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Have Rivyo Product Reviews disappointed you? It comes with a lot of limitations that can hinder your business growth.

The solution? 

Finding a great Rivyo alternative that comes with all the necessary features to manage reviews on Shopify.

ReviewXpo can be your first choice while looking for Rivyo alternatives. It comes with unique features, such as AI replies to reviews that make you more efficient. Plus, its personalized communication system with customers helps increase customer loyalty.

However, there are a few more alternatives worth checking.

Rivyo Alternatives: Quick Comparison

Why Would You Use Rivyo Alternatives?

Although Rivyo is a pretty good app, it has certain limitations. These limitations can prevent you from reaching the full potential of review management for your Shopify store.Here are some of the reasons you should look for a Rivyo alternative:

No video reviews: One of the most concerning limitations of Rivyo is that it does not support video reviews. Video reviews are much more effective than text and photo reviews, and almost all review apps have this feature. 

Slower performance: In today’s fast-paced world, it is necessary to work efficiently to stay ahead of the competition. But Rivyo’s slower performance can hinder your store’s growth. A lot of customers have complained about the app lagging frequently and being sluggish as a sloth.

No advanced AI features: Advanced AI features can significantly improve the efficiency of your review management. More and more apps are adding AI features to their apps, whereas Rivyo still does not have any such features.

You can’t manage your Shopify store with such limitations. If you have been using Rivyo and are looking for a switch, it’s the best time to do so.

Top 7 Best Rivyo Alternatives

You will find hundreds of review management apps on Shopify. But not all of them can give you a good result.

Here are the 7 best Rivyo alternatives that overcome the limitations and are equipped with advanced features:

1. ReviewXpo

Editor’s Rating:

ReviewXpo is the best alternative to Rivyo for its advanced features and faster performance. Many top sellers on Shopify are switching to ReviewXpo, impressed by its efficiency.

Key Features:
Here are the key features of ReviewXpo:

Photo & video reviews: While Rivyo can not display video reviews, you can use ReviewXpo to display photo & video reviews. You do not even need to use any third party platform for uploading videos. The media files will be stored in ReviewXpo’s cloud server.

Automated AI replies: ReviewXpo uses the power of AI to automatically reply to reviews. You can filter the conditions, such as up to 4-star or 3-star reviews, and then the AI will analyze and make a personalized reply to the reviews.

Aliexpress import: You can directly import reviews from Aliexpress within a minute. This feature is most useful when your store is new and has no reviews.

Discount codes: Rewards can always make customers happy. You can offer your customers discount codes for certain actions, such as posting video reviews. It enhances the chance of getting reviews and customer loyalty.

Review widgets: ReviewXpo comes with various review widgets such as grids, carousels, popups, etc. You can choose any style to display the reviews on your store. It makes the reviews look attractive and enhances the chance of conversion.

Why is it the Best Alternative to Rivyo?
Some of the reasons why ReviewXpo is the best Rivyo alternative:

Fast performance
When you first install the ReviewXpo, you can be overwhelmed by its load of features. You will get all the necessary functions.

But does that make the app heavy and slow? Absolutely not!

Although the app has a ton of features, ReviewXpo is quite lightweight and offers faster performance. You will have a smooth experience navigating through this product review app.

Excellent efficiency with advanced features
ReviewXpo comes with a lot of advanced features such as AI replies, automation, email forms, and more that make the app super efficient.

Replying to hundreds of replies every day can be time-consuming. But automated AI replies do all the work to save you time.

Besides, the app sends review forms with emails where customers can reply to the email to post reviews. They don't even have to visit your store. It makes the whole process more convenient and efficient.

Personalized communication with customers
Are you concerned that AI replies will sound robotic and increase customer dissatisfaction?

No! ReviewXpo’s AI function analyzes the reviews and provides a personalized response. Each response is different from the others.

Not to mention, the discount code that the app offers is customized with the customer's name. Even the emails are written in a personalized way.

All these personalized ways of communication make the customer feel valued and increase customer loyalty.

Customization features
Customization features always give more flexibility while using an app. You have different customization features in ReviewXpo, such as the style of review appearance, email template, and more.

These features let you present your brand in a unique way that can attract more customers.

SEO optimization
Proper SEO optimization is crucial for every e-commerce store. ReviewXpo comes with all the essential SEO functions to make your reviews discoverable online.

The app displays star ratings on Google with rich snippets. It increases your store’s credibility and builds reputation. Plus, it helps get more traffic to your store.

You can read our article on “How To Get Star Ratings To Show Up In Google Search Results?” to learn more about this function.


ReviewXpo can not directly import Amazon reviews as Rivyo does.

Pricing: Free plan + Premium plan starts at $15 per month

2. Air

Editor’s Rating: 4.1/5.0

Air is another Shopify product review app that is popular among users for its useful features and can be a great alternative to the Rivyo app.

Key Features:
Here are the key features of Air:

Text & photo reviews: You can display unlimited text and photo reviews on your Shopify store even with the free version. The only drawback is that you can not display video reviews with this app.

Custom CSS: The app comes with advanced custom CSS features in its paid plan that is quite efficient in customizing various functions.

Import reviews: You can import reviews from both Aliexpress and Amazon with Air similar to Rivyo.

Why is it a Good Rivyo Alternative?
Some of the reasons why Air is a good alternative to Rivyo:

Easy-to-use interface
The user interface is quite easy to use, even for beginners. The app provides detailed instructions in every section to help you navigate the app.

Review approval system
With Air, you can preview every review before publishing. You can either approve or reject them. It ensures that your store only displays authentic reviews that help you build a brand reputation.

Responsive across devices
The app is developed to be responsive across various devices including smartphones. 


The customer support quality is below average.

Pricing: Free plan + Premium plan starts at $19.99 per month

3. Loox

Editor’s Rating: 3.9/5.0

Loox is one of the most reputed names in the Shopify review management app industry.

Key Features:
Here are the key features of Loox:

Photo & video reviews: Similar to ReviewXpo, Loox can also display both photo & video reviews on your Shopify store.

Review request emails: The app can send customized emails to customers requesting reviews.

Review syndication: You can sync reviews to and from Shop App,  Meta Shops, Google Shopping & Search with Loox.

Why is it a Good Rivyo Alternative?
Some of the reasons why Loox is a good alternative to Rivyo:

Review widget customization
Loox comes with various product review widgets such as carousels, pop-ups, badges, etc. You can customize these widgets to match your store’s theme and present the reviews in a more attractive way.

Offering discounts

You can offer next-purchase discounts to customers who post reviews on your store. It enhances the chance of getting reviews and also increases sales.

Top-class customer support
The customer support team of Loox is highly experienced. They respond to queries fast, provide useful instructions, and try to resolve issues quickly.


The app does not have any free plans

Pricing: Starts at $9.99 per month

4. Vitals

Editor’s Rating: 3.8/5.0

Vitals Reviews act as a solution to review management and building upsells in your Shopify store.

Key Features:
Here are the key features of Vitals:

Display reviews: It can display product reviews in various formats, such as carousels, grids, testimonials, and more.

Visitor recording: The app can record visitor's activity on your website. Later, you can replay the actions to analyze customer behavior and make better business decisions.

Upsell builder: Vitals allow you to create bundles, BOGO offers, volume discounts, and more to boost sales.

Why is it a Good Rivyo Alternative?
Some of the reasons why Vitals is a good alternative to Rivyo:

Import reviews
You can directly import Aliexpress reviews using the Vitals app. In the case of other platforms, you can upload the reviews using CSV format.

Review migration
When you are switching from Rivyo to Vitals, you do not need to worry about losing existing reviews. The app’s review migration features ensure all the reviews remain on your store even when you uninstall the previous app.

Marketing solution
Vitals not only help you manage Shopify reviews, but also act as a marketing solution to your business. It has various marketing features, such as email marketing and push marketing, that help you boost revenue.


The app does not have a free plan and is quite expensive

-It only supports text and photo reviews

Pricing: Starts at $29.99 per month

5. Stamped

Editor’s Rating: 3.6/5.0

Stamped comes with all the necessary features to manage your Shopify product reviews and is an excellent alternative to Rivyo

Key Features:
Here are the key features of Stamped:

Photo & video reviews: Unlike Rivyo, Stamped has both photo and video review features.

Instagram shoppable gallery:
The app comes with an Instagram shoppable gallery feature that lets you display attractive Instagram product photos, and your customers can click on them to purchase.

Google integration:
Stamped is well integrated with Google, ensures higher rank on Google Seller & Product Ratings.

Why is it a Good Rivyo Alternative?
Some of the reasons why Stamped is a good Rivyo alternative:

User-friendly interface
Stamped comes with a simple user interface that is easy to use for everyone. If you are new to using Shopify review management apps, then you can switch to Stamped without any worries.

Automation features
It has a lot of automation features, such as automated review request emails. It can even send SMS to your customers for reviews. These features make review management more efficient.

SEO optimization
The app also is optimized with various SEO functions such as star ratings, rich snippets, and more. These functions ensure your store is discoverable on SERP and has an excellent click-through rate (CTR).


After applying for any changes, it often takes a long time to appear.

-The customer support is below standard.

Pricing: Free plan + Premium plan starts at $23 per month

6. Ryviu

Editor’s Rating: 3.5/5.0

Ryviu comes with some essential features that make review management easier in Shopify.

Key Features:
Here are the key features of Ryviu:

Display reviews: The app allows you to display reviews on any page you want. It enhances the visibility of reviews to convince customers to purchase.

Q&A: The app has a question-and-answer feature. You can ask questions to customers to get feedback from them about your products and services.

Review request emails: You can send automated emails to your customers requesting reviews using Ryviu.

Why is it a Good Rivyo Alternative?
Here are some reasons why Ryviu is a good Rivyo alternative:

Import reviews from multiple sources
Ryviu lets you import product reviews from Aliexpress, Amazon, Etsy, and Shopee. The ability to import from so many platforms gives you the flexibility to display more positive reviews and create social proof to boost sales.

Various SEO tools
The app comes with various SEO tools such as SON-LD, Lazy loading, and Rich snippets. These tools ensure better discoverability on SERP, faster performance, and build brand reputation.

Apart from the free plan, the premium plan of Ryviu starts only at $6.99 per month. It is one of the cheapest review apps on this list and is a great choice for businesses yet to generate any profit.


The technical customer support is poor

-CSV import method is complex and often does not work

Pricing: Free plan + Premium plan starts at $6.99 per month

7. Okendo

Editor’s Rating: 3.2/5.0

Okendo can also be a great alternative to Rivyo for its unique features and excellent efficiency.

Key Features:
Here are the key features of Okendo:

Photo & video reviews: Okendo allows you to display both photo and video reviews on your store.

Review widgets: It comes with various review widgets such as badges, grids, carousels, summaries, and more

Why is it a Good Rivyo Alternative?
Some of the reasons why Okendo is a good Rivyo alternative:

Unified customer profile
The app collects and saves customer data to create a unified customer profile. It allows you to analyze customer behavior and make targeted customer campaigns to increase sales.

Product recommendation quizzes
You can build unique product recommendation quizzes to get a better idea of what your customers want. It will help you boost sales. Not to mention, the quizzes will have rewards to influence customers to participate.

The customer support team is disorganized and unhelpful.

-It does not have any advanced AI features.

-The app feels buggy and is not well integrated.

Pricing: Free plan + Premium plan starts at $19 per month

Conclusion: Which Rivyo Alternatives You Should Use?

All of these Rivyo alternatives come with some great features and make your review management job easier.

But which app you should use from these 7 options?

We recommend you use ReviewXpo for its ability to display video reviews, advanced AI reply feature, top notch customer support, and personalized communication system. Not to mention, you can use its review migration feature to migrate the reviews from Rivyo to ReviewXpo without losing them.

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ReviewXpo Vs Rivyo: Uncover The Best App For Your Shopify Store

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