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Last update August 24, 2023

ReviewXpo Vs REVIEWS.io: Get More Shopify Product Reviews!

ReviewXpo Vs Rivyo: Uncover The Best App For Your Shopify Store

By Editorial Team


May 26, 2024

5min Read

ReviewXpo Vs REVIEWS.io: Get More Shopify Product Reviews!

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ReviewXpo and REVIEWS.io are two of the most popular Shopify review apps with the latest technology and features.

However, when investing money in your business, you need to find the one with maximum benefits.

So, which one is better between ReviewXpo vs REVIEWS.io?

ReviewXpo is a better choice for Shopify product review management than REVIEWS.io. This app comes with all the latest features including AI replies. Moreover, it is the cheaper option.

Let’s discuss in detail to decide which app you should use for your Shopify store.

ReviewXpo Vs REVIEWS.io: Basic Overview

ReviewXpo and REVIEWS.io have a lot of similarities and dissimilarities. Before jumping into the details, let’s have a brief look at these product review apps:

ReviewXpo Product Reviews App
ReviewXpo collects reviews from various sources and displays them on your Shopify product pages. It builds social proof to increase sales. The app comes with a lot of advanced features such as AI Replies to make your review management more efficient.

REVIEWS.io Product Reviews
REVIEWS.io lets you collect customer reviews to build brand reputation and drive sales. It has a lot of essential features such as SEO optimization and automation to get more reviews and boost sales.

ReviewXpo Vs REVIEWS.io: Comparison Chart

If you are in a hurry, you can have a look at the following rating comparison chart for different features of ReviewXpo and REVIEWS.io:

ReviewXpo Vs REVIEWS.io: Comparison Chart

ReviewXpo Vs REVIEWS.io: Detailed Comparison

ReviewXpo and REVIEWS.io are two of the most popular choices among Shopify store owners. They come with some amazing features.

ReviewXpo Vs REVIEWS.io: Detailed Comparison

Then which one should you use for your business?

Let’s discuss the detailed comparison between ReviewXpo and REVIEWS.io to determine which one is better for your needs:

1. Review collection & display
ReviewXpo collects reviews from customers using multiple methods. The most common one is through sending review request emails. Besides, it collects reviews from different ecommerce platforms.

Not to mention, ReviewXpo displays both photo and video reviews. You do not need to use any other third-party app or make any complex settings for this. The app can display reviews in various formats such as grid layouts, summaries, testimonials, and more.

REVIEWS.io: REVIEWS.io offers an extensive way of collecting and displaying reviews. From email requests to import, you can do it all. Plus, it supports different display options such as badges, carousels, and so on.

Verdict: Both RevuewXpo and REVIEWS.io perform exceptionally well when it comes to collecting and displaying reviews. They have all the necessary collection methods and all the attractive review widgets to boost social proof. Hence, both these apps win in this segment.

2. Review widgets customizations
 Review widgets such as carousels, pop-ups, lists, grids, etc, give you more versatility on how you want to showcase product reviews. The best thing is that you can customize these widgets in any style you want.

These customizable widgets give you the option to display reviews matching your store’s themes. It boosts social proof and helps increase the conversion rate.

REVIEWS.io: REVIEWS.io has a lot of product review widgets. However, the drawback is that their customizability is limited. You can customize it a bit, but not much. This means you may fail to create a desirable style for the review section.

Verdict: Due to the lack of customizable review widgets, REVIEWS.io stays behind in this section. ReviewXpo with attractive customization features can enrich the aesthetics of your Shopify store.

3. Import options
 ReviewXpo enables you to import reviews directly from Aliexpress. You can select the product for which you want to import reviews, set the necessary filters, and then import the reviews.

The best thing about this feature is that you can automate the function for future imports. Read our article on “How To Import Reviews From AliExpress To Shopify” to learn more about this function.

Also, if you want to import reviews from other e-commerce platforms such as Etsy or Amazon, you can do so using the app’s CSV format.

REVIEWS.io: REVIEWS.io does not allow you to directly import reviews from other online stores. You can use a CSV format, but that method is quite a hassle.

Verdict: Undoubtedly ReviewXpo is better when it comes to importing reviews from AliExpress to Shopify. Besides, the app is also working on features to directly import reviews from other ecommerce platforms.

4. Review request automation
 Reminder emails to customers for posting reviews is a great way to achieve more reviews on your store. ReviewXpo allows you to send automatic review requests to all your customers.

Once you activate the function, whenever someone purchases a product from your Shopify store, they will receive a review request email after a certain time. These emails are written in a personalized manner. It enhances the chance of getting feedback.

REVIEWS.io also has an automated review request function. It is one of the most efficient ways to collect reviews from your customers.

Verdict: Although both apps have the automation feature, what keeps ReviewXpo ahead is the follow-up emails. When your customers do not respond to the first email, the app will automatically send a second email to follow up.

5. AI replies to reviews
One of the key features of ReviewXpo is the automated AI replies to reviews. A lot of apps can generate automated replies, but they are all the same and sound robotic. However, due to the use of AI technology, ReviewXpo’s replies sound completely natural.

Whenever someone posts a review on your Shopify store, the AI will analyze and tailor a personalized reply. You can set some filters to specify which reviews to reply to automatically and which ones you want to do manually.

REVIEWS.io does not have AI reply to reviews functions by default. However, the company offers to purchase the function separately, which is quite expensive.

Verdict: ReviewXpo clearly wins this round for its ability to reply to reviews using AI. Although REVIEWS.io offers similar functions, it is not available with the main app. If you do not want unnecessary excess money, ReviewXpo is the obvious choice for you.

You can read our article on the Benefits Of AI Generated Automated Replies to learn how this feature can help your Shopify business.

6. Personalized discount/coupon
Offering discount codes or coupons can be a great idea to collect photo and video reviews from your customers. However, ReviewXpo takes this game to the next level by offering personalized discount codes.

The app can generate discount codes using customer names. Then it will send the code with the review request emails or during different campaigns. It makes the customer feel valued and increases the chance of getting responses.

Unfortunately, REVIEWS.io does not have any such feature. It generates discount codes and sends them to customers, but they are not personalized. The chances of getting responses from such codes are minimal.

Verdict: Without a shadow of a doubt, ReviewXpo is the better choice here. Personalized discount codes are great for enhancing customer loyalty. It can help your business grow in the long term.

7. SEO optimization
  ReviewXpo comes with a lot of SEO functions to ensure your Shopify store is discoverable on SERP and appears with rich snippets. It helps you list products on Google and display them with star ratings.

Displaying products with star ratings on Google is a great way to increase click-through rates. It brings organic traffic to your store and increases sales. You also can share reviews on Facebook, Instagram, X, and other social media sites to bring more traffic to your store.

REVIEWS.io also has some essential SEO features. It mainly focuses on sharing reviews on social platforms and getting customers from those sites.

Verdict: Both of these apps have the necessary SEO features to make an online presence. However, ReviewXpo’s integration with Google makes it more effective.

8. Speed & performance
 ReviewXpo is a lightweight app. Hence, it manages to deliver a blazing fast performance without any issues.

Not to mention, the app collects user reviews and regularly brings updates to the software. As a result, ReviewXpo is free from bugs and performs optimally.

REVIEWS.io performs better than most Shopify product review apps. Still, it sometimes lags and many functions take a long time to respond.

Verdict:  Although both these apps perform fast, ReviewXpo will stay slightly ahead for fewer performance issues. The best thing about ReviewXpo is that the development team quickly fixes any issue they notice.

9. Customer support
  ReviewXpo’s customer support is faster than most other Shopify review apps. The support team possesses a deep knowledge of the app’s function. It allows them to quickly solve any problem you may face.

They also have a dedicated onboard manager for you. He will help you navigate the app and resolve any issues you may face..

REVIEWS.io has a knowledgeable support team, which is a good point. The drawback is that they respond slowly. Plus, they will often refuse to help you unless you upgrade to a costlier plan.

Verdict:  Overall, ReviewXpo’s customer support has been tremendously good. It is way better than REVIEWS.io. If you do not want to be ignored by the app’s support, then ReviewXpo is the best choice.

10. Ease of use
  ReviewXpo is a beginner-friendly review management app for Shopify. It uses a simple user interface that is easy to understand. All the essential features are easily accessible with detailed instructions.

Not to mention, the app has a large video library on YouTube that explains how to use different features. If you feel confused anywhere, you can check our video library to clear your confusion.

REVIEWS.io seems a bit complex for beginners. The app also has a video library with a large number of videos but lacks enough videos to use the features.

Verdict:  If you are a beginner and looking for something simple, ReviewXpo is certainly the best choice. However, if you are experienced in using different review apps, then you can try both to find out which one is more convenient for you.

11. Pricing
 ReviewXpo comes with a free plan with all the necessary features. You can even import Aliexpress reviews with the free plan.

The premium plan for ReviewXpo starts at $15 per month. Besides, the most expensive plan costs only $115 per month.

REVIEWS.io: REVIEWS.io comes with a free plan with limited access. You need to pay a whopping $45 per month for the premium plan. The most expensive plan is only $89 per month.

Verdict:  ReviewXpo is cheaper than REVIEWS.io. Although it is cheaper, you get more features and offers in ReviewXpo than in REVIEWS.io. Hence, if you want to invest wisely, ReviewXpo is the better choice. 

ReviewXpo Vs REVIEWS.io: Which One Should You Use?

ReviewXpo and REVIEWS.io are both exceptional review management apps. You get all the necessary features in them.

However, if you want to import reviews from Aliexpress and seek AI reply features for maximum efficiency, then ReviewXpo is the better choice.

Moreover, ReviewXpo comes cheaper, too. If you are getting so much at a lower price, why bother using costlier apps? Install ReviewXpo today and take your business to a new height!

ReviewXpo Vs REVIEWS.io: Which One Should You Use?

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ReviewXpo Vs Rivyo: Uncover The Best App For Your Shopify Store

By Editorial Team


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