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Last update August 24, 2023

ReviewXpo Vs Okendo: Best Review Management App for Shopify

ReviewXpo Vs Rivyo: Uncover The Best App For Your Shopify Store

By Editorial Team


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May 21, 2024

ReviewXpo Vs Okendo: Best Review Management App for Shopify

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A good review management app is your best bet to get more reviews and boost social proof for your store.

ReviewXpo and Okendo are two of the most popular options. But which one is better for you?

Compared to Okendo, ReviewXpo is easier to use, has more advanced features, and is cheaper.

However, there is more to the picture. Let’s look at the detailed comparison between ReviewXpo and Okendo.

ReviewXpo Vs Okendo: Basic Overview

Before jumping into the detail, let’s have a brief overview of ReviewXpo and Okendo:

ReviewXpo Product Reviews App
ReviewXpo iis one of the fastest-growing Shopify product review management apps. The app collects reviews from different sources and displays them on your Shopify store. It uses various advanced technologies, such as AI, to make the app more efficient.

Okendo: Product Reviews & UGC
Okendo is a marketing solution for Shopify business. It displays customer reviews and offers various beneficial features for customer engagement.

ReviewXpo Vs Okendo: Comparison Chart

Here is a rating comparison table for the different features of ReviewXpo and Okendo:

Here is a rating comparison table for the different features of ReviewXpo and Okendo:

ReviewXpo Vs Okendo: Detailed Comparison

Both ReviewXpo and Okendo offer some amazing features that make them popular among Shopify store owners. However, differences in their features and qualities can influence your decision about which one to pick.

ReviewXpo Vs Okendo: Detailed Comparison

Let’s dive into the detailed comparison between ReviewXpo and Okendo to decide which one is better for your needs:

1. Review collection & display
ReviewXpo collects customer reviews and displays them on the Shopify product review page. The app collects reviews through email requests, review migration, and importing.

Okendo: Okendo collects reviews through email requests and SMS requests. It can also display both photo and video reviews.

Verdict: The competition here is neck to neck. Both apps offer all the necessary features for collecting and displaying reviews on Shopify. Hence, both apps win in this segment.

2. Review widgets customizations
ReviewXpo offers extensive review widget customizations to match them with your brand’s and store’s theme. It has different review widgets such as grid layout, badges, carousels, review summaries, etc.

You can customize these widgets with different colors and styles. It can make them more attractive to boost social proof. The enriched look influences new visitors to make purchases and leave reviews.

Okendo: Okendo also comes with all the necessary display options. However, the customization options are slightly limited in this app. are badges and star ratings. The customization feature for review display is quite limited in this app.

Verdict: ReviewXpo wins this segment with its vast editing options. It can present the reviews in a more captivating way to boost the conversion rate.

3. Import options
 ReviewXpo allows you to import AliExpress reviews to Shopify directly. You can do it using a bookmark method and the product URL. The app offers automated imports to make you more efficient.

You can read our article on “How To Import Reviews From Aliexpress To Shopify Automatically?” to learn more about this feature.

Automatically?” to learn more about this feature.However, if you can import reviews from other e-commerce platforms such as Etsy, Amazon, or eBay, you will have to use the CSV format

Okendo: One of the drawbacks of Okendo is that it can not directly import reviews from any e-commerce store. You will have to use its CSV format which is quite a hassle.

Verdict: ReviewXpo is a clear winner in terms of importing reviews. The direct import feature is most beneficial when your store is new and has no reviews. Importing reviews can boost positive social proof to boost sales.

4. Review request automation
You can automate the review request system in ReviewXpo. The app will automatically send review requests after a specified time of purchase. This can save a lot of your time and make you efficient.

Moreover, ReviewXpo also sends follow-up emails to customers who do not respond to the first email. All these emails are written in a personalized manner that enhances the chance of getting responses.

You can also automate the review request system in Okendo. If you want to send follow-up emails, you will need to use klaviyo which is integrated with this app.

Verdict: Although both apps offer the automation function, ReviewXpo will stay ahead due to the convenience of setting up the process. Besides, ReviewXpo’s emails are personalized and are more effective.

5. Automated AI replies
One of the groundbreaking features of ReviewXpo is the automated AI replies to reviews. When someone posts a review on your page, the AI will analyze and post a tailored reply. Due to the use of AI, the replies sound natural.

However, you can use filters to set certain limitations on which reviews it can reply. It will ensure you can manage critical reviews on your own.

Like most of the Shopify review management apps, Okendo does not have an AI reply feature. You will have to read all the reviews and reply to them manually.

Verdict: As Okendo does not have this feature, ReviewXpo clearly wins this round. This feature is quite useful when you are receiving hundreds of reviews every day. The feature makes your business more efficient.

6. Personalized discount/coupon
ReviewXpo sends discount codes to customers for taking various actions. It influences them to do certain things such as posting video reviews.

A lot of other apps can do that too. What makes ReviewXpo different is its ability to create personalized codes using the customer’s name. When customers see such codes, it makes them feel valued and the chance of receiving a response greatly increases.

Okendo can also send discount codes to customers. However, it can not generate personalized codes.

Verdict: ReviewXpo wins this segment with the ability to generate and send personalized coupon codes. It increases the response rate and also helps build customer loyalty.

You can read our article on “Personalized Discount Code Ideas To Boost ECom Sales And Loyalty” to learn how to utilize this feature.

7. SEO optimization
 ReviewXpo comes with tons of SEO features. They help you have better rankings on SERP.

Not to mention, you can win rich snippets on Google SERP with ReviewXpo. It shows star ratings on search results for your products. Such listings increase the click-through rate (CTR). Besides, it helps build trust and credibility.

Okendo has similar features that help you get a better appearance on Google SERP. As the app focuses on marketing, it tries to offer efficient SEO optimization for your Shopify store.

Verdict: Both apps come with the necessary SEO functions to build your brand online. However, ReviewXpo’s SEO is better optimized, which keeps this app slightly ahead.

8. Speed & performance
 One thing ReviewXpo does not compromise is the speed. The development team is always working to keep it bug-free. Regular updates ensure that you always get maximum performance from the app.

Moreover, you will face almost zero lag with ReviewXpo. Although you get a ton of features, the app feels extremely lightweight.

Okendo’s speed is average. It is not the slowest but does not perform excellently as well. You may face occasional lags and some apps often do not respond.

Verdict:  Overall, ReviewXpo is a cleaner app that ensures it is the fastest. In today’s competitive world, you can not lag behind with a slow app like Okendo.

9. Customer support
 ReviewXpo has one of the most efficient customer support teams among review management apps. All the team members have deep knowledge of the app’s functions. Hence, they can quickly help you in resolving any issues.

Moreover, you will also get a dedicated success manager for your store. He will assist you with any problem you may face navigating the app.

One of the major complaints about Okendo is its customer support. Users have complained that the support team is very unhelpful and unresponsive. You can even check the app’s review on Shopify, where most of the reviewers do not get any response.

Verdict:  ReviewXpo undoubtedly has better customer service than Okendo. You get quick and helpful responses. In contrast, Okendo still needs to do a lot in this sector.

10. Ease of use
  Are you only beginning your Shopify business journey? Then ReviewXpo can be the perfect online review management software for you. It comes with a pretty simple user interface that anyone can use.

Even if you get confused at any stage, you can check the video instructions to learn the process.

Okendo also has a simple user interface. However, some functions seem a little bit complex and without any video instructions, it can be tough to navigate them.

Verdict:  The lack of extensive video guidelines will keep Okendo behind ReviewXpo. ReviewXpo certainly can provide a great user experience with its simple and easy-to-use UI.

11. Pricing
 Almost all the necessary features of ReviewXpo are completely free. The free plan is perfect for new businesses on Shopify.

However, the premium plan with fewer limits and more features starts at $15 per month. The most expensive plan is only $115 per month.

Okendo: Okendo has a free plan with a lot of limitations. The premium plan starts at $19 per month. The other plan costs $119 per month.

Verdict:  It is clear that ReviewXpo is the cheaper option here. Even if you compare the offerings, ReviewXpo is more cost-efficient and has the most features.

ReviewXpo Vs Okendo: Which One Should You Use For Shopify?

So which one should you use, ReviewXpo or Okendo, for your Shopify store?

In some cases, both of them perform almost equally. However, in other cases such as AI replies, personalized codes, customer support, and pricing, ReviewXpo is miles ahead of Okendo.

Hence, you should use ReviewXpo for its advanced features, better functionality, support, and value for money.

ReviewXpo Vs Okendo: Which One Should You Use For Shopify?

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ReviewXpo Vs Rivyo: Uncover The Best App For Your Shopify Store

By Editorial Team


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