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Shopify doesn’t allow you to upload video reviews directly to your store. Does that mean you can’t have customer review videos? Absolutely not!

You can indeed have video reviews on your Shopify store

There’s the usual way to do it, and there’s an easy way.

Usually, your customer will upload video reviews on different video platforms, such as YouTube or Vimeo, and then leave a review along with that video link to your Shopify store.

Sounds like a lot of work? Let us assure you that it is not as hassling as you think.

But for that, you need to follow the special method we are going to show you today!

Let’s start! Shall we?

Why Are Video Reviews The Best?

Photo & video reviews are a million times more effective in boosting the conversion rate of your Shopify store.

However, when you compare photo and video reviews, videos offer the best results!

Video reviews can offer more detail about the user experience and sound more trustworthy than photos.

Hence, they can drive more sales than photo reviews.

How To Add Video Reviews To Shopify Store?

What Are The Advantages Of Personalized Discounts Emails

You know that you need video reviews if you want maximum leverage.

The problem occurs when your customer provides a review of your product in your store, and there is no option to upload a photo or video.

But guess what? If there is a problem, there is a solution, too!

Yes, you heard it right! Your customers can add video reviews to your Shopify store even if there is no option to do so.

You must be wondering how to do it!

Calm down as we are going to explain the full details to you today.

Here’s how to add video reviews to Shopify store:

Step 1: Send a follow-up email requesting video reviews

First, you need to send your customer a follow-up mail asking for a video review.

Customers usually do not want to provide video reviews. That is because it requires extra time and effort.

Think about the usual discount emails you receive. Now, imagine your favorite electronics store sends you a discount code specifically for the blender you've been eyeing.

But you can compensate your customer by offering something attractive, such as discount codes or gifts.

Pro Tip: Offer personalized discount codes to convince your customer easily.

If you do not know how personalized discount codes work, you can read our article on How Personalized Discounts Work And How To Use Them.

However, if the customer does not respond to your first email, wait a few days and then send a second follow-up email offering better discounts.

It will surely convince your customers to make video reviews for you.

Step 2: Provide clear instructions on uploading and sending the link
It is crucial that you provide clear instructions to your customer on how to send the video review to you.

We would say it is a drawback of Shopify that they will not allow reviewers to add photo or video reviews.

Hence, your customer will have to upload the video on a third party video platform such as YouTube or Vimeo. They can use other platforms, too, if they want.

While following up with a product video review request, mention about uploading the video. 

Once the customer makes and uploads the video review, they can come to your store, write a review, and attach the review link.

Getting the Most from Each Customer

People have different ideas about how much they're willing to spend on a product. When setting a price, it won't suit everyone, so you target a specific group.

In the beginning, you might set a lower price to attract more customers. For high-end users, choose a higher price. The key is to find a balance between making profits and selling a lot.

That's where personalized discount emails come in.

With personalized discounts, you can set a higher price that's attractive to customers willing to pay more. 

Then, you can offer more appealing deals to more price-sensitive customers.

This way, you maximize profits from every sale, all while not letting the price shoppers go away.

Step 3: Display video reviews on your Shopify store
Finally, ask the customer to leave a review on your store.

As mentioned earlier, there is no option to upload the video. Therefore, your customer will share a brief text review along with the video link that they uploaded.

This way, your customers can share video reviews on your Shopify store.

But this is not so convenient, right?

Your customers will have to go through a lot of hassle, and most of them will probably deny your requests.

Even if you manage to get some video reviews with this method, they will not be very effective.

That is because visitors will not be able to see the video review directly from your store. They will need to click the video link to see the review; it is less likely that many people will do that.

Does that mean there is no viable solution to this major problem?

Don’t be disappointed!

We have an amazing solution for Shopify’s video review uploading problem!

The Solution is ReviewXpo!

It’s your AI assistant to manage your customer reviews more efficiently and skyrocket your sales.

ReviewXpo allows you to collect and display video reviews from your customers all by itself.

You do not need to manually ask for the video review and then ask your customer to write reviews with the video link and all that.

Instead, ReviewXpo will do the job automatically for you.

It not only saves you from extra work but also offers more convenience to your customers.

You know what's great about ReviewXpo?

ReviewXpo comes with its own cloud server. That means your customer does not need to upload the videos to any third-party website.

Instead, all the video reviews will be uploaded to ReviewXpo’s server and will appear on your product page.

It also eliminates the chance of losing the video reviews.

But how do you use ReviewXpo to add video reviews on your product page in the Shopify store?

It’s pretty simple!

Follow the instructions below once, and let ReviewXpo do the rest:

Step 1: Install ReviewXpo
Go to the ReviewXpo app page from your Shopify account. Install the app and do the basic settings, such as selecting the theme, language, etc.  

Step 2: Enable Photo & Video Reviews
ReviewXpo allows customers to add photo and video reviews, but first, you need to enable the function.

Go to Review>Settings and enable photo and video attachments. It will allow your customers to add both photo and video reviews without any hassle. 

Step 3: Send Video review requests to Clients
Now, it is time to send your customers asking for video reviews. ReviewXpo allows you to offer custom discount codes to convince customers to spend a little bit of time making video reviews for you.

Read more on this: How to get more photo and video reviews from your customers

The best thing about ReviewXpo is that it allows your customer to provide the video review in two ways:

  • Your customers can simply send the review by replying to the email or
  • They can visit your product page and upload the video themselves

As the customer gets extra convenience with more options, there is a high probability they will pick one and make a review for you.

Step 4: Display Video reviews on your product page
Once the customer submits the video review, it will be uploaded to the app’s own server.

Then, the video review will appear on your product page for others to see. The visitors now do not need to click on any link to see the video review.

It enhances the chance that the visitors will actually see the video, which in turn increases the probability of sales.

All the processes from start to finish will happen automatically once you customize the settings.

We bet you can not find any other method easier than this to add video reviews to Shopify stores.

Final Words

If you want to stay ahead of your competition, you must adapt to the latest technology.

Without ReviewXpo, you and your customer will have to go through a lot of hassle. Even then, you will not get the expected results.

But with ReviewXpo’s latest AI-powered technology, you can automate almost everything. It not only saves you time but also helps you get more sales.

Now, you do not need to worry about how you can manage video reviews on your Shopify store. Install the ReviewXpo app, customize the settings, and sit back on the chair.

You will see video reviews on your product page within no time, and you can get miles ahead of your competition.

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