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Last update August 24, 2023

ReviewXpo Vs Opinew: Pick The Best For Your Shopify Store

ReviewXpo Vs Rivyo: Uncover The Best App For Your Shopify Store

By Editorial Team


May 02, 2024

5min Read

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The right review management application is paramount to boost your store’s credibility. But there are tons of choices and among them, Opinew and ReviewXpo are the prominent names.

 With better pricing and the inclusion of AI-powered features, ReviewXpo is grabbing more attention.

Let’s draw a clear picture between these two review management apps. We’ll answer the question: which one should you choose?

ReviewXpo vs. Opinew: Basic Overview

Understanding both of these applications is crucial before jumping to any direct conclusion. 

ReviewXpo is an AI-powered customer review management app that boosts your social proof with automated functionalities

It offers seamless and automated review collection, manages them, and displays them to strengthen your store’s credibility. 

Besides, the tool analyzes your business data and optimizes your SEO for better visibility.

Above all, the application enhances your store’s credibility and sales performance by collecting and showcasing relevant reviews.

Opinew is a review management tool, and it collects product reviews and sends review requests for more of them.

You can import reviews from various sources and customize them according to your needs. You can incentivize customers to post photo and video reviews.

The application boosts your social proof and increases your conversion and sales at every step of the buyer’s journey.

Head-to-Head Comparison Between ReviewXpo and Opinew

Head-to-Head Comparison Between ReviewXpo and Opinew

As you can, we’ve rated both of these applications in terms of their features and their performance. ReviewXpo clearly stays ahead of Opinew.

Detailed Comparison: ReviewXpo vs. Opinew

Detailed Comparison: ReviewXpo vs. Opinew

Let’s talk about the essential features, performance, and optimization, and help you pick the right one for your business.

1. Review Collection
ReviewXpo simplifies review collection from various sources. It automatically imports relevant product reviews to your sales page and boosts your store’s credibility.

It sends automated review requests to your existing and new customers with attractive discount offers, or coupon codes to post photo and video reviews. As a result, your business gets repeated sales and reviews at the same time.

ReviewXpo reduces your effort and does the whole task automatically. You can focus on your business rather than spending hours managing reviews.

 Opinew: Opinew automates the process of review collection from customers. With this application, you can manually control the review request and send incentives to your customers for photo and video reviews. 

The application offers easy and simple review accumulation from various sources. You can import reviews from CSV files.

If you require an application that gathers reviews and incentivizes customers strategically, then ReviewXpo is a better option compared to Opinew.

2. AI-Powered Features
The biggest perk of this application is that it comes with AI-powered features like AI-generated replies, data analysis of your store, and optimizing your store for better sales output and visibility.

The application lets you focus more on your business rather than spending your crucial time collecting reviews.

Opinew: Opniew on the other side offers manual control and doesn’t come with any AI features. You have to implement the operations manually like review collection, sending review requests, incentivizing, etc. 

AI-powered features simply carry out vital tasks on your behalf of you automatically. It ensures smooth review management and saves you time and money.

3. SEO Optimization
This application analyzes your data and helps you strategize your store’s SEO. The tool optimizes your photo and video reviews and shows them on Google to ensure organic traffic inflow.

On the other hand, without any integrations, the application displays reviews and ratings on search engines and writes Google-rich snippets for better visibility.

Opinew: Opinew comes with Google Shopping integration, which allows you to perform SEO strategies. You can show stars and reviews in search results with rich snippets.

Moreover, the application customizes the coding for better page speed. Besides, the tool optimizes your image for a better SEO strategy.

If you want a tool that will contribute to boosting your SEO strategy with automation, ReviewXpo is your best bet. It simplifies your SEO strategies and ensures better ranking for your store.

4. Widget Customization
With ReviewXpo you’ll get tons of customization controls to customize the look and preference. You can personalize the color according to your brand, choose different layouts, and organize them according to your needs.

The freedom of customizing freely lets you furnish your store the way you want it. Moreover, you can pick templates and styles to give your store a new look. 

Opinew comes with numerous review widgets, and you can choose among them for your Shopify store. The layouts are designed to give your store a refined look.

Both of these applications offer various eye-catching widget layouts, but ReviewXpo offers better customization opportunities than Opinew.

5. Pricing Plans
ReviewXpo offers flexible pricing plans to meet your budgetary constraints. With this tool, you’ll get four different pricing plans, they are:

Free Forever
- $0
- $15 monthly/ $150 yearly.
- $49 monthly/ $490 yearly.
- $115 monthly / $1150 yearly.

Opinew comes with different pricing plans. But with this tool, you won’t get any free plan. The plans are:

- $19 monthly.
- $89 monthly.
- $199 monthly.
Enterprise - $499 monthly.

If you wish to get an application that offers advanced features at a very affordable price, then ReviewXpo becomes the ideal choice here.

6. Customer Support
ReviewXpo offers world-class 24/7 customer support and a dedicated customer success manager for easy onboarding and for business guidance.

Opinew: Opniew also offers top-notch customer support. The customer success manager is available at the Advanced pricing level. You’ll get assistance of personal onboarding, priority support, and issues resolved within no time.

ReviewXpo offers better customer support at a very affordable price range. Opinew on the other hand comes with necessary customer support, but to get the full benefits you may have to spend extra than ReviewXpo.

To sum up, both of these applications come with more or less similar functionalities. But in terms of AI-powered features and pricing plans, ReviewXpo stays ahead of the competition.

With 14-day free trail you can start using Opinew and its benefits at $19 where the features and functionalities are available in the free plan. So, considering the value-for-money services, ReviewXpo stays a few times ahead of Opinew.

Final Verdict
We’ve picturized how ReviewXpo and Opinew stack up against each other. But which one you should go with, completely depends on how you plan to use it.

ReviewXpo amalgamated AI-powered features to ease your review management and enhance your store’s credibility with strong social proof. Its value-for-money services make it a popular choice for the owners.

Opniew on the other hand comes with manual control and automated review management. But the application is on the expensive side, which means to get the same functionality you may have to pay extra with this application.

So, considering all these facts, ReviewXpo can be the right choice to give your business a boost.

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ReviewXpo Vs Rivyo: Uncover The Best App For Your Shopify Store

By Editorial Team


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