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How many events can I request to submit a review?

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ReviewXpo allows you to notify your customers through emails and request them to submit their product reviews. There are three events where you can send a customer review request. Follow this article to learn more about them.

  1. First Review Request: If the customer doesn’t submit a review after purchase/fulfillment, you can send an auto-generated email to the customer requesting a review. You can customize the content and timing of the email to your preference. To learn more, check How to send review request email for the first time?
  1. Follow Up Review Request: If the customer hasn’t posted a review of his/her product after the “First Review Request” email notification, you can use this automated feature to send another review request to the customer. You can customize the time duration between these two review requests and the email content. To learn more, check How do I send a follow-up email In response to the first review request?
  1. Request for Photo/Video Review: Attaching a photo or video with the product reviews increases the review's credibility. So when a customer doesn’t attach a photo or video while posting a review, you can request them specifically for an attachment. To learn more, check How to send request email for photo/video review?

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