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While reviews are crucial in scaling your e-commerce business, choosing the right tool becomes top-of-mind.

Fera is one of the known names in the field of review management applications. But with some limitations, ReviewXpo has captivated users in recent times.

In this comparison article, we’ll answer questions like which one you should pick, which one gives you more convenient and value-for-money service, and makes your life easier.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Overview: ReviewXpo vs Fera

The tools we are talking about offer tons of features and customization. But in terms of value-for-money services, one of them stands ahead. Let’s learn about them: 

ReviewXpo is an automated customer review management tool that comes with some AI-powered features.

Its automated review collection, various display customization, incentivizing, AI reply, SEO customization, and many more key features make it a beautiful choice for e-coms.

The tool is effective for online businesses of any size, and its pricing plans are designed considering your budgetary strategies.

Fera on the other hand provides some crucial review management operations with lots of manual controls. 

The application imports, moderate reviews from various sources with ease. You can manually control lots of customizations as per your requirements. With affordable budget offerings, you can run basic operations easily. 

Fera offers conventional review management that is not appealing in today’s scenario.

Direct Head-to-Head Comparison Between ReviewXpo and Fera

In this direct comparison chart, you’ll get a clear picture of these apps with their feature ratings.

Direct Head-to-Head Comparison Between ReviewXpo and Fera

The ratings you can see are based on their availability and performance. It’s clearly visible that, ReviewXpo stands ahead of the competition with its feature availability and the overall services it offers.

Detailed Comparison Between ReviewXpo and Fera

Detailed Comparison Between ReviewXpo and Fera

Let’s talk about both of these apps, their features, performance, and above all their value-for-money services. 

Review Collection 

ReviewXpo: With ReviewXpo you’ll enjoy an easy, automated relevant review collection from various sources. The tool provides a one-click review import to your store which is paramount to boosting the credibility of your store.

This application tracks customers and sends them review requests with attractive incentives for photo and video reviews. With automation, you can manually control the process.

Fera: Fera offers a seamless review collection with manual controls. You can import reviews automatic review requests and manual control.

In terms of easy and automated review collection, ReviewXpo stays ahead with its hassle-free and automated features.

Customizable Widgets

ReviewXpo offers breeze review management with lots of widget customization controls. You’ll get lots of templates and layouts and can customize them according to your needs.

Displaying reviews in an eye-catching way increases customer engagement. ReviewXpo ensures your store looks amazing with reviews. 

Fera offers some cool reviews, rating widgets, and layouts. You can furnish your store with some good-looking review widgets.

Here, ReviewXpo again stays ahead because of the easy customization controls it gives to users. Displaying reviews in your style gives you the extra advantage in furnishing your store.

Availability of AI-features

ReviewXpo has gathered unbeaten attention from users for its AI-powered features such as AI-generated replies to reviewers, analyzing data to provide invaluable insights, and many more.

Those features simply reduce your efforts and save you time and money. Besides, the integration of AI tools gives businesses extra advantages to cope with the fast-paced e-commerce world. 

Fera on the other hand lack in providing such tools. This application offers manual controls for collecting and managing reviews.

With Fera you may need to perform the functionalities manually like sending review requests, replying to customers, 

In this scenario, ReviewXpo wins the battle in terms of automation and ensuring seamless review management. It not only eases your review management but also saves you time by performing some crucial tasks automatically.

User-Friendly Interface

ReviewXpo: ReviewXpo attracts more users by ensuring easy onboarding and a user-friendly interface. The interactive dashboard will give you an easy control.

You don’t have to possess any kind of technical skills or coding knowledge to navigate the application. The customizations, sending review requests, displaying, etc. are well-guided in the application.
Fera: Fera also comes with an easy user interface. You can easily navigate its features and functionalities. As the tool provides more manual control, you may spend some additional time learning and navigating the application.

 Considering the aspect of facilitating a user-friendly interface, ReviewXpo remains the top choice comparing Fera.

SEO Optimization

ReviewXpo: ReviewXpo focuses on growing your brand. Thus, the application comes with some SEO optimization functionalities, like showing reviews on Google, writing Google-rich snippets, ranking your store on search engines, and so on. 

Fera: With this application, you can create urgency in your inventory management. The tool collects and analyzes crucial data of your customer insights and some manual SEO strategies to keep you upfront.

As SEO optimization plays a crucial role, ReviewXpo provides the best strategies with automation. The app optimizes your store’s visibility to scale up.


ReviewXpo provides some best pricing plans to meet your different budgetary plans. The pricing plans are: 

Free Forever - $0
Growth - $15 monthly/ $150 yearly.
Pro - $49 monthly/ $490 yearly.
Power - $115 monthly / $1150 yearly.

Fera:  Fera offers some affordable pricing plans. They are:

Free - $0
Startup - $7 monthly
Small - $19 monthly
Medium - $69 monthly 

Considering the pricing range, Fera offers better pricing plans. But you have to compromise some vital features that ReviewXpo offers.

With some extra bucks, ReviewXpo offers better deals and features to comfort your review management.

Customer Support
ReviewXpo offers world-class best 24/7 customer support. You can take full advantage of a dedicated customer success manager with this tool. The support team is always ready to attend to your queries and resolve issues.

Fera: Fera offers 24/7 customer support. The application provides live support to resolve your issues.

To sum things up, both of these review management apps provide almost similar functionalities. But when it comes to automation and easing review management with better visibility, ReviewXpo wins the race easily.

Fera provides more conventional control, which is time-consuming. In the era of automation and artificial intelligence, ReviewXpo has become the feasible choice. 


The importance of an automated, affordable, and engaging review management tool is greater than ever.

If you’re looking for an all-rounded review management solution for your Shopify store, look no further away than ReviewXpo. The tool gives you automation with the freedom to customize widgets and send review requests. 

The user interface is easy and gives you straightforward navigation. You don’t have to join a coding class to run this app. 

Fera on the other side comes with a conventional control and review management solution, which costs you valuable time and money. 

So, why waste time? Enjoy automated review management with ReviewXpo.

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