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Believing your product is amazing is one thing, but without solid reviews, it's like shouting into the wind.

While 90% of people check customer reviews before making a purchase, if they're not recent, they lose their impact.

Over 69% of buyers focus on reviews from the last three months, with only 7% unaffected by review recency.

Curious about getting more product reviews regularly? Interested in crafting a review outreach strategy for product promotion?

Continue reading to find out the answers, pro techniques, and nifty automation!

9 Effective Techniques To Get More Product Reviews

While most shoppers depend on reviews, surprisingly, only a small percentage actually write. While 92% of consumers read and trust online reviews, only 6% take the time to write them.

To make it easier for customers to share their thoughts, you can implement some effective strategies. Let's explore the ways to get more product reviews, shall we?

1. Optimize the Purchase Experience

A website that's a breeze to use, transactions that feel secure, and straightforward product details form the ideal backdrop for satisfied customers to share their positive experiences.

From the moment a customer lands on your website to the final click at checkout, ensure a seamless, user-friendly experience.

Smooth navigation, secure transactions, and clear product info not only satisfy customers but also lay the foundation for those glowing reviews.

2. Highlight your current product reviews

Highlight your current product reviews image8

Imagine entering a store and seeing a board filled with glowing recommendations from other shoppers. It instantly creates trust and reassurance. The same goes for your online store.

Putting your current product reviews on social media means bringing them into the spotlight. This practice not only builds credibility but also prompts new customers to join the conversation.  

Displaying existing reviews prominently encourages new customers to leave positive reviews as they feel others are doing this too. In this way, you can get more reviews.

3. Start By Just Asking For Reviews

Start By Just Asking For Reviews

Ever noticed how a friendly request can make all the difference?

It's the same with customer reviews. Begin by reaching out in a personalized manner, be it through emails, SMS, or other communication channels.

Politely ask if they'd be willing to share their experience. The key? Keep it simple and friendly.

People appreciate straightforward requests, and a personal touch makes them more likely to take that extra moment to write reviews.

4. Choose The Right Moment For Asking

Choose The Right Moment For Asking image

Timing is your best ally in the extent of customer reviews.

To capture that peak satisfaction, you need to pinpoint the exact moment when your customers are over the moon with their purchase.

Is it right after the product arrives at their doorstep? Perhaps a day or two into using it? Maybe it's when they've experienced a positive outcome?

Enter ReviewXpo, your secret weapon. With this powerful tool, you get to tailor the timing of your review requests.

Picture this: an automated, personalized message reaching your customer at the ideal moment, ensuring their feedback reflects the pinnacle of their satisfaction.

Timing, after all, is the unsung hero of a stellar product review.

“Ask Personalized Questions for impactful reviews. You can use the questions discussed later in this article.”

5. Offer incentives and rewards for reviews

Offer incentives and rewards for reviews image

Everybody loves a good incentive, and your customers are no exception. Offering rewards like discounts, loyalty points, or exclusive access can be the perfect nudge for them to share their experiences. 

With ReviewXpo, you can effortlessly provide personalized coupons and special discounts automatically when they leave a review. 

Sweeten the deal by extending these rewards to customers who go the extra mile and share a photo or video, highlighting how your products have solved their problems. 

These stars not only catch searchers' attention but also contribute to building trust in your brand. According to research, online reviews can boost click-through rates by up to 35%.

Real people's reviews are hard to dispute, creating a sense of authenticity. Higher CTRs have a positive impact on your SEO, as Google considers popularity a ranking factor.

With more people visiting your site, Google is likely to view it favorably, potentially resulting in improved rankings. 

According to a BrightLocal study, businesses with positive reviews received 18% more clicks than those with no reviews.

6. Make it easy and convenient for customers to leave reviews

Make it easy and convenient for customers to leave reviews image

When it comes to customer reviews, simplicity is key. Make the review process a breeze by providing clear instructions, direct links, and user-friendly interfaces. 

With ReviewXpo, you offer customers not one but three easy avenues to share their thoughts:

Product Page Link: A quick hop to the product page allows them to leave a review seamlessly.

Quick Review Link: Dedicated link for a swift and straightforward review process.

Email Convenience: For those on-the-go, leaving a review directly within the email.

Make it easy, and convenient – let your customers share their experiences effortlessly. And let the positive feedback flow into your e-commerce site.

7. Showcase customer reviews with beautiful branded widgets

Showcase customer reviews with beautiful branded widgets image

Transforming customer appreciation into a visual feast, branded widgets are the secret sauce to showcasing your shining reviews. 

Express your gratitude by elegantly displaying and promoting these testimonials on your website, social media platforms, and other channels.

They add a touch of authenticity to your brand and serve as powerful magnets, drawing in potential customers through the positive experiences of their peers.

Craft beautiful widgets and let your reviews take center stage in the spotlight.

8. Stay engaged with your brand

Stay engaged with your brand image

The relationship with your customers shouldn't end at the checkout. Even if a customer didn’t leave a review right away, stay in touch with each of your customers for life.   

Send warm greetings, surprise them with giveaways, and share exclusive store benefits. It's not just about brand building; it lays the groundwork to get reviews in the future.

This doesn’t only help you with better branding, but also can bump your chances to get a review without asking the next time they shop. 

When your customers feel the connection, they might naturally share their experiences in subsequent purchases, boosting your review count organically. 

9. Choose A Quality Review App

Choose A Quality Review App image

By now, you may have already understood that having a good review app that helps you do all that is utterly important. 

Introducing ReviewXpo, the only customer review management tool you’ll ever need to take your eCom business to the next level. 

Send automated review requests, ask customer questions, and offer personalized discounts, all on autopilot while you’re busy managing your store. 

It even uses AI to engage with personalized replies to customer reviews, so you don’t have to hire a team to do that. ‍

The Right Review App for Your Business Is Just As Important As Your Products.

Questions to Ask For A Great Product Review
The product review's structure and elements dictate how good a result you will get out of it. It all comes down to what a potential customer wants to see in the review. 

So, leaving this all to the customer will not bring many results, as people can just write “GOOD” and call it a review.

What’s the solution?

When asking for customer feedback or product reviews, you want to ask some customized questions. 

This way, the reviews will always be in your structure, so your potential customer gets the details they want. 

Here are the questions you want to ask your customer while sending a review request email:

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review image

Honesty & Transparency:
Encourage open and candid feedback. Ask customers to share their genuine thoughts, good or bad, to provide authentic insights.

Relevance to Audience: 
Prompt reviewers to highlight aspects that would matter to potential buyers.

Whether it's durability, ease of use, or a unique feature, ensure the review addresses what your audience finds crucial.

Unbiased Tone: 
Emphasize the importance of neutrality. Request customers to express their opinions without any undue influence, ensuring a fair evaluation.

Verified Purchase Status: Validate the review's credibility by confirming the customer's purchase. This adds authenticity and trust for prospective buyers.

Constructive Criticism: 
Inspire your customers to share constructive feedback, whether it's a positive or negative review.

This not only helps you identify areas for improvement but also adds depth to the review, offering a balanced perspective.


The key to success in getting product reviews is delivering an outstanding product or service. Exceptional customer service alone can often prompt customers to share their experiences. 

Quality reviews serve as badges of honor, enhancing your eCommerce brand's reputation and fostering customer trust, ultimately driving sales.

Engaging customers for reviews is essential for products/services that might not naturally prompt reviews. 

That's where ReviewXpo comes in, simplifying the process and making customer review management efficient. Don't miss the opportunity to highlight quality product reviews with ReviewXpo. 

Ready to take your reviews to the next level? Install ReviewXpo for free and boost your sales with social proof! 

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