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Customer reviews are utterly necessary for better social proof and more sales. There are plenty of apps that help you showcase reviews on your store, and there comes the popular name, LAI reviews. 

But as Lai falls short for many store owners, ReviewXpo is the new talk of the industry, claiming much better features. 

The question is, which one you should be going with? 

In this ReviewXpo vs LAI Ali Reviews comparison, you’re getting answers to just that.

ReviewXpo comparatively offers a better feature set than LAI Ali Reviews to manage reviews more efficiently on your Shopify store. It comes with AI replies, personalized discount codes, follow-up emails, and a lot of other features that are absent in LAI Ali Reviews.

Let’s put both these tools head to head, do a detailed comparison, and help you choose your next big shot.

ReviewXpo vs LAI Ali Reviews: Basic Overview

ReviewXpo and LAI Ali reviews are Shopify product review apps. Let’s have a brief look at these apps:

ReviewXpo is an AI-powered Shopify app that collects, imports, and showcases reviews on Shopify stores. It comes with a ton of features such as automated review collection, email marketing, Aliexpress import, AI reply, and more that make this a fantastic choice for your store at Shopify.

LAI Ali Reviews
LAI Ali Reviews is another app that lets you collect and display customer reviews on your Shopify store. It does not offer a load of features. Instead, it focuses on providing a few important features and keeping the app light.

ReviewXpo vs LAI Ali Reviews: Ratings Comparison Chart

ReviewXpo vs LAI Ali Reviews: Ratings Comparison Chart

ReviewXpo vs LAI Ali Reviews: Detail Comparison

ReviewXpo vs LAI Ali Reviews: Detail Comparison

ReviewXpo and LAI Ali Reviews come with a lot of similarities and similarities. Let’s have a detailed look at the comparison to make a choice on which app you should use:

1. Review collection
ReviewXpo is undoubtedly one of the best Shopify apps for review collection because of its ability to automatically collect reviews and display them on Shopify product pages. The best thing about the app is that it collects and showcases not only text & photo reviews but also video reviews.

On the other hand, LAI Ali reviews also support video reviews. While comparing the review collection system of these apps, ReviewXpo’s feature of collecting reviews from Email replies without the necessity of the reviewer to visit the store keeps it ahead.

2. Review display customization

ReviewXpo allows you to showcase the reviews in different styles to ensure they look attractive and help boost sales. You can display reviews in various formats using review widgets such as grid, carousel, list, popup, and more.

The LAI product review app also offers similar review widgets but with limited ability to customize them. With ReviewXpo, you can choose any of the styles and customize them to showcase all the reviews in the best way possible.

3. Import options

Review import options for these apps are:

  • ReviewXpo: It allows you to automatically import Aliexpress reviews. While the app is developing a system to build an automation system to import from other apps too, you still can use the CSV format to import reviews from any eCommerce stores.
  • LAI Ali Reviews: It can import reviews from Aliexpress, Amazon, CJDropshipping, & Dsers.

But what about filter options?
‍While importing product reviews using ReviewXpo, you can filter the star ratings to ensure you only display the positive reviews. Plus, you can automate the import process. That means whenever someone posts a review, it will automatically be displayed in your store.

In contrast, LAI doesn’t have these features; instead, it allows you to filter only based on country and date.

4. Review request automation

Both of these apps have features to send automated emails to customers requesting reviews. You can set a specific time after the purchase when the app will send a review request.

What sets ReviewXpo apart is its feature to send follow up emails. If the customer does not respond to your first email, the app will send a follow-up email after a certain time. Moreover, ReviewXpo sends personalized emails to everybody to sound more convincing.

You can read our article on “Customer Review: Why Following Up Is Important” to understand how follow-up emails can benefit you.

5. AI replies

One of the key features of the ReviewXpo is AI replies to customer reviews. Initially, you may not get many reviews on your Shopify store. But once you get success with ReviewXpo, you will get a lot of reviews every day. It can be quite a tough job to reply to each and every review manually.


ReviewXpo brings automated AI replies to reviews. You can set certain limits to which the AI can reply. Then when someone posts reviews on your store, the AI will analyze it and reply accordingly. As the app uses AI to reply, the texts will be tailored for that particular review and not any copy-paste text.

In contrast, LAI Ali reviews do not come with any AI features. You will have to reply to all the reviews on your own.

6. Personalized discount/coupon codesOffering discounts or coupon codes to customers enhances the chance of getting reviews. The good thing is that both of these product review apps have features to send emails with discount codes.

However, what keeps ReviewXpo ahead is its personalized discount code feature. This feature can generate codes using customers' names. Such personalized discount codes give the customers a feel of being valued and it leads to getting more reviews on your store.

While LAI reviews can generate discount codes for reviews, it does not have the option to send personalized codes. You can read our article on “Personalized Discount Code Ideas To Boost ECom Sales And Loyalty” to learn how this feature can help you.

7. SEO optimization
SEO optimization of review apps is crucial for improving online discoverability and click-through rate (CTR). ReviewXpo is well-optimized with Google, Facebook, and other social media sites. The app shows star ratings on Google SERP that enhance brand credibility. It also helps in boosting sales.

On the other hand, LAI product reviews are optimized with Google and a few other e-commerce stores. Overall, ReviewXpo’s SEO optimization is more efficient. Plus, it is more convenient to use.

8. Customer support

Good customer support can be a lifesaver when you feel confused about the app. ReviewXpo’s customer support team is quite knowledgeable and responds quickly to queries. 

Unlike some other apps on Shopify, ReviewXpo’s team does not repeat a generic reply without solving the issue. When you reach out to them with an issue, they will respond with instructions that actually solve the problem. 

However, LAI’s customer support is responsive and tries to reply to every query. However, they need to be more knowledgeable about the app’s complex functionality to solve problems promptly.

10. Ease of use
ReviewXpo is one of the easiest-to-use Shopify review management apps. The user interface is quite simple, and even beginners can navigate it. Although due to a lot of features the app sometimes feels overwhelming, the app’s video instructions provide guidance to solve such issues. Plus, the responsive customer support team is always ready to solve any issues.

LAI Ali reviews also come with a simple interface. But sometimes users face trouble finding some buttons. As a result, you can say that ReviewXpo is obviously miles ahead when it comes to ease of use.

11. Pricing
Both of these come with free features with limitations. However, LAI Ali Reviews is comparatively more affordable than the ReviewXpo. Whereas premium plans of ReviewXpo start at $15 per month, you can get LAI reviews for only $4.95 per month.

However, while we compare the features side by side, LAI does not have much to offer in its basic subscription plan. With this plan you can get 50 email requests per month that you can get for free with ReviewXpo.

In short, although LAI Ali reviews is the cheaper option, ReviewXpo will be on top for the features it offers for the price.

ReviewXpo vs LAI Ali Reviews: Which One You Should Use?

While comparing ReviewXpo vs LAI Ali Reviews, the former comes with various unique features such as AI replies and personalized discount codes. LAI offers a lot of similar features to ReviewXpo, but lacks unique features that can take it ahead in the competition.

Hence, if you want a Shopify review management app that comes with all the necessary features and can help boost your sales, then ReviewXpo is obviously the better choice. All the big Shopify stores are switching to ReviewXpo and it is the perfect time for you to do the same.

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