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Last update August 24, 2023

ReviewXpo Vs Rivyo: Uncover The Best App For Your Shopify Store

ReviewXpo Vs Rivyo: Uncover The Best App For Your Shopify Store

By Editorial Team


April 27, 2024

5min Read

ReviewXpo Vs Rivyo: Uncover The Best App For Your Shopify Store

As customer reviews and ratings are crucial in scaling your store, choosing the best review management app is paramount.

Rivyo is a prominent name in the market. However, when it comes to implementing AI in the operation, it is behind compared to ReviewXpo. 

Today, you’ll get every intricate detail of these review management applications in this comparison guide.

We’ve discussed crucial criteria such as review collection, automation, easy operation, and customer interaction.
Let’s see which tool can save you time and money.

Overview: ReviewXpo vs. Rivyo

Both of these applications offer tons of features to ease your review management. But before going any further, let’s learn about the apps:

ReviewXpo offers a seamless review collection and managing them to scale up your online business. 

It comes with AI-powered features to ease and save your effort by interacting with customers. The main focus of this application is to boost your business with social proof with affordability. 

This application works perfectly no matter what your business size is. It optimizes your store and lets you know the crucial analytics using its AI to boost your visibility on search engines.

Rivyo is an app that helps businesses build credibility and trust by collecting and displaying customer reviews, testimonials, and rating popups. 

With Rivyo you can import reviews from Amazon and AliExpress seamlessly. You can send review requests to collect more reviews and highlight reviews on Google Shopping.

It provides insightful analytics to grow and improve your business.

Side-by-Side Comparison Between ReviewXpo and Rivyo

In this chart, we’ve demonstrated their features' availability and performance. You’ll be able to get a clear idea about these apps.

Side-by-Side Comparison Between ReviewXpo and Rivyo

The ratings depicted in this chart are based on the performance and the availability of features of these applications. ReviewXpo’s features are more optimized and futuristic than those of Rivyo.

Comprehensive Comparison Between ReviewXpo and Rivyo

Comprehensive Comparison Between ReviewXpo and Rivyo

Before thoroughly comparing, let’s understand these applications, their features, the services they offer, and many more significant aspects that smooth your review collection.

1. Review Collection

ReviewXpo makes review collection super easy. You can import relevant reviews from other marketplaces with a click. The tool automates review collection and management and reduces your efforts.

The tool sends automated review requests and keeps track of your new and existing customers for review collection.

Besides, this application sends attractive discount offers and coupon codes to incentivize customers to submit photo and video reviews.

Rivyo: Rivyo offers a smooth review collection and manages them for your Shopify store for strong social proof. With this tool, you can also send automated review requests for more review collection.

Both of these applications offer nearly similar operations. But if you’re looking for a more convenient and easy review management application, then ReviewXpo stays ahead of Rivyo.

2. Widget Customization

ReviewXpo gives you full control of customizing the look so that you can furnish your store and build more credibility with reviews. With ReviewXpo you’ll get tons of widget layouts, rating templates, and more customizable options.

ReviewXpo enables you to showcase and display reviews in an eye-catching way, which contributes to more customer engagement.

Rivyo: With Rivyo you’ll get some review and rating widgets to organize your reviews in an attractive way. You can customize those according to your needs.

In terms of more convenient customization, ReviewXpo offers more options and controls to display your reviews aesthetically.

AI-powered Features

With ReviewXpo you’ll get lots of AI-powered features like AI-generated customer replies, insightful data analytics, automated operations, and many more.

These features reduce your efforts to manage reviews for your store. With ReviewXpo you can focus more on building your brand, rather than spending hours in managing reviews for your store. 

Rivyo on the other hand comes with more manual control rather than providing AI features. Thus, you have to spend hours managing reviews and displaying them, which not only costs you time, but also costs you money. 

In this fast-paced e-commerce world, if you wish to stay ahead of the competition, ReviewXpo’s AI-powered features can be an ideal choice.

4. User-Friendly Interface

ReviewXpo grabs the attention of new e-commerce store owners, especially for its super easy user interface.

To navigate the dashboard and customization, you don’t have to possess any kind of technical or coding knowledge.

Rivyo: Rivyo also offers easy UI. You can easily carry out tasks and navigate important features without any issues.

Considering a more convenient user interface experience, ReviewXpo offers much more flexibility and easy control compared to Rivyo. 

5. SEO Optimization

ReviewXpo offers much more optimized SEO solutions and strategies so that your store stays visible in the search engine.

The optimized strategies offer better visibility and more input of organic traffic. With ReviewXpo, you’ll get seamless Google shopping integration, Google-rich snippets, store rankings, and so on.

Rivyo also offers Google shopping integration for better visibility and more organic traffic inflow.

SEO optimization plays a crucial role in ranking your e-store on the web. In this case, ReviewXpo does a better job compared to Rivyo. 

6. Pricing

ReviewXpo offers some convenient pricing plans to meet your budgetary constraints. The plans are:

Free Forever
- $0
- $15 monthly/ $150 yearly.
- $49 monthly/ $490 yearly.
- $115 monthly / $1150 yearly.

Rivyo also offers some affordable pricing range. They are:

Indie (free) -
Starter -
Business -
Enterprise - $19/month

Comparing pricing plans, though Rivyo offers lesser pricing plans compared to ReviewXpo, if you wish to get the benefits of advanced features a little extra bucks can keep you ahead of the competition.

 Considering the features offered in the deals, ReviewXpo offers more convenient and value-for-money deals.

7. Customer Support

With ReviewXpo, you’ll get 24/7 customer support. From easy onboarding to resolving any issues, the team always stays active.

On the other hand, ReviewXpo provides you with a dedicated customer success manager to help you get the best out of your business.

Rivyo also provides 24/7 customer support to resolve your queries. You’ll get any queries or issues attended from the support team.

If you require assistance, especially to help you in scaling your business, then ReviewXpo’s dedicated customer success manager can be a feasible choice.

Both review management applications have similar features. However, artificial intelligence automation or integration keeps ReviewXpo one step ahead of the competition. 

Though Rivyo provides more flexible pricing, you have to compromise on enjoying much more automated and time-saving functionalities.

Give your business a boost with automated review collection and management.

Final Verdict: With Which You Should Go With

Picking the right review management tool for your business can be challenging. But this comparison article shows you why you should go with ReviewXpo.

If you’re looking for a more automated review management application that can reduce your effort and improve your social proof, then ReviewXpo is the right choice for you.

The application gathers reviews and lets you showcase them in eye-catching widgets, which contributes to boosting your social proof.

Rivyo on the other hand offers simple review collection, curation, and management with more manual control. It falls behind in facilitating AI-powered features that reduce your effort, time, and money. 

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ReviewXpo Vs Rivyo: Uncover The Best App For Your Shopify Store

By Editorial Team


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