo and product reviews on autopilot, building social proof that influences purchasing decisions.

Ignite Customer Engagement with Instagram UGC

Get more traffic by showcasing Instagram photos and user-generated content (UGC) on your website. This will drive customer engagement and brand advocacy to the roof.

Customize Pre-Purchase Checkout

You can easily tailor the checkout process to match your branding and optimize conversions. Thanks to its intuitive interface and compatibility with Online Store 2.0.


  • Reviews Collection: Yes
  • Instagram UGC Showcase: Yes.
  • Customizable Checkout Experience: Personalize the pre-purchase process.
  • Multi-language Support: Yes
  • 24/7 Live Support: Get assistance anytime, anywhere.
  • VIP Tiers: Reward loyal customers.
  • Special feature: Rewards System
  • Back-in-Stock Emails: Yes
  • Integrated Pages: Seamlessly blend with your website design.
  • Social Login: Simplify customer login process.
  • Omnisend Integration: Yes
  • Phone Support: Direct support via phone.

Know The Cons

  • May lead to a complex setup and configuration process, requiring time and effort to fully utilize its features

6. Reviews.io

Review.io provides valuable insights for instant improvements, builds brand trust through verified ratings, and drives traffic. It is a special feature snippet feature, allowing you to get faster SEO boosts. Here are some features of Growave:

features of Reviews.io

Persuasive impact (With Positive customer feedback)

Businesses leveraging Reviews.io have witnessed a surge in sales, backed by compelling customer testimonials. It is almost risk proof.

Gain valuable insights and make instant improvements

Tap into valuable insights and make instant enhancements with Reviews.io. Its real-time feedback mechanism empowers businesses to identify trends, address concerns, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Always stay one step ahead of the competition.

Build Trust with Verified Customer Ratings

Showcase genuine feedback from satisfied customers, reinforcing credibility and fostering customer loyalty. Rest assured, our verification process ensures authenticity.

Drive More Traffic: Rich Snippet Integration

In search of good results? With captivating star ratings, review counts, and compelling customer testimonials, reviews.io can give you just that. Plus, attract a surge of organic traffic with rich snippet integration.


  • Customers Rating: Verified
  • Real-time feedback: Yes
  • Conversion Boost: Yes.
  • Customer Testimonials: Compelling testimonials
  • Insights: Valuable insights for improvements
  • Trend Identification: Identify emerging trends
  • Customer Experience: Supercharged
  • Trust Building: Yes, with verified ratings
  • Credibility: Yes. With authentic feedback showcase
  • Search Visibility: Yes
  • Organic Traffic: Drive organic traffic
  • Rich Snippet Integration: Seamless integration of rich snippets

Know The Cons

  • Integrating Reviews.io into existing systems and platforms may require technical expertise and resources

7. Trustpilot

Trustpilot revamps the way you make decisions while building your business. It has a vast array of genuine user reviews, consumer insights, industry-specific performance metrics, and a lot more. Here are some features of Trustpilot:

features of Trustpilot

Trustworthy Consumer Insights

Trustpilot ensures authentic reviews, giving you reliable information to guide your decisions with confidence.

TrustScore & TrustBoxes for Businesses

Stand out from the competition and gain customer trust by displaying real-time feedback through TrustBoxes.

Protecting Consumers

Turns out, creating a safe online environment, actively preventing fraud and deceptive practices is highly efficient here. Rest assured, it prioritizes maximum protection.

Industry-Specific Performance Metrics

If customized correctly, trustpilot can provide valuable data for different sectors. You can finally empower your businesses and make informed choices based on performance metrics and ratings.


  • Review Authenticity: Genuine, unbiased reviews
  • Review Moderation: Yes
  • Company Profiles: Detailed business information
  • Review Response System: Engage with customer reviews
  • Special Feature: TrustScore, TrustBoxes
  • Consumer Protection: Prevent fraudulent practices
  • Insights: Sector-specific comparisons and insights
  • Tools for business management: Yes, Trustpilot Business
  • Review Invitations: Invite customers for reviews
  • Analytics: Performance tracking and analysis
  • User Experience: Decent
  • Communication Channel: Business-customer interaction

Know The Cons

  • Despite moderation efforts, there is still a possibility of biased or fake reviews slipping

How do I choose the best Customer Review App For Shopify

How do I choose the best Customer Review App For Shopify

Frankly speaking, all the apps here are good. But why hold on to the good when you can have the best of the best Shopify review app? Here are all the features you will need to pick the best customer review app for Shopify:

Does it gather all reviews in one place?

When choosing a customer review app for Shopify, ensure it consolidates all reviews in one place for easy management. Turns out, ReviewXpo supports the integration of reviews from multiple platforms, providing a centralized hub for customer feedback.

Customizable review display (Minimal Learning Curve)

Who would like to work for hours, just to learn how the review app works, right? It kills productivity.

Look for features like instant customizable templates, and flexible design options to effortlessly tailor the review display to match your store's branding.

“Tryout ReviewXpo: No Learning Curves needed”

Tryout ReviewXpo: No Learning Curves needed

Easily migrate reviews from other platforms

Simplify the process of migrating reviews from other platforms by choosing an app that streamlines everything.

ReviewXpo has built-in import/export functionality that enables seamless transfer of existing reviews to your Shopify store, saving you valuable time and effort.

AI Moderation: Control and filter customer feedback

Ensure the app includes AI moderation capabilities to control and filter customer feedback. This feature utilizes machine learning algorithms to automatically detect and flag inappropriate or spam reviews, maintaining the integrity of your review system.

“ReviewXpo is the best Review App on Shopify for that”.

"Get a free ReviewXpo Trial"

Email Integration (A must-have)

With this feature you can automatically send review request emails to customers, maximizing the chances of receiving valuable feedback. So, prioritize an app that integrates seamlessly with your email system.

Which Shopify Review Apps Are Recommended?

Highly recommended Shopify review apps include ReviewXpo, Judge.me, Yotpo, and Stamped.io. These apps boast stellar ratings and positive user reviews, offering customizable review displays, seamless email integration.

However, ReviewXpo is the only one with an AI-powered automation tool. So, if you want the AI to do the heavy lifting, go for ReviewXpo.

Which Shopify How Do These Apps Enhance Customer Trust?

Review apps like ReviewXpo enhance customer trust by showcasing authentic reviews and social proof for potential buyers. Features like star ratings, review counts, and verified buyer labels contribute to increased credibility and higher conversion rates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are The Top Product Review Apps For Shopify?

When it comes to the top product review apps for Shopify, ReviewXpo, Judge.me, and Yotpo are standout choices. These apps boast high ratings, extensive features, and positive user reviews, making them popular among Shopify store owners.

How Can Product Review Apps Boost Sales?

Product review apps have the power to boost sales by providing valuable social proof and fostering trust among potential customers. More than 92% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase. Better positive reviews means better sales.

What Features Do ReviewXpo Offer?

ReviewXpo offers features like review request emails, photo reviews, and Q&A functionality to engage customers. You will also get automated review requests, customizable review widgets, ai-generated replies, review import, social proof showcase, and even email marketing optimization. 

Final Verdict (TL;DR)

Heads up, ReviewXpo came out the top in our list, not because we promote it, but because it has EVERYTHING you’d want from a customer review app. 

It’s the only AI powered review app with automated replies. It’s highly customizable, easy to import/export data, and a heck lot more. 

Plus, it has an affordable price tag with a hefty trial period. With no feature limit in the trial.

You can finally put your headaches on ReviewXpo, while you use the free time building your brand.

There are other Shopify review apps as well, but why go for something that is second to something else, right?

Ask away if you have anything to know about, in the comment section, or our support inbox

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