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Collecting customer reviews is crucial for growing sales and brand reputation.

69% of your store visitors feel positive about a purchase if you have positive reviews on the product page.

While more reviews can be a game changer, it's also time-consuming to collect reviews from individual customers.

That’s why automating your customer review request can do wonders! You can get more reviews without investing a ton of time. 

Join the discussion of the secrets about automating review requests that boost sales and help in better branding. 

We’ll also cover how you can set your store on automation to send out review request emails from today! 

What is an automated review request system?

An automated review system is the process of using a tool to collect and manage customer reviews. 

This means sending out review request emails after each sale, collecting, and showcasing, all without employing a team.

And when you use a smart tool like ReviewXpo, this goes even further, by automating customer engagement!

Recently, Zapier demonstrated how review automation helps them to grow their business.

  • Review automation saves 3 hours per day for their sales team.
  • Increase conversion through inbound sales leads from 30% to 70%
  • Increasing conversion that converts potential customers to positive reviews into 15%. 

Benefits of Automate Customer Review Request System

Benefits of Automate Customer Review Request System

Wondering how a review request automation can contribute to your business growth? Let's reveal the beneficial secrets that you might be missing out!

1. Collect reviews without adding extra workload
Using automatic review requests eases the process of review management.

While asking for and collecting reviews manually, you’ll need a whole team in palace to do each job. Reaching out to your customers, asking them for a review, following up, convincing them with personalized talks, it’s a boatload of work. 

Say goodbye to the hassle of asking for reviews! 

Use the automated review request system. Set a default time for a review request after each sale or shipment.  

You can set the request to go out after the customer gets their hands on the product, after using it, or right after the sale!

What's next? The Al-powered review management tool will take care of the rest. From collecting to displaying, all done without you spending a second behind it. 

2. Saves time to manage a customer feedback loop 
Automated review request systems saves tons of time and boost the milestones of a business.  

You know the power of customer reviews and hence you invest your time in collecting reviews. 

Writing an engaging email, offering coupons or giving them a question template, all requires a lot of time. 

What if all these tasks are completed with a single review request button? 

Saving time is the ultimate secret to increasing productivity. Hence, you can put your valuable time into other sectors and grow your business.

3. No hassle of additional email campaigns 
You don't have to manage email marketing to request a review from an existing customer. 

Automate the review request system, and work with customized templates directly from your website. 

Whoever purchases a product or service, receives the email according to your default setting.

And the best part? Each email is fully personalized to that customer alone using AI. But you have to use ReviewXpo for such privileges. 

4. Easy to convince customers with personalized templates
The review request system provides a range of customized template messages.

You don't have to write an engaging email message, wasting valuable time. No need to track email messages frequently. 

Proven template messages included in the request system trigger the customer to drop reviews.

5. Enhance online visibility and boost credibility
Review request automation helps to collect numerous reviews within a short time.

The way it manages the customer feedback loop, you can showcase reviews more than ever. 

Displaying more reviews generates more trust in your business. It'll also increase the conversion rate and boost organic traffic.  

How Do Automated Review Requests Work?

How Do Automated Review Requests Work?

Using automated review requests generates more reviews more efficiently. 

It simplifies the range of activities with a single button and a few settings! Let's know the basic principles that review automation software follows-  

Integrates with your customer request management system
When a customer buys a product, they add their mobile phone number or email address.

After a transaction takes place, ReviewXpo is ready to send requests via the customer's email address.   

Well, you need to set the review sending time, personalization, and the send button first. And it’s super easy to do. Just watch this video:

It contributes to a workflow by analyzing the order dashboard. And all customer information and order details are already recorded.  

Send an email with proven templates that convert
When you set the review reminder, the email content template will display.

You don't need to push up the design or HTML code to link the review form. All things are ready with Al-powered tools. 

Here, you can change or customize the content as you wish. This software then sends a review request email according to your settings. 

Automate personalized discount coupons 
You can broadcast your new product with a discount offer in exchange for a review.  

Many review automation tools have this incentive option to collect more reviews.

What you need to do is set the discount percentage, and schedule and then click save. That's all for receiving more positive reviews.

Manage Customer Reviews Faster and Boost Your Sales With ReviewXpo 

If collecting and monitoring customer reviews costs you a fortune, get ReviewXpo today.

ReviewXpo eases customer review systems for your Shopify store in a smart way.

  • Automate review request system with personalized templates 
  • Showcasing them in stunning widgets branded to your store
  • Avoiding negative feedback smartly!
  • Auto respond to customer reviews using personalized AI generated replies.
  • Import more reviews from AliExpress and other review apps to your store.

So, what to worry about? Save a ton of time and grow your e-commerce business with positive testimonials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Automated Customer Review improve customer satisfaction?
An AI-powered customer review management tool like ReviewXpo increases productivity, enhances user experience, eases communication, and builds trust. 

As you’re prompt with customer feedback with custom questions and personalized discounts, customer satisfaction will be top-notch. 

How do I automate review emails in Shopify? 
You can automate your review and feedback request emails by installing ReviewXpo. You can follow these steps to automate review emails in Shopify- 

That's it! Try ReviewsXpo's FREE AI-powered tool for the perfect reply every time. Start making your review management a breeze - give it a shot now!

  • Install ReviewXpo to your store from the Shopify app page.  
  • Now, choose your language, and color scheme based on your store theme.
  • Set the email copy, when to send, and follow-up option from within the app.
  • You can create personalized discounts and coupons for photos and videos. 
  • Then, the email will be sent to the customer following the set time.

Can I transfer my AliExpress reviews to my Shopify store?
Yes, it's easy to import reviews from other stores AliExpress or other apps with the automated solution ReviewXpo Simply go to the “Import Export” section within the app and follow the on-screen instructions. 

Final Words 

Now you know why automating customer review requests on your store is super important. And you also know how to get your store on automation. So, go get it done!

Every successful Shopify store you see on your competition list does its tricks by automating its workflow with customer review management. 

Why would you fall behind when you have got your hands on the best Shopify customer review management app?

Why would you fall behind when you have got your hands on the best Shopify customer review management app?

ReviewXpo has got your back on your mission to free up time and resources while increasing sales. Try ReviewXpo Now.

It's a smart way for you to keep your online reputation in top shape!

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