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Last update August 24, 2023

ReviewXpo Vs Reputon: Which Is More Efficient For Shopify?

ReviewXpo Vs Rivyo: Uncover The Best App For Your Shopify Store

By Editorial Team


May 19, 2024

5min Read

ReviewXpo Vs Reputon: Which Is More Efficient For Shopify?

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Efficient review management on Shopify is becoming more crucial as the market continues to grow. When you look for popular product review management apps, ReviewXpo and Reputon will come at the top.

The question is, which one is more efficient between ReviewXpo Vs Reputon?

While comparing ReviewXpo and Reputon, ReviewXpo is more efficient. ReviewXpo comes with a lot of enriched features such as AI replies, personalized discount codes, and more.

Hence, should you use ReviewXpo? Let’s have a detailed look at the comparison to make a final decision.

ReviewXpo Vs Reputon: Basic Overview

Before jumping into the detailed comparison, let’s have a brief look at ReviewXpo and Reputon:

ReviewXpo Product Reviews App
ReviewXpo is a growing product review management app for Shopify. The best part of the app is its ability to generate automated replies to reviews using AI. Due to the use of AI, the replies sound natural. Plus, it saves your time and makes your review management more efficient.

Reputon Customer Reviews App
Reputon is a popular choice for managing reviews across different e-commerce platforms including Shopify. This app uses AI power to create email templates. It makes attractive email templates that attract more people to review your product.

ReviewXpo Vs Reputon: Comparison Table

Here’s a rating comparison chart for the different features of ReviewXpo and Reputon:

ReviewXpo Vs Reputon: Comparison Table

ReviewXpo Vs Reputon: Detailed Comparison

ReviewXpo and Reputon come with a lot of benefits and drawbacks. Here is a detailed comparison of these apps to help you decide which one you should use for your Shopify store:

ReviewXpo Vs Reputon: Detailed Comparison

1. Review collection
ReviewXpo sends automated emails to customers to collect and display reviews. The great thing about this app is that it supports both photo and video reviews.

Moreover, to make the process convenient, the app will send in-mail review forms to customers. Your customers can reply to the mail with a review, and it will be posted in your store. They do not even need to visit your store.

Reputon: Reputon also collects reviews through emails. It uses AI to create email forms or templates. In case of negative reviews, the app will redirect the customer to a private feedback form to solve the issue.

Verdict: Both ReviewXpo and Reputon performed excellently in collecting and displaying reviews. You can automate the review collection system for more convenience.

2. Review display customization
ReviewXpo comes with a lot of customization features while displaying reviews on your Shopify store. Popular display formats include grid layouts, badges, review summaries, and more.

You can pick any of the review widgets. Furthermore, you can customize the display option to match them with your brand’s theme. It makes reviews look more attractive and creates positive social proof.

Reputon: Reputon mainly comes with two different display options. They are badges and star ratings. The customization feature for review display is quite limited in this app.

Verdict: ReviewXpo will stay ahead of Reputon for richer review display customization features. You get more review formats and customization options with ReviewXpo. It helps enhance conversion rates and improves the chance of getting new reviews.

3. Import options
ReviewXpo allows you to import reviews from Aliexpress to Shopify stores. You can directly import the reviews with only a few clicks without any hassle. The best part is that you can automate the whole process.

You can read our article on How To Import Reviews From Aliexpress To Shopify Automatically to know more about this feature.

However, if you want to import reviews from other e-commerce platforms such as Etsy or Amazon, you can do so using a CSV file.

Reputon: Reputon does not allow you to directly import Aliexpress reviews. You will need to use the CSV file, which is hassling.

Verdict: ReviewXpo offers a direct Aliexpress review import option for free. In contrast, the hassling method of CSV import in Reputon requires you to purchase the premium plan. ReviewXpo wins this round without any doubt.

4. Review request automation
Besides sending custom review requests, you can also automate the review request system in ReviewXpo. You can set a certain time limit after which the app will send review request emails to the customers.

Moreover, if the customer does not respond to the first email, a follow-up email will be automatically sent. Not to mention, the emails will be personalized to increase the chance of receiving responses.

Reputon can also send automated review request emails to customers.

Verdict: Considering both of these apps can automate the review request function, this round is a draw. However, we have seen that ReviewXpo’s email templates are more attractive, which will keep this app slightly ahead.

5. AI replies
One of the best features of ReviewXpo is its AI-powered automatic reply-to-review function. You can set filters to specify which reviews to reply to automatically. Then the AI will analyze the review and generate a tailored reply.

But is it helpful? Absolutely yes! When you receive hundreds of reviews every day, it can be tough to reply to each and every review. The automated reply functions will come in handy in this situation to make your review management extremely efficient.

Reputon does not have any automated AI reply feature. You will have to reply to all the reviews manually.

Verdict: There is no debate that ReviewXpo will win this round. This groundbreaking feature allows you to focus on other matters instead of replying to reviews the whole day.

6. Personalized discount/coupon
ReviewXpo offers discounts or coupon codes to customers for certain actions such as posting video reviews. It encourages people to post video reviews that are more effective than text reviews.

Reputon also offers discounts to customers for various actions. However, the app can not generate personalized codes. Instead, it sends common codes.

Verdict: ReviewXpo’s personalized discount codes are much more effective than general codes. Hence, this round easily goes to ReviewXpo.

7. SEO optimization
 ReviewXpo has SEO optimization features to ensure your Shopify store is discoverable on search engines. Besides, it optimizes reviews for rich snippets.

Rich snippets here mainly refer to showing star ratings on Google SERP. It greatly increases the click-through rate (CTR).

Reputon has a few SEO features that try to make your store discoverable on SERP. However, you may need third-party apps to enrich your store’s SEO performance.

Verdict: ReviewXpo is more efficient in SEO optimization. It helps build trust and credibility for your Shopify store.

8. Speed & performance
 Although ReviewXpo is loaded with features, the app feels light as a feather. The app is optimized pretty well to minimize lagging.

Plus, regular software updates ensure there is no bug in the app. It all makes the app super fast.

Reputon is not too heavy, but some users complained about lagging. Sometimes, many users find a few functions not working properly due to bugs.

Verdict:  ReviewXpo is comparatively faster than the Reputon. It has fewer bugs and issues that keep it ahead.

9. Customer support
 ReviewXpo has a top-class customer support team. The team members have a deep knowledge of how the app works. Hence, they are able to solve any issues quickly.

Moreover, the app also offers a dedicated success manager. He will help you promptly if you have any queries.

Reputon customer support team also tries to solve problems quickly. However, when the issue is complex, the support team seems to respond much slower.

Verdict:  Overall, ReviewXpo’s customer support is more efficient. They know what they are talking about and they always offer quick services.

10. Ease of use
 ReviewXpo offers a simple user interface. All the functions are easily findable, and there are proper instructions on how to use them.

You will find the app easy to use even if you are a beginner. If you get confused about any function, you can check video instructions for detailed guidelines.

Due to having fewer features, the Reputon user interface does not look complex. You should find it easy to navigate.

Verdict:  Both of these apps are almost similar in terms of ease of use. However, as mentioned earlier, Reputon lags a bit which can lead to poor user experience.

11. Pricing
ReviewXpo offers a free plan where you can use most of the essential features such as review widget customization, Aliexpress import, review request email, etc.

The premium plan for ReviewXpo starts at $15 per month. The most expensive plan costs $115 per month with all the features.

Reputon: Reputon’s premium plan starts only at $9.99 per month. The most expensive plan for the app costs only $49.99 per month.

Verdict: Reputon is cheaper than ReviewXpo. However, if you compare the offerings, ReviewXpo is more cost-efficient. For instance, you get 500 review request emails with ReviewXpo’s basic plan. In contrast, Reputon offers only 150 emails per month.

ReviewXpo Vs Reputon: Which One Should You Use for Shopify?

While comparing ReviewXpo and Reputon side by side, ReviewXpo stays miles ahead with its spectacular performance. ReviewXpo has a lot of unique features such as AI replies and personalized discount codes. Even though ReviewXpo is pricier, you get more features comparatively.

Hence, if you need a Shopify product review management app that makes you more efficient, then ReviewXpo is the obvious choice. It comes with all the necessary features at a reasonable price

ReviewXpo Vs Reputon: Which One Should You Use for Shopify?

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ReviewXpo Vs Rivyo: Uncover The Best App For Your Shopify Store

By Editorial Team


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