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Recently a breaking news hits the Shopify community:

Shopify to discontinue its product review app, effective from May 6, 2024!

The news can be frightening if you have been a long-time user of Shopify's official product reviews app.

What does it mean for you? What will the impact of the app’s removal be?

Surely, a lot of questions are rumbling in your head! But let us assure you that there is nothing to worry about.

Today, we will answer all your questions about the discontinuation of Shopify product reviews app removal and what your next step should be.

Is Shopify Reviews Being Discontinued?

Yes. In fact, the Shopify review app has no longer been available to the Shopify app store since September 5, 2023.

Shopify has had a plan to discontinue the reviews app for a long time now, and that plan is coming into effect soon.

Although the app is no longer available at the app store, users who had the app installed in their stores still can use it.

But the recent announcement from Shopify indicates the app will be completely unavailable even for merchants who had it installed earlier.

Will Product Reviews App by Shopify be Deprecated?

Yes. As per Shopify’s recent announcement, Shopify’s official product reviews app will be deprecated on May 6, 2024. After that, you will no longer be able to use or access the app.

Here is a screenshot of the announcement from the Shopify help center:

Image Source:
Shopify Help Center

Why Shopify to Discontinue Its Product Review App?

Shopify didn’t officially mention its reason for discontinuing the app. However, from a Shopify staff member, we learned that due to the availability of numerous third-party apps with a lot of robust features, they have decided to discontinue the app.

Shopify product reviews app was a simple and lightweight app. On the other hand, you can find various review apps on the Shopify app store that come with a myriad of features that help you boost your sales.

While comparing these apps, the third-party review apps are way better than the Shopify app. That is why Shopify decided to completely delist the app.

What Does Shopify Product Reviews App Removal Mean for You?

Shopify product reviews app no longer available means that you can not access the app. If you are currently using this app, then all the reviews on your store will vanish on May 6, 2024. After that, your customers will no longer be able to post reviews on your store.

Does that scare you?

Don’t be scared, as there are many ways to keep all the reviews safe and display them on product review pages.

What to Do to Keep Your Shopify Reviews Safe?

Shopify itself provided the solution to keeping your reviews safe while making the announcement to remove the review app.

You need to migrate to a third-party product review app on your Shopify store before May 6, 2024, to continue collecting and displaying product reviews on your store.

But what about the reviews that you already have?

Luckily, most third-party apps support review migration functions. That means while you are switching to another product review app, you can transfer the existing reviews to the new review app, too.

Shopify Reviews App Removed: Exploring Alternative Solutions

Shopify Reviews App Removed: Exploring Alternative Solutions

While looking for a Shopify product reviews app alternative app, you need to choose wisely.

When you search for a product reviews app on the Shopify app store, you will find hundreds of results. But not all of them are good enough for migration.

You should pick one that allows you to migrate the existing reviews, has more functions than the Shopify review app, and comes with free features.

Considering all the conditions, the best Shopify Product Reviews App Alternative is ReviewXpo!

It is an AI-powered Shopify product reviews app that comes with all the necessary features that you can ask for in a product review.

Here are some of the reasons why ReviewXpo is the best alternative to the Shopify product reviews app:

Free features:
The Shopify product reviews app was free, and you must be looking for an app that has free features. Luckily, ReviewXpo comes with a free plan that allows you to use almost all the necessary features.If you want to enjoy the premium features without limit, then you can invest a small amount for a subscription.

Automated AI replies:
Automated AI replies to product reviews not only set ReviewXpo different from the Shopify Product Review App but also other product review apps on the Shopify app store.

When you get a lot of reviews on your store, it can be tough for you to reply to each and every review. But you can activate the AI reply, where the AI will read reviews and reply accordingly.

Automatic reviews collection:
You can automate the review collection and follow-up mail in ReviewXpo. The app will send an email to all the customers after a specified time of the purchase. It will also send follow-up emails to customers who have not responded to the first email.

The best thing about this is that the emails will include a review form. Customers do not even need to visit your store to post reviews. They can reply to the mail with their opinion, and it will be displayed in your store.

Photo & video reviews:
Your customers can not post photo & video reviews using the Shopify review app. This feature is even absent in many premium review apps. The exciting thing is you can display both photo and video reviews with ReviewXpo.

In today’s circumstances, photo and video reviews are more influential than text reviews. They create a positive social proof and can significantly boost conversion rates.

SEO optimized:
SEO optimization is quite essential to improve the discoverability of your store on SERP. It also builds credibility and reputation for your brand. ReviewXpo is well-optimized with the latest SEO.

The app can display star ratings on Google for your store, which improves the CTR (Click Through Rate). It also displays the reviews on various platforms that help you grow your store.

Besides these, ReviewXpo has a lot of more useful features such as personalized discount codes, AliExpress review import, etc. You can instantly install the ReviewXpo and migrate all the reviews from the Shopify Product Reviews App.

To Wrap Up,

If you were wondering what happened to Shopify reviews, we hope you got the answers. In short, Shopify to discontinue its product review app after 6th May 2024, and you need to migrate to another product review app to continue displaying reviews on your Shopify store.

We recommend ReviewXpo as the best alternative to the Shopify product reviews app. As it comes for free, you have nothing to lose here.

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