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While 89% of your customers trust you based on reviews and ratings, only the right review management tool can ensure that. Thus, choosing the right one becomes crucial from tons of choices.

As one of the oldest tools, Judge.me has a vast user base.

ReviewXpo does a better job with the latest technology behind it.

Compared to Judge.me, ReviewXpo offers better features and pricing with lots of customizing controls. ReviewXpo’s AI-powered without the integration of third party gives you the automated control of managing reviews.

The question is, which one YOU should go with?

Well, let’s answer that with the parameters you’d want to consider. We’re talking about things like:

  • How easy it is to set things up
  • How they collect and showcase reviews
  • Do you get SEO benefits or not
  • What special features does it come with, and so on. 

Okay, let’s get this going and help you pick a review management tool that doesn’t suck. 

Overview: ReviewXpo and Judge.me 

Before jumping to a fully driven comparison, let’s understand both platforms and what they bring to the table. 

What is ReviewXpo?
ReviewXpo is a fully automated AI-powered customer review management app. It helps you to gather and showcase engaging customer reviews, to boost your business with more social proof. 

It caters to both large and small eCom businesses with high scalability and brandable widgets.

What is Judge.me?
Judge.me is a product review tool that is compatible with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Squarespace. Users can install various widgets to show reviews on their e-commerce store to showcase and assemble reviews. 

As there are limited customization features, Judge.me is better compatible with small-sized businesses.

Quick Comparison Between ReviewXpo vs Judge.me

Quick Comparison Between ReviewXpo vs Judge.me

Here’s a chart to show you a glimpse of the comparison between these two review management apps. 

Detailed Comparison Between ReviewXpo and Judge.me 

Detailed Comparison Between ReviewXpo and Judge.me 

ReviewXpo and Judge.me are two product review tools that provide seamless review collection and altercation from various sources.

Let’s discuss their features to understand their strengths and differences. 

Review Collection and Management
ReviewXpo offers some advanced and AI-powered tools for importing and exporting reviews, customizing options, request emails, AI-powered follow-up features, automated replies, and many more. 

The app allows you to focus more on your business while it takes care of such things which are time-consuming and requires a great deal of attention. Additionally, this app gives you more control and automated operation for your business.

Judge.me: This app simplifies review collection and offers some limited integration across some platforms. With this app, you won’t get advanced and more controllable features to furnish your e-commerce review section.

Customization and Widgets
This app provides a huge number of customizable widgets including review ratings, testimonials, gallery widgets, etc. It also allows custom questions on review forms, social sharing capabilities, customer engagement, etc.

Judge.me: This tool offers widgets for displaying reviews but with limited customization options compared to ReviewXpo. Though this tool doesn’t have many bells and whistles, it provides straightforward solutions for displaying customer feedback.

Communication and Engagement
When it comes to customer engagement, ReviewXpo clearly wins the competition. This tool offers some AI-powered features like, AI auto-reply, AI-generated email follow-ups, and many other beneficial functions, that will automatically trace customers and maintain customer engagement.

This customer review tool also comes with some basic customer engagement features that help e-commerce owners to make the communication, which can be time-consuming.

The platform offers various pricing options for users. The subscription plan starts from $15 a month or $150 a year. For extra features and benefits, users can switch to various pricing points to meet their needs. The plans are: 

Free Forever: Get a handful of features free of cost. 

Starts at $15 a month with some added tools.

Pro: This plan starts at $49 a month including Growth features and some unique tools.

Power: Starts at $115 per month, will all the features of other plans and some advanced features.

Judge.me: This tool only comes with a single pricing plan, and you don’t get many choices when it comes to choosing various options. Judge.me only has one subscription plan, which starts from $15 a month.
Customer Support and Success ManagerSupport and Assistance
ReviewXpo offers some premium support and guidelines such as rich video & text documentation, email priority support, migration support, 24/7 live chat, an onboarding specialist, and a dedicated customer success manager.

These supports and guidelines will surely help you to understand the platform better and reap the desired result for your e-commerce store.

Judge.me: This tool provides standard support options, but may lack in offering some personalized support to guide you all the time. However, you’ll get the support whenever you require it. 

In sum, ReviewXpo and Judge.me both offer some valuable solutions for managing customer reviews for your target audience. With some advanced features and affordable plans, businesses of any size can go with the ReviewXpo app. 

Get the chance to customize freely, enjoy the AI-powered features, and automated review request with incentivizing customers at an affordable price range with ReviewXpo.

With Which You Should Go

Among various customer review tools today, the talking point was an in-depth comparison between ReviewXpo and Judge.me. With budget choices, functionalities, and other amenities, ReviewXpo stays ahead of the competition. 

ReviewXpo comes with lots of functionalities that not only give you the control for customization but also reduce your efforts by sending automated emails, enhancing customer engagement, AI-replies, and many more.

On the other side, Judge.me offers straight usage of review collection and displaying them. The platform also offers many automatic functionalities, but with third party integration, which need additional app installation. 

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