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Everyone likes to be special and recognized. Your customers are no exception. 

Customers stick with brands that truly get them. It's like being part of an awesome club that's exciting and just for them.

If emails aren't personal, 52% of customers start looking elsewhere. But if the message is personalized, 72% of them are all in.

Guess what? Most people are cool with sharing info if it means getting special deals—90% of them, to be exact.

Personalizing discounts can do big things for both brands and customers. 

If you make your messages personal and on point, you can build strong loyalty, which can boost your sales by 10% to 30%!

Now, let’s discuss how personalized discounts increase customer loyalty. Let’s see how you can use personalization to befriend your customers and boost ROI.

Why Personalized Loyalty Discounts Matter

Ever notice how personal touches make a difference? Well, 86% of customers say personalized stuff affects what they buy. 

When businesses give personalized service, people tend to buy more. 

A report from Bond Brand Loyalty found that members in personalized loyalty programs are 6.4 times happier with the whole thing.

So, why care about loyalty? Simple – loyal customers spend more, more often, and shout your praises. 

Think about your regular customers. They get hit with messages from brands all day, every day. Some reports even say it's like 10,000 messages a day! 

Marketers try to talk to customers on social media, through texts, you name it. But here's the hitch – most of these messages don't really fit each customer. 

That's the challenge with loyalty programs. But here's the fix: add some personalization, and suddenly, it's just what it needed.

What about automated discounts for loyalty programs? It works great if you have a large customer base, and you want to save time for managing your business. 

Does Personalized Discounts Boost Customer Loyalty?

Keeping customers loyal is crucial for long-term success. Loyal customers not only come back to shop but also spend more and tell others about your brand. 

But, earning and keeping loyalty isn't a walk in the park. It's more than just selling good stuff. 

It's about giving customers an experience that sticks with them, makes them feel special, and keeps them coming back.

One smart way to do this? Automatic discounts. These are discounts that are automatically generated when a customer buys something, no need for codes or extra steps. 

You can generate these discounts with the customer name on the code. Better yet, if you use ReviewXpo, you can offer the codes based on the action they take.

For example, you can offer them a discount code if the customer leaves a review with photos or videos!

Automatic discounts do more than just save customers money; they can make them stick around. 

Here's how:

Creates Urgency and Excitement:
Automatic discounts can make your customers feel a bit of excitement and urgency. It's like they stumbled upon a special, time-limited deal that's just for them. 

This feeling can push them to buy more things, throw extra stuff in their cart, or zip through the checkout. 

Boosts Happiness and Perceived Value:
Personalized and automatic discounts not only save your customers’ money but also bring joy and a sense of value. 

Imagine happiness as the good vibes your customers get after dealing with your brand. 

It's like a little gift from your brand, making them feel noticed and appreciated. 

And it's not just about the savings – personalized discounts make customers feel like they're getting a great deal, a top-notch product or service, or a fair price.

Harvard Business Review even found that customers with the best past experiences spend 140% more than those with not-so-great experiences. 

So, giving a sprinkle of happiness and value pays off big in customer satisfaction and loyalty!

Long-Term Relationships:
Offering personalized discounts is more about creating lasting connections with your customers. Connections are the strong ties that form between customers and your brand over time, built on trust, loyalty, and dedication. 

These connections keep customers coming back, boost their overall value to your business, and even turn them into fans who recommend your brand to others. 

Reduces Cart Abandonment:
Giving customers discounts based on what's in their cart, their choices or actions can make them less likely to leave your site without buying. 

Create A Sense Of Exclusivity:
Make customers feel special by offering exclusive, personalized discounts.

Build a sense of community by linking discounts to shared values, mission, or social causes.

Increase Customer Feedback And Reviews:
Get more feedback and reviews from your customers by giving them personalized discounts. 

When you offer discounts tied to their reviews, it encourages them to share thoughts about your brand. 

You can even thank them with discounts for things like writing reviews or sharing photos or videos.

ReviewXpo can help you offer such conditional discounts, personalized to each customer. 

Effective Strategies To Increase Customer Loyalty

A big part of a successful business is making sure customers stick around. To build long-lasting relationships with them, you need a smart plan. 

Here are some important tips to help you keep your customers happy and loyal:

1. Get to Know Your Customers:
Your customers are diverse. Some love discounts, while others might not be interested. Some enjoy being part of an exclusive group. 

Find out what your customers like and what issues they face. Use this info to tweak your products or services to better fit what your customers want.

Now, send them cool stuff related to what they bought. Toss them discounts for things in their shopping cart. 

2. Give Awesome Customer Service:
Make your customer service top-notch because it's what keeps customers coming back. As per HubSpot, almost 89% of customers are likely to return if they get fantastic service. 

3. Make Things Personal for Customers:
Make your customers feel special by personalizing their experience. Use data and insights to customize your offers and messages. 

Research shows that personalized emails can increase loyalty, with a 26% higher open rate.

4. Provide Rewards and Discounts:
Loyalty programs are great for keeping customers coming back. Use special discounts and promotions to encourage them to stay and buy more. 

Forbes says 62% of customers pay attention to loyalty programs when they decide what to buy.

5. Encouraging Talk and Connection:
It's all about talking and connecting to build a strong bond with your clients. Ask for their thoughts, listen to what they say, and quickly fix any problems. 

When customers are actively part of your brand, they're more likely to stick around and stay loyal.

6. Keep Getting Better and Trying New Things:
Stay ahead in the game by always making your products, services, and how you treat customers better. 

It's like showing you're committed to keeping customers happy and interested. Another Forbes study found that 67% of people like businesses that often come up with new ideas.

7. Check How Much Customers Like Your Stuff:
Keep track of how much customers like your stuff by checking on things like satisfaction, how many stick around, and how loyal they are. 

This info helps you figure out what needs work and make smart decisions to keep customers happy. Making customers stick around and coming back is a big win for your business. 

How To Implement Automatic Personalized Discounts On Shopify

What Are The Benefits Of AI Generated Automated Replies

Now you know the importance of personalized discounts in boosting loyalty. But how you can perfectly implement discounts to elevate ROI?

You can implement personalized discounts on Shopify in two ways:

1. Shopify’s Built-in Discounts Feature:
Shopify has a cool feature that helps sellers create and handle discounts easily. There are different types, like percentage discounts, fixed amounts off, or even free shipping. 

With these features, companies can give customers discounts automatically when they buy things. To set up these automatic discounts, follow the instructions in Shopify's official guide. 

The Shopify Developer portal and Help Center have tools that guide you step by step on how to start using these automatic discounts.

2. Use ReviewXpo To Supercharge The Process:
ReviewXpo offers advanced features, customization, and analytics to enhance loyalty. 

ReviewXpo uses AI to collect and showcase customer reviews while providing automated personalized discounts.

It helps by:

  • Sending automated emails or messages for reviews, and offering discounts based on different factors like review type, photo, or videos
  • Displaying customer reviews through widgets on your brand’s theme, making people trust you more, ordering from you more.
  • Using AI-generated responses to offer discounts or rewards for positive reviews and resolve issues from negative reviews.

Boost loyalty, sales, and reviews with ReviewXpo! Grow your Shopify store with personalized discounts.


Giving automatic personalized discounts on Shopify is a smart way to make customers keep coming back and help your business grow. 

It makes customers happy, builds trust, and keeps them loyal for the long term. To make these discounts work even better, you can group people, set clear rules, and use data insights. 

As you start your online store, make sure to focus on keeping customers loyal by using automatic deals.

Just remember, having loyal customers not only means more sales now but also sets you up for lasting success and growth. 

And, don’t forget to try out ReviewXpo for automating a personalized discount program for your Shopify store. See your loyalty program ROI skyrocket with ReviewXpo. 

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