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Satisfied customers want to share their thoughts about products but often need a gentle nudge.

Implementing a straightforward follow-up method can serve as that gentle reminder. 

With the right approach tailored for your customer, your Shopify store can be flooded with genuine product reviews.

Wondering how to follow up customers to get product reviews?
You can do that in many ways, but today, we will discuss proven methods of following up that are most efficient to obtain product reviews.

Spoiler: You can send thousands of follow-up product review requests within minutes!

Why Does Following Up Important to Get Product Reviews?

While a few customers proactively give product reviews, a few others don't bother doing so.

However, there is a massive number of customers in the middle who are willing to share reviews but need a little reminder.

What can be a better reminder than follow-up product requests? Nothing!
When you follow up with your customers after they purchase from you, they feel valued. It encourages them to share their thoughts on the product.

Apart from getting product reviews, following up has a lot more benefits than you could think of. Read all about them here: Why Following up is Important.

How To Follow Up Customers to Get Product Reviews?

How To Follow Up Customers to Get Product Reviews?

Do you always get product reviews from your customers every time you follow up?

The answer is obviously no.

You need to be strategic with how you follow up to ensure you get positive and authentic product reviews for your e-commerce store.

But how do you reach out to your customers to get reviews?

Here are 5 most simple ways to follow up with your customer to get reviews:

1.Personalized Followup emails
Today, almost every online business reaches out to their customers for review via email after a sale takes place.

But they make a common mistake. They copy and paste the same email and send it to thousands of customers.

These emails often end up in the spam folder and are never opened. Even if the customer opens the mail, they rarely reply, as a general email does not sound too convincing.

Then what is the solution?

The solution is to follow up with personalized emails!

Yes. You should send personalized follow-up emails to your customers while asking for product reviews.

It will make them feel more important, and they are more likely to share product reviews with you.

For starters, you can start the email addressing your customer with their name. It will create an immediate positive effect on the reader's mind.

This will greatly increase the chance of a positive response.

2. Second followup emails 
Often, the first follow-up email can get ignored. If you do not receive a response from your customer within a few days, that means the customer didn’t open the mail, or your email was not too convincing.

In that case, you can send a second follow-up email to your customer.

Warning: Do not copy-paste the first email while following up                                                    for the second time.

Besides sounding more convincing, you can offer a few things to them that they can not reject!

What can you offer to your customers to get product reviews? Our next two follow-up strategies will answer this question.

3. Sending Personalized Discount Codes
If you can properly follow up through emails, your customer may give you a few reviews and write some words about your store.

But do you know what is more effective than text reviews?

Photo and video reviews!

Having photo and video reviews on your Shopify store creates stronger social proof. These reviews can create a compelling impact on new visitors and elevate the chance of conversion.

However, relying solely on a standard follow-up email might not yield photo and video reviews. Instead, you need to offer something special to the customer.

We recommend following up with personalized discount codes. You will offer the customer discount codes for their next purchase only if they give you a photo or video review.

We have a full guide on How Personalized Discounts Work and how you can use them to get more product reviews from your customers.

4. Offer free gifts/items
Besides discount codes, you can also follow up with your customers by offering free gifts. All you will ask is for a photo or video review. You get your review, and your customer gets the gifts. It’s a win-win situation for both.

Try to find out what your customers like based on their buying patterns. Then, offer similar gifts, and they will surely accept your offer.

Giving out gifts might eat into your immediate profits. But here's a cool perspective: when you trade a small chunk of profit for a customer's photo or video review, you're not just losing a bit; you're actually planting seeds for a garden of future sales.

It can bring you massive profits in the future.

5. Run product review campaigns
People love winning contests! Harness the power of people's love for winning by organizing review contests on your Shopify store.

First, select a timeframe when you want to run the review campaign. Then, follow up with all your customers, informing them about the contest.

Offer appealing prizes to capture everyone’s interest.

As the contest unfolds, you'll likely witness a surge in reviews. Plus, it will likely help you get more sales as your customers would like to provide more and more reviews to increase their chances of winning.

Now, the big question is, are you going to write every email for each of your customers to make them personalized?

Absolutely not! Nobody has time for that.

Even if you decide to hire a team for that, it will cost you a ton and will still not be enough when your sales increase.

Then what is the solution?

The best solution to follow up with customers for Product reviews is ReviewXpo!

It is an AI-powered customer review app for Shopify stores.

Remember we told you at the beginning that you can send thousands of product review requests within minutes? ReviewXpo enables you to do that.

ReviewXpo automatically follows up with every customer within the time you set. Then, it will also send second follow-up emails to people who didn’t respond earlier.

The best thing about ReviewXpo is that it personalizes every email it sends to your customers!

It can create personalized discount codes for your customers, too.

All you need to do is install the ReviewXpo in your Shopify store and do some basic settings.

After that, the app will do everything else on its own while you can sit back and relax.

ReviewXpo specializes in following up with customers for product reviews. If you have been worried about how to follow up with your customers and get reviews from them, leave that to the ReviewXpo.

With automated systems that far surpass the effectiveness of manual efforts, ReviewXpo makes the follow-up process seamless and highly efficient.

You can read our blog on Benefits of Automating Customer Review Request System to know more about how the whole thing works. 

Things to Avoid While Following Up Customers for Product Reviews

Things to Avoid While Following Up Customers for Product Reviews

Store owners often fail to get the desired results even after doing everything to follow up with customers.

They make minor mistakes that could easily be omitted.

If you do not want to be in the same situation, avoid doing the following things while following up with your customers for product reviews:

  • Follow up too soon: Timing is essential while following up with your customer for product reviews. Do not instantly send follow-up emails after the customer places an order. Give it some time so that the customer can receive the product.
  • Being overly persistent: If the customer does not respond to your request, don’t be overly persistent. Never bomb your customer with too many follow-up emails. It will irritate them and make them avoid purchasing from you in the future.
  • Ignoring opt-out requests: A few of the customers will not provide reviews, and you need to accept this fact. If they opt out of the email subscription, do not ignore it. If you do, it will create a negative image of your brand.
  • Overlooking negative feedback: There will be a few negative reviews out of thousands of reviews. Never overlook them. Instead, follow up with a solution to satisfy the customer.
  • Offering unattractive/unrealistic incentives: Whether you are offering discount codes or gifts for product reviews, make realistic & attractive offers. A modest offer may be overlooked, while an excessively large one might be perceived as unrealistic or even fake.

Avoid making these mistakes, and you can surely get product reviews against the majority of the sales.

We could also mention a few other points, such as avoiding using generic templates, using aggressive language, and not expressing gratitude.

But if you are using ReviewXpo, you do not need to worry about these things.

ReviewXpo always uses the most efficient templates and is always careful about what it writes.

Then what are you waiting for? Install ReviewXpo now and be more efficient in receiving product reviews from follow-up customers.

Final Advice

Now you know why automating customer review requests on your store is super important. And you also know how to get your store on automation. So, go get it done!

Every successful Shopify store you see on your competition list does its tricks by automating its workflow with customer review management. 

Why would you fall behind when you have got your hands on the best Shopify customer review management app?

Why would you fall behind when you have got your hands on the best Shopify customer review management app?

ReviewXpo has got your back on your mission to free up time and resources while increasing sales. Try ReviewXpo Now.

It's a smart way for you to keep your online reputation in top shape!

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