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Tired of using the Automizely Product Reviews app for its limitations? Then you can switch to a better app today!

Before you hit the uninstall button, you need to find a good alternative and install it in your Shopify store.

That brings us to the question: What is the best Automizely alternative?

ReviewXpo is the best alternative product review app to Automizely. While comparing these apps side by side, ReviewXpo comes with more advanced features, better customer support, and faster performance.

However, there are more apps you can use. Let’s explore some of the top Automizely alternatives with more details.

Automizely Alternatives: Quick Comparison

Why Would You Use Automizely Alternatives?

Here’s a chart to show you a glimpse of the comparison between these two review management apps. 

Detailed Comparison Between ReviewXpo and Judge.me 

Automizely Product Reviews is quite a good app for collecting and displaying reviews on Shopify stores. But it comes with some limitations which is why you should upgrade to a better app.

Here are some common problems with Automizely Product Reviews:  

Poor customer support: The biggest issue Automizely users face is poor and slow customer support. Whenever a user faces problems and contacts customer support, they get slow replies, and it takes a lot of time to fix the issue.

Buggy user experience: The app is full of bugs and many of the functions do not work properly. For instance, sometimes star ratings do not appear below product titles. When a user informed the support team, even after a week, the issue was not resolved.

No advanced AI features: Handling a large store is not easy. But AI features can make your job a walk in the park. Modern product review apps are coming with various AI features. But Automizely still does not have this facility.

If you have been facing similar issues with Automizely in your Shopify store, then you should instantly switch to an app that does not have these issues.

Top 7 Best Automizely Alternatives to Use

It’s time to leave the apps that hold you back from getting maximum sales and good reviews on your Shopify store.Here are the top 7 Automizely Product Reviews alternatives you can install today:

1. ReviewXpo
Editor’s Rating: 5.0/5.0

ReviewXpo is comparatively new in the market but instantly gained the attention of the top Shopify sellers for its useful features and ease of use.Key Features:Some of the key features of ReviewXpo are:

AI replies to reviews: ReviewXpo allows you to enable automatic AI replies to reviews. When you turn on the feature, the app will analyze the customer reviews and will reply automatically. Due to the use of AI, the replies will be personalized and different for each review.

Automated review requests & follow-up: ReviewXpo allows you to send automated review requests to customers after a certain time of the purchase. Moreover, the app also sends follow-up emails to customers who do not respond to the first email.

Personalized discount codes: The app can create personalized discount codes with the customer's name. You can send these codes to customers in exchange for photo and video reviews.

Photo & video reviews: ReviewXpo allows you to display both photo and video reviews on your Shopify store. You do not need to upload videos on a third-party platform and embed the code like you have to do with some other apps.

Automated Aliexpress import: You can directly import reviews from Aliexpress using the ReviewXpo product reviews app. The best thing about this feature is you can turn on automatic review import. That means wherever someone posts a new review on Aliexpress, it will automatically be imported to your store.

Why is it the Best Automizely Alternative?Here are the reasons why ReviewXpo is the best alternative to Automizely:

Dedicated customer support
As mentioned earlier, Automizely’s customer support is quite poor. But it is a complete opposite case for ReviewXpo. This app has a responsive customer support team that is always ready to resolve any issues the user may face.

Not to mention, it is a dedicated customer success manager who will especially take care of all your issues when you use this app.

Ease of use
ReviewXpo comes with a pretty simple user interface. All of the options are easily findable and even a beginner can navigate the app without a hitch.

Moreover, ReviewXpo has a lot of instructional videos on how to use different features of the app. Hence, if you feel confused about using any certain features, you can check the videos to get clear instructions.

Regular updates
The development team of ReviewXpo is working day and night to keep the app free from bugs. Whenever a user complains about any bug or lag, the team quickly fixes the issue.

In other words, ReviewXpo comes with regular updates to ensure customers have a smooth experience using the app.

Personalized offers
ReviewXpo comes with a lot of personalized features that enhance the chance of getting reviews from customers and also result in a boost in sales. For instance, when customers receive discount codes with their names, it makes them feel valued. As a result, the chance of them posting reviews increases.

Besides, the review request emails are also tailored for each and every customer. Not to mention, most of the other Shopify product review apps can not generate personalized codes.

You can read our article on “How Personalized Discounts Increase Customer Loyalty” to know more about how this feature can benefit you.

Customization features
You can customize the product review section in your Shopify store with various styles and colors to match it with your store’s theme. When you have attractive display reviews, it enhances the chance of potential buyers making purchases and posting reviews.

The customizable review widgets include grids, carousels, lists, popups, badges, and more.

SEO optimization
SEO optimization is necessary for every product review app as it helps you to improve your store’s online discoverability and click-through rate (CTR).

ReviewXpo is well-optimized with various SEO functions to ensure customers can easily find your store online. It is optimized with rich snippets to display star ratings on Google SERP that enhance credibility and build trust.

Cons:It can not directly import reviews from any site except Aliexpress, but you can upload them using CSV format.

Pricing: Free plan + Premium plan starts at $15 per month

2. Yotpo
Editor’s Rating: 4.2/5.0

Yotpo is another modern-day product review app with some exciting features.

Key Features:The key features of Yotpo are:

AI review widgets: Yotpo comes with an advanced AI review widget. It summarizes larger reviews into smaller and more insightful snippets for displaying.

Smart filters: Smart filters in Yotpo filter relevant products based on customer interests and display them. It helps increase sales.

Import & export: Yotpo can import reviews from various e-commerce platforms. Plus, you can export your Shopify reviews using this app.

Why is it a Good Automizely Alternative?
Some of the reasons why Yotpo is a good alternative to Automizely:

Yotpo’s analytics give you a more detailed view of the sales and customer reviews. It helps you strategize your next move to get more reviews and sales.

SMS request
Besides automated email review requests, Yotpo can also send SMS requests to customers asking for reviews. This method is quite efficient and absent in most other product review apps.

Review migration
If you are switching from Automizely to Yotpo, the app has a review migration system that ensures you do not lose any of the existing reviews.

It often sends emails to customers without permission

-The app often feels laggy and slow.

Pricing: Free plan + Premium plan starts at $15 per month

3. Trustoo.io
Editor’s Rating: 4.0/5.0

Trustoo.io is a less-known name but quite popular among the people who use it for product review management.

Key Features:
Here are the key features of Trustoo.io:

Photo & video reviews: Your customers can post both photo and video reviews on your store when you use Trustoo.io.

Auto translation: The app can translate from different languages to English for better understanding for visitors.

Discount for photo reviews: While sending emails, you can offer discounts to customers for posting photo reviews. This feature is also available in ReviewXpo with personalized discount codes.
Why is it a Good Automizely Alternative?
Some of the reasons why Trustoo.io is a good choice for Automizely alternatives:

Email campaigns
You can arrange different email campaigns offering rewards to your customers for certain actions. It significantly increases the number of reviews for social proof and helps get more sales.

Social media sharing
The app lets you share reviews on different social media platforms with attractive thumbnails to attract more traffic to your stores.

Review widget customization
You can customize the review section with editable review widgets to make them look attractive. It helps create positive social proof.

The app has increased limitations on the free version

-It Does not work properly while importing reviews from Amazon

Pricing: Free plan + Premium plan starts at $9.99 per month

4. Junip
Editor’s Rating: 3.9/5.0

Junip comes with some handy features that make it a good choice for Shopify product review management.

Key Features:
Here are the key features of Junip:

Review syndication: This feature helps to syndicate organic & paid product listings on Google Shopping. It helps get more traffic to your site.

Automation: You can automate various functions such as email marketing, review request system, and more with Junip.

Surveys: You can arrange surveys to hear from your customers and make decisions based on the results.

Why is it a Good Automizely Alternative?
Some of the reasons why Junip is a good alternative to Automizely:

Optimized for mobile phones
Most customers today visit e-commerce stores from their smartphones. This app is built to perform smoothly with mobile phones giving your customer a better experience.

User-friendly interface
The user interface is quite simple and easy to navigate. If you are a beginner, you will have minimal issues while using this app.

Fast performance
Junip is a lightweight app. It lags less than most other review apps and provides a speedy performance.


‍The app is quite expensive considering the features it offers

-It displays the first name and only the initials from the last name of customers, which concerns many reviewers

Pricing: Free plan + Premium plan starts at $19 per month

5. Stamped
Editor’s Rating: 3.8/5.0

Stamped Product Reviews & UGC is a popular name for Shopify review management and is a decent Automizely alternative.

Key Features:
Here are the key features of Stamped:

Community Q&A: The app allows you to host Q&A with your customer base to get a better insight into their demands.

Instagram shoppable galleries: This feature lets you display Instagram photos with a purchase option to increase sales.

Google integration: Google integration ensures a better ranking and higher product listings. Plus, it helps with rich snippet optimization.

Why is it a Good Automizely Alternative?
Some of the reasons why Stamped is a good alternative to Automizely:

Review widget customization
You can customize the product review page with customizable widgets to display reviews in an attractive form. It creates positive social proof and helps improve conversion rates.

Good customer support
The customer support team of Stamped is quite efficient, like ReviewXpo. They respond to queries quickly and try to solve issues fast.

AI sentiment analysis
The app has an AI sentiment analysis feature that gives you better insight into customer reviews. It helps you analyze reviews more efficiently. However, you need to spend $149 per month to use this feature


It supports only the English language

-It works slowly, and changes take excess time to appear

Pricing: Free plan + Premium plan starts at $23 per month

6. Opinew
‍Editor’s Rating: 3.6/5.0

Opinew is a less used app on Shopify but comes with decent features, which is why we are including it in this list.

Key Features:
Here are the key features of Opinew:

Import reviews: You can import reviews from Amazon, Aliexpress, and eBay using the Opinew product reviews app. 

Automated email & SMS: The app can send automated emails and SMS to customers requesting reviews.

Why is it a Good Automizely Alternative?
Some of the reasons why Opinew is a good Automizely alternative:

Efficient communication
You can efficiently communicate with your customers using Q&A features. It builds a strong bond and increases customer loyalty.

Smart reviews
The app automatically recognizes and displays the best reviews on top. It significantly helps to improve the conversion rate.


The app shows errors and is unusable to many users

-The customer support is not efficient

Pricing: Free plan + Premium plan starts at $19 per month

7. Areviewer
Editor’s Rating: 3.2/5.0

Last but not least, Areviewer Product Reviews is another good app that you can use instead of Automizely.

Key Features:
Here are the key features of Areviewer:

Photo & video review: The app supports both photo & video reviews. 

Autopilot mode: You can use Areviewer’s autopilot mode to automate most of the functions. It lets you save your time and effort,

Why is it a Good Automizely Alternative?
Some of the reasons why Areviewer is a good Automizely alternative:

Discount offers
You can offer discount codes to customers for posting photo & video reviews. It helps increase the chance of media reviews.

If your store lacks photo & video reviews, we recommend you read our article on “How To Get More Photo And Video Reviews From Your Customers.”

The app allows you to customize the review display style with a lot of options. You can customize them to match your store’s theme and improve conversion rate.

No AI features

-The customer support is poor

-It does not have any free plan except for a $14 

Pricing: Premium plan starts at $9 per month

Final Verdict: Which App to Go with?

Switching from Automizely is a wise decision considering its limitations. These Automizely alternatives are excellent for collecting and displaying reviews on your Shopify store.

However, if you want an app that allows you to collect, display, and manage product reviews efficiently with the help of AI, then ReviewXpo is the best choice. It comes with all the necessary features and is affordable, too.

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