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Ever wondered why people trust customer reviews more? 

It's simple – a verified user buys the product, spends their own money on it, and their words are more reliable than paid advertisements.

They share their authentic user experience, not a sales pitch, making their feedback influential in buying decisions.

Using customer feedback to promote products is a powerful content marketing strategy. Constantly claiming to be the best doesn't resonate with customers; they value social proof. 

Leveraging customer feedback is a smart move due to its inherent credibility. Because almost 89% of consumers rely on reviews even before they think of purchasing a product or service.

If you haven't incorporated reviews into your marketing efforts, you’re seriously missing out!

Using or not, we’ve got some creative ideas and effective marketing strategies to help you reach the pinnacle of success. 

Let’s get it, shall we?

How Customer Review Work As Social Proof In Marketing

Creating Credibility As UGC
User-generated content, especially customer reviews, boosts brand credibility. Genuine experiences shared by users create a trustworthy image, resonating with potential customers and establishing authenticity in your marketing efforts.

Ensuring Product Relatability
People tend to connect more with experiences that mirror their own. Real life experiences shared by customers make the product more tangible, increasing its appeal and relatability.Reviews, especially those that are detailed and specific, create relatable narratives that potential customers can see themselves in.

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)
Customer reviews trigger the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). The fear of missing out is a powerful motivator. 

Positive reviews create a sense of urgency, making potential customers feel they might miss out on a great product or service.

In a sea of choices, decision-making can be overwhelming. Reviews act as a guiding force, helping customers make informed decisions based on the experiences of others.

9 Effective Ways To Use Social Proof In Marketing

Below, we’ll cover up 9 most effective ways of using social proof (customer reviews) in the marketing strategy of your business.

1. Optimizing Your Website With Customer Reviews

Optimizing Your Website With Customer Reviews

Turn Reviews into Headlines
Undoubtedly, your website comprises numerous headlines spanning category pages, product pages, landing pages, and more.

Need help creating effective content? Check out your customer reviews. 
It's a unique approach that adds authenticity to your brand. Whether you have a small marketing team or just need inspiration, reviews can be a valuable resource.

Incorporate Reviews on Landing Pages
Don't overlook the power of customer reviews on your landing pages. Put them at the bottom to show visitors how satisfied others are. This boosts your website's value and helps your SEO.

When asking for reviews, tweak your questions to include keywords. For example, ask about the specific service or product used and what the customer liked best. 
This will encourage them to describe their experience and insert important keywords.

Include Reviews on Your Website's Homepage
Make your homepage the focal point of your marketing strategy. Craft a message that is impactful, attention-grabbing, and concise.

Your customers often speak more persuasively than your marketing team. Don’t miss out on showcasing snippets from customer reviews on your homepage.

Transform Reviews into Images
Shopify apps provide analytical tools that monitor key metrics such as page views, sales, cart abandonment rate, and more. This allows businesses to gain insights into customer behaviours and make the necessary changes to optimize store performance.

Attach Reviews Next To CTA
We really focus on calls to action (CTAs) here because we understand they're crucial for guiding users to the next step after clicking an ad.

To make your offer more compelling at the CTA, use a review.

Displaying a positive opinion from someone else about your products or services brings you closer to getting that visitor to click a button or fill out a contact form.

2. Strategic Placement of Reviews in Product Pages

Strategic Placement of Reviews in Product Pages

Highlighting Customer Reviews on Each Product
Embed customer reviews directly on each product page to provide potential buyers with immediate insights into others' experiences.

It’s a strategic placement that enhances transparency and aids your shoppers in making informed decisions.

Placing Total Review Ratings Next to Product Details
Position the overall review ratings prominently beside essential product details. It allows customers to gauge the satisfaction level, streamlining their decision-making process.

3. Leveraging Customer Reviews in Email Marketing

Leveraging Customer Reviews in Email Marketing

Customer Feedback in Email Marketing Campaigns In your next email marketing campaign, consider adding top customer reviews.

 Around 93% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family, and 49% trust online reviews as much as personal suggestions.

While demonstrating your company's value is essential, leveraging others' testimonials builds credibility through a powerful "show" instead of just "tell."

Pro Tip: Utilize customer reviews in abandoned cart emails to trigger FOMO and encourage clicks to "buy".

Add Reviews to Marketing Emails
Email stands out as the top ROI channel for digital marketers, bringing in $44 for every $1 spent. 

Leveraging feedback in marketing emails not only enhances credibility off-site but also tends to elevate click-through and conversion rates, given the impressive return on investment.

4. Enhancing Paid Advertising with Reviews

Enhancing Paid Advertising with Reviews

Integrating Positive Reviews into Paid Advertising

User-generated content-based ads have a 4x higher click-through rate and a 50% drop in cost-per-click. Trust signals like star ratings, reviews, and testimonials play a crucial role.

Google allows you to use review information from your Google Business Profile in ads without extra cost. Clicking the review link redirects customers to learn about others' experiences.

Identify your prospect's preferred channels and concentrate your efforts there. This is crucial for paid advertising; spending on a channel your audience doesn't use is a significant money drain.

Use Review Snippets in Paid Advertising

Add review snippets to paid ads and showcase them in image carousels. This example not only displays the star rating but also includes a call-to-action.
New shoppers can click to read more, while returning customers get a subtle reminder to write their own review.

Regularly collecting fresh content can earn you Rich Snippets and Google Seller Ratings, boosting your visibility on search engines.

Add review snippets to paid ads and showcase them in image carousels. This example not only displays the star rating but also includes a call-to-action.
New shoppers can click to read more, while returning customers get a subtle reminder to write their own review.

Regularly collecting fresh content can earn you Rich Snippets and Google Seller Ratings, boosting your visibility on search engines.

5. Engaging Audiences through Blog Content

Engaging Audiences through Blog Content

Incorporating Reviews into Your Blog Content
Include relevant reviews in your blog posts as a creative way to grab customers' attention.

When visitors seek information on your website, a well-placed review can guide them through the marketing funnel.

If integrating the review into the blog post feels forced, consider adding a dedicated review section on the side or at the article's bottom. 

This not only reinforces your company's credibility as an industry leader but also emphasizes the reliability of your content.

Stuck on what to create next? Take a peek at your customer reviews for inspiration.

6. Transforming Experiences into Success Stories

Transforming Experiences into Success Stories

With blogs/case studies 
Case studies leverage customer reviews effectively, providing detailed narratives of how our product or service transformed lives or businesses.
From introducing the customer and outlining the issue to presenting real numbers and visuals, these studies tell a complete story. 

The goal is to demonstrate convincingly how our offerings can satisfactorily resolve problems and address similar issues for potential clients.

Put happy customer reviews in blogs to show your brand is trusted. Stick quotes from reviews into product descriptions for a clear picture, and use before-and-after pics if they fit.

On Socials
Turn good reviews into easy-to-share pictures, saying thanks to customers. Share real customer stories often and run fun contests asking for more success stories. 
Don’t forget to share quick stories on Instagram Stories and Highlights for more people to see.

7. Promoting New Products and Services

Promoting New Products and Services

Using Reviews to Promote New Products or Services
Tommy Hilfiger, an iconic American brand, showed how to use customer feedback to build anticipation for upcoming products. 

The brand smartly announced a collaboration for a vintage collection in response to a fan's request for apparel, featuring their iconic lion crest logo.

This interaction not only pleased the customer but also created anticipation and awareness among other fans.

It's a clear example of how customer you can utilize customer reviews to make people (especially your audience) excited about new products.

8. Sharing Reviews On Social Media

Sharing Reviews On Social Media

Include reviews in your Instagram Stories
Generating daily Instagram Stories can be challenging, so why not take a breather and highlight your customers' voices?

Share customer reviews in your Stories and save them to a dedicated Highlight named "Reviews." 

This way, customers can revisit them anytime. Simply create the Highlight and add Stories with reviews to it. 

Pro tip: Boost conversions by adding shoppable links for each reviewed product. It's a simple yet effective way to keep your content fresh and engaging.

Feature reviews in your Facebook posts
If reviews sell, why not incorporate them into your sales-focused content, especially on social media ads like Facebook? 

Positive reviews act as valuable endorsements, reinforcing the reliability of your brand and encouraging engagement.

Featuring customer reviews in your Facebook posts/ads is like an unsung hero to establish credibility and connect with your audience effectively.

Highlight reviews on LinkedIn
Yes, reviews have a place on LinkedIn too. Let’s say your business is on a potentially dry topic of insurance. You can bring it into life by highlighting featured customer reviews on LinkedIn.

Rather than sticking with the standard auto-generated thumbnails, grab attention on LinkedIn by using positive customer reviews.

The golden five stars stand out in the bustling news feed, compels people to take a moment and read your reviews.

It's a clever strategy that adds a touch of brilliance to the way customer feedback is highlighted on LinkedIn.

9. Boosting Publicity With Customer Reviews

Boosting Publicity With Customer Reviews

Use reviews and testimonials in newsletters
Skillfully embed testimonials within your newsletter articles, ensuring they blend naturally. 

Target specific user segments with tailored newsletters and emails featuring relevant reviews that spotlight particular products or services.

These reviews serve as social proof, delivering endorsements for promoted offerings directly to recipients' inboxes.

Add reviews in e-books, print materials and broadcast ads
When crafting an e-book about your company or its offerings, incorporating the authentic voice of your customers adds significant value.

Print and TV ads featuring testimonials have proven to be a reliable method for building credibility and gaining customer trust. 

However, if you opt for this approach, ensure that real customers are featured. If you employ actors and the information leaks, it could damage your reputation.

Collect And Showcase Customer Reviews Automatically After Each Sale

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Final Advice

  • Happy customers are a potent marketing tool, influencing brand loyalty, conversions, and SEO.
  • Reviews hold tremendous power as authentic validations from actual users, making them more credible than marketing speak. 
  • Thus, use customer reviews not only on product pages but also in marketing emails, social media, websites, in-store displays, and packaging. 
  • Create dedicated, fast-loading pages for each offer to turn ad clicks into conversions. Try ReviewXpo today for unique landing pages that cater to all your audiences.

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