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The right review management tool can be the key to the success of your store. Among tons of choices, Stamped is a known name. But with better service and pricing, ReviewXpo has become the talk of the town.

We’ll draw a detailed picture of a comparison between ReviewXpo and Stamped.

With automations and affordable pricing, ReviewXpo comes as Trump compared to Stamped. Its AI-powered features, photo/video review collection, automated review requests, incentivizing reviewers, and many more features simply ease your job than Stamped.

Without further ado, let’s witness the head-to-head comparison between these two review management applications.

In this comparison article, we’ll answer questions like:

Without further ado, let’s witness the head-to-head comparison between these two review management applications.

ReviewXpo vs. Stamped: Overview

Before jumping to an in-depth comparison between these two apps, let’s learn about them first.

ReviewXpo is an AI-powered review management tool. It comes with some useful features to ease and simplify your review collection and use them to grow your brand. Among tons of amenities, the key features are:

Key Features
ReviewXpo comes with some handy and useful features. They are:

  • Boost your social proof with Artificial intelligence.
  • Automate emails and offer discounts for photo/video reviews.
  • Optimize your reviews for SEO.

Apart from these, ReviewXpo comes with some essential features to reduce your effort to manage and boost your Shopify store.

Stamped is a review and loyalty management platform for e-commerce. The app comes with some key features, they are:

  • Collect reviews, ratings, and user-generated content.
  • Build credibility with site and brand reviewers.
  • Tire with active customers with a Tired point program. 

Stamped also offers some vital features to make your review management easier. As we discussed before about Stamped Alternatives, it has a lot of limitations. These limitations are the main reasons why people are looking at ReviewXpo the most.

ReviewXpo vs. Stamped: Head-to-Head Comparison

In this comparison rating chart, you’ll get an idea of the features on both of the apps. 

Head-to-head Comparison: ReviewXpo vs. Loox

The chart shows the performance and availability of the features both of the apps provide. Considering the overall quality, ReviewXpo wins the competition.

Let’s understand the comparison in detail in the following sections.

A Detailed Comparison Between ReviewXpo and Stamped

Detailed Comparison Between ReviewXpo and Loox

These review management tools offer review collection and optimization seamlessly. But here are few things that make the difference.

AI-Powered Tool Comparison

The application offers AI to enhance your review management experience. It saves your valuable time while accomplishing the important tasks which cost you time. It collects and analyze data to give you better input to grow your business.

Stamped: Stamped also comes with AI but with 3rd party integration. Its AI functionalities are not that much extensive as ReviewXpo’s.

Automated Emails

ReviewXpo: With ReviewXpo, you can automate email campaigns to request customers for reviews. The app automatically tracks customers and sends them emails with discount offers/ coupon code with customizable templates.

Stamped: Stamped likely offers the same automated email functionalities. You can also get the chance to customize emails. But it lacks in providing you easy customization, as it demands HTML knowledge.

Review Collection

ReviewXpo: ReviewXpo gives you easy and hassleless import and export of reviews from various sources. The diversity and social sharing features improve your social proof and customer engagement.

Stamped: Stamped offers seamless review, user-generated content collection. This app offers review collection and customer engagement in a different format. Means you have to go for different subscription or both at a higher cost.

Incentives for Reviewers

ReviewXpo: This application eases your effort on tracking and sending emails for reviews with its automated feature. You can customize your emails and discount offers according to your criteria in a single subscription plan.

Stamped: Stamped on the other hand focus differently on review management and incentivizing customers with some referral program. They named the operation as ‘Loyalty’ which requires another subscription plan.

Though they offer more extensive incentives for customer engagement, but for that you have to pay higher subscription cost monthly.


ReviewXpo: This app comes with an affordable and an array of choices. You can opt for plans according to your budgetary strategy. The price plans are:

  • You will get the basic features free of cost with the Free Forever Plan.
  • The Growth plan starts at $15 per month.
  • The Pro plan starts at $49 per month.
  • The Power plan comes at $115 per month.

Stamped: Stamped comes with three different pricing plans. They are:

1. Reviews & Ratings Pricing Plans

  • Basic Plan – $23/month
  • Premium Plan – $49/month
  • Business Plan – $119/month
  • Professional Plan – $299/month
  • Enterprise Plan – Custom

2. Loyalty & Rewards Pricing Plans

  • Premium Plan – $39/month
  • Business Plan – $149/month
  • Professional Plan – $479/month
  • Enterprise Plan – Custom 

3. Full-suite Pricing Plans (Loyalty + Reviews)

  • Business Plan – $229/month
  • Professional Plan – $659/month
  • Enterprise Plan – Custom pricing

Social Proof Boost

ReviewXpo: This application provides social proof through features like social sharing options, eye-catching widgets, diverse layouts, and customization. You can spread positive reviews across social media platforms.

Stamped: Stamped also emphasizes social proof by displaying reviews and ratings in different widget and layouts. But the functionality may lack in easy operation.

Customer Support

ReviewXpo: with this app you'll get 24/7 customer support and a dedicated customer success manager. With an easy onboarding process, you'll get all the necessary assistance to manage your reviews.

Stamped: Stamped also provides the necessary customer support you require for your store. A well-developed team will attend to your needs.

Both of these apps come with plentiful features and amenities. But ReviewXpo's pricing structure and extensive features make it stand out ahead of the competition.

Final Verdict: Which One You Should Choose

To sum things up, if you're looking for an all-rounded review management application that not only reduces your efforts but also takes care of your budget, then look no further away than ReviewXpo.

ReviewXpo offers an array of feature choices with a flexible budget. The application takes care of your review management operations seamlessly and the touch of AI integration.

On the other hand, Stamped provides sleek review management and customer engagement with a different pricing plan. The hiccup is, that you have to pay way more extra to get the same amenities you'll get in ReviewXpo.

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