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Star ratings on Google search results instantly create a positive impact on the customer's mind. It acts as a sign of trust, quality, and credibility of the product (and your brand as a whole).

However, not all product listings appear with a star rating. Well, unless you know how to optimize your product page properly!

So, how to get star ratings to show up in Google search results?

You need to optimize your product review page for a rich review snippet to display star ratings on Google SERP.

Let’s guide you through the steps to optimize your review section for the star ratings to appear on Google search.

How Does Displaying Star Ratings In Google Search Results Help You?

Are star ratings on Google SERP really necessary? Yes, they are!

Displaying star ratings on Google search results enhances the credibility of your store as a brand.

Star ratings on the SERP are eye catchy and instantly differentiate you from your competition who does not have the star ratings.

In consequence, your CTR increases greatly. Plus, it positively impacts social proof and increases the chance of conversion.

Furthermore, such showcasing of star ratings encourages new buyers to leave reviews, too.

Now, don’t you feel like you must show star ratings on Google SERP for your e-commerce store?

Let’s jump to the business then!

How To Get Star Ratings To Show Up In Google Search Results?

How To Get Star Ratings To Show Up In Google Search Results?

An excerpt with star ratings on Google search is called Review Snippet. An average rating from a combined rating usually shows up on a scale out of five.

Mainly, Google itself chooses whether to show your product ratings on the search results or not. 

But first, you need to tell Google that you want the star ratings to show up on SERP for your page.

How do you do that?

Optimizing your product reviews for rich review snippets. 

Optimizing your product star ratings can be a little tricky as it requires a little bit of coding knowledge. But today is your lucky day, as we will explain the process in detail for you to understand.

Spoiler: Later in the article, we will share a shortcut method that requires only a few clicks and zero coding knowledge!

Let’s learn how to get star ratings show up on Google search results:

Step 1: Add your business to Google
Google will not recognize your store if you do not provide the necessary information about your business.

You will have to submit basic information such as business name, address, and contact information.

However, if you are using an e-commerce platform such as Shopify, then you already should have submitted the information.

Still, it is better to have a double-check.

Step 2: Collect genuine reviews
One of the most important things in the process is that you must collect genuine product reviews from your customers.

Google does not show rich review snippets for local businesses that rate products on their own.

But how do you get customer reviews?

After a customer purchases your product, always follow up with product review requests. Implement an efficient product review request strategy to ensure you get maximum authentic reviews for your products.

The more reviews you get, the more chances to appear on Google SERP.

But never post fake reviews using bots. Google is quite smart and will catch the trick easily. 

If you are failing to get reviews from your customers, we recommend you read our detailed guide on How to Get More Product Reviews.

Step 3: Display reviews on your e-commerce store
You not only need to collect product reviews for your e-commerce store but also need to ensure they are appearing on the product page.

For instance, Shopify stores do not include any review section by default. You will need to use a separate product review app for the reviews to appear on your store.

A lot of good product review apps are available on the Shopify app store. If you are already using one, that’s great; if not, check The Best Customer Review App For Shopify and select the one that suits your needs.

Step 4: Optimize with aggregate rating schema markup  
Now comes the major part. Once reviews are appearing on your product pages, you need to optimize the page with aggregate rating schema markup.

You will need basic markup knowledge and need to do some HTML coding to perform this step.

Google offers review ratings to show up for different categories such as products, books, recipes, movies, codes, etc.

After displaying the reviews on your page, nest the review into a schema.org type using the review property.

Then, add aggregate ratings to show up on Google SERP. You will have to submit the average of the aggregate ratings to appear on Google.

Then, nest the aggregate rating using schema.org type to optimize it for Google search results.

Here’s an example of aggregate rating JSON-LD code:

example of aggregate rating JSON-LD code

Source: Google Search Central

Optimizing the product page with this code will help you tell Google that you have reviews on the page and you want it to show up on Google SERP.

We recommend you read Google’s full guideline on Review snippets to clear any confusion you may have about review schema markup. 

But are you a novice in coding? Then, implementing the schema markup can seem like climbing the mountain to you.

Hence, we have an alternative for you that requires zero coding to show up star ratings on Google search results.

Yes! You heard it right.

You can use a review management app that will optimize your product review page to show star ratings on Google search results.

You must be wondering what that app is.

The app is: ReviewXpo!

Here’s the step-by-step guide:

Step 1:
Install ReviewXpo from the Shopify App Store.

Step 2: Fill in the basic information such as language preferences, theme, etc.

Step 3: Go to settings and enable customer review.

Step 4: Set up your email request copy and how long to wait before asking for reviews.


Yes, it's that simple!

But you have only enabled the customer review, right?

That’s enough! You need not to do anything else.

ReviewXpo optimizes the review section for SEO and shows up on Google.

The app will collect reviews and display them on your Shopify store’s product page. Then it will optimize the reviews for SEO to improve discoverability on Google SERP.

Nonetheless, ReviewXpo will also ensure that the content structure is optimized for rich review snippets.

Once your products start to appear with star ratings on Google SERP, you will get more organic visitors to your store.

In turn, you will surely see an increase in sales.

Now, you have two options:

1.Do review snippet schema markup manually.

2.Install ReviewXpo and let things happen automatically

If you pick the first choice, it will take you a lot of work and time. Even if you hire someone for the job, it will be quite costly.

But if you choose to go with ReviewXpo, it will cost you only a little without spending excess time. Plus, the app comes with a free version, too, with limited features, of course.

Now it’s your turn to make the smart choice.


How long does it take for star ratings to appear in Google search results after implementation?
If you have implemented the schema markup correctly, it can take a few days to weeks for Google to crawl your page and finally show the star ratings on the search result page.

How do I encourage customers to leave reviews and improve star ratings?
Always follow up with your customers with personalized emails to request them to leave a review. Offer attractive incentives to encourage them to leave reviews for your product. It will improve the star ratings and enhance the chance of showing up on Google SERP.

Can I choose which reviews are displayed in search results?
Google itself chooses which review to display based on various factors such as relevance and time. While you can not choose which review to show directly, you can influence the reviews on your page with better review management to ensure positive reviews are displayed.

Final words

Now, armed with the knowledge of how to get star ratings to show up in Google search results, it’s time to put it into action.

Always remember that you must be highly efficient in what you do to stay ahead of your competition.

If you want to follow the slow and manual process, you may get the job done but lose the time you could invest somewhere else to improve your business.

That’s why we always prefer using efficient apps that make your job easier and help you skyrocket your sales!  

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