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Review request email subject line is a subject line used when emailing a consumer to ask for review on a product or service. A great email review request subject line can do wonders for your business. By getting the attention of potential customers and influencers, it can create valuable opportunities. You want to create a subject line that is specific and informative while still being creative and eye-catching enough to attract the right people.

Make sure you highlight the most important points in a limited amount of words, as this allows the recipient to determine at a glance what your request is about and why they should open and read it. Crafting an effective review request email subject line can be challenging but with practice, research, and testing you can create an effective line that will result in more reviews rather than ignored emails.A stronger subject line will increase open email rates for your customers. Making your email review request subject lines as enticing and intriguing as possible is the greatest method to achieve this. Here are some top strategies for an email subject line for a review request.

Why is the review request email subject line so important?

When emailing a customer to get a review on a product, the subject line is so important. They can often be the difference between your message getting read or ignored. When you're asking someone to review your work, it's crucial to craft a subject line that will make them want to open the email. According to some studies, including an icon in the subject line of an email increases open rates by 50% while increasing click-through rates by 93%.

A great email subject line can capture the customer's attention and increase the chances of your email being read. A good email subject line for a review request should be short, descriptive, and to the point.

People get so much spam and unwanted email that it is easy to skip over an email with a boring subject line. The first thing a reader observes about an email is the subject line. It determines how that reader will react to the email. The review request subject line is critical in the review generation email outreach. It decides whether or not your customers really open the email.

A reader opens an email if the subject line piques their attention. If not, they ignore the email. If customers ignore or delete an email, they never read the contents or do the desired action. It should also include a call to action, such as "please review my attached article." Including these elements will help increase the chances that your review request will be successful.

Why review request email subject line matter?

When making a request via email, the subject line is key. It needs to be memorable and attention-grabbing, as it will be their first impression of your message. Your recipient may be bombarded with emails all day long, so having a strong, interesting subject line that stands out is vital in ensuring they actually take the time to open your review request.

Not only will a great subject line ensure your email will get read and heard, but it will also help to set up expectations for what lies ahead in your message. Having an eye-catching yet descriptive subject line also allows viewers to quickly understand what your email is about and why it is important to them.

This leaves a lasting impression and makes people more likely to complete the task requested of them in the email. Standing out even among preferred and known emails is challenging. The prevalence of spam and unwanted email has both desensitized email recipients to online appeals.

How can you make a subject line more effective?

24 billion delivered emails with subject lines containing roughly 22,000 different terms were examined to answer a single query, "Which subject lines generate responses from readers?"

The goal of a subject line is to make the recipient curious enough to want to know more and open the email. To write a compelling subject line:

  • Start by keeping it short and to the point.
  • Then, use engaging language that will make the recipient want to learn more.
  • Be sure to avoid using jargon or technical terms that might turn off some readers.
  • Finally, personalize the subject line by including the recipient's name or relevant information.

By following these simple tips, you can make sure that your subject lines are more effective and help you get your message across.

Tips For Crafting a Great Subject Line

Subject lines for review emails should be personalized.

Personalizing your review email subject lines is an important way to increase customers' likelihood of opening and responding to your emails. Including the customer's first name in the subject line can turn your email into a friendly conversation.

Campaign Monitor's research indicates that 74% of marketers say that customizing emails results in an average 20% boost in revenue.

This will make it more likely that the customer will take the time to write a review. In addition, customers are more likely to respond to something that is relevant to them. Therefore, personalizing the subject line can increase the chances of getting a review.

Keep it short and direct.

According to Dale Carnegie, “A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” In order to make your email feel more personal, remember to add the name of your customer in the subject line.

Nobody likes reading paragraphs. The preferable option is a shorter length. Let's write shorter email subject lines so that you can handle the keywords in your subject line being ignored.

Customers are more likely to read an email if they know exactly what it is about and are less likely to be put off by a long, rambling subject line. Aim for around 40 characters or seven words when writing review request email subject lines, as this will give you the best chance of getting your message across.

When requesting a review, you can say "thank you" in your email subject line.

The power of gratitude cannot be underestimated. If you say "thank you" to your customers, they will be more likely to post product reviews. According to the law of reciprocity, when customers are shown appreciation, they feel obligated to show gratitude in kind. We'll give you an example:Thank you for your recent purchase. Please Review "Mi Robot Cleaner".

Make your customers feel valued.

When dealing with clients in a world where some businesses care more about making money than making sure they're happy, solidify the brand's reputation as a customer-centric enterprise. (Coaches of Forbes.)

One of Tony Robbins' six demands of every human being is to feel like they matter. Put "we value your opinion" in the subject line to make the recipient feel heard. This increases the number of positive reviews you receive from your satisfied clients.

Send an email with a subject line that includes promotions or incentives.

The highest open rates for emails occur with incentives attached. In addition, the review completion rate improves when emails are sent with the word "gift" in the subject line. Simply said, giving customers more of what they care about is always appreciated.

Customers' propensity to write reviews increases when they feel they are getting value from their experience. The time your customers take to leave feedback is invaluable and can lead to increased revenue. You should emphasize the importance of reviews in the subject line of your email requesting feedback. Discounts, loyalty points, and cash back are all good incentives.

Ensure that there is a sense of urgency

Research conducted by Invesp found that a 22 percent increase in open rates could be attained by using subject lines that conveyed a sense of urgency. Due to the fact that having a deadline forces people to act. It's a tried and true strategy that has stood the test of time.

Product review email subject lines shouldn't be overly punctuated or hashtagged.

A review request email with an overly punctuated subject line will be ignored as spam, especially if your email subject line has a lot of symbols (like!!! or $). Also, spam filters may prefer something other than the use of hashtags (#). So, if you want your email to be read by both customers and ISPs, you should make it straightforward.

In the subject line, do not include the following:

The subject line is one of the most important aspects of a review request email. This is because the subject line is what will determine whether or not the recipient actually opens and reads the email. As such, it is important to choose a subject line that is both relevant and interesting. However, a few things should be avoided when crafting a subject line for a review request email.

First, don't use only some caps or all lowercase letters. This can come across as shouty or unprofessional, respectively.

Second, do not include emojis or other frivolous characters. Likewise, do not try to be too clever or cute; a straightforward, direct subject line is usually best.

Finally, avoid using any language that could be interpreted as spammy or promotional. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your review request email will be opened and read by its intended recipient.

Top 10 review email subject lines


A great review request email subject line can make a big difference in whether or not customers actually open and read your message. By following the tips we've outlined above, you can create an effective and engaging subject line that will help you get the most out of your customer reviews. So what are you waiting for?

Get started today and see how these simple changes can greatly impact your business.


Q. What is the email subject line?

Ans. An email subject line is a text that appears at the top of an email message, usually directly after the sender's name and address. It's typically used to give a brief summary of the message so that recipients know whether they should open it or not.

Q. What are the best tactics for review request email subject lines?

Ans. When crafting review request email subject lines, there are a few tactics that can help make them effective:

Question: What are the Yotpo product reviews alternative?

Answer: Yotpo is a customer review and marketing platform for eCommerce stores that helps brands collect and display customer reviews, ratings, and photos to drive traffic and increase conversions and sales.

  • Keep it short and to the point – Try to limit the subject line to 50 characters or less. This will ensure that it doesn't get cut off when viewed on mobile devices.
  • Use action words – Action words, such as "review" or "share your feedback," can help make the subject line more compelling and encourage people to open the email.
  • Use personalization – Personalizing the subject line with a recipient's name or company name can help to increase open rates.
  • Include a deadline – Including a sense of urgency by adding a deadline can help to encourage.
Q. How to get your email noticed with a great subject line?

Ans. In order to get your email noticed, it's important to craft an effective subject line that will grab attention and compel recipients to open the message.

Q. How should you title an email requesting a review?

Ans. Everyone has an inherent desire to feel important. Put a sentence like "We respect your opinion" or "Your input means the world to us" in the subject line of your next email to consumers to make them feel appreciated. With this, you may capture the interest of your target audience and get positive feedback from them.

Q. How do I write an effective review request email subject line?

Ans. Writing an effective review request email subject line is essential for getting your email opened and read.

To make sure that your email stands out from the crowd, try to be specific by including details about what you are asking for and why it’s important. Keep it short and to the point, and include keywords about the topic of the request. For example, if you’re asking for a review of your product, use words such as "Product Review Request" in the subject line.

Q. What are some common mistakes to avoid when writing review request email subject lines?

Ans. When writing review request email subject lines, it’s important to avoid common mistakes such as being too vague or using words that could be confusing. It’s also important to stay away from clickbait and gimmicks, as this could lead to recipients ignoring the message altogether. Additionally, make sure to avoid punctuation errors and typos, as these could lead to the email not being read. Instead, focus on making your email subject line clear and concise so that recipients are more likely to open and read it.

Q. How can I make my review request email subject line stand out?

Ans. In order for your review request emails to be successful, it’s important to craft an effective subject line. As mentioned above, make sure to be specific and include relevant keywords. Additionally, try using urgency and curiosity in the subject line; this can pique the recipient’s interest and urge them to open the email.

Also, consider personalizing your emails by including the recipient’s name or mentioning a shared connection.

Finally, focus on the value of your message and make sure to emphasize why it is important for them to read. Following these tips can help ensure that your review request emails are opened and read by their intended recipients.

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