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How to showcase reviews through widgets?

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The main purpose of ReviewXpo is to help you with collecting reviews whether by on-site review collection or by sending review request emails and enable you to showcase them.

After the installation of ReviewXpo, you can showcase your product reviews by following these simple steps;

Step 1: From the "Online Store" dropdown, open "Themes".

How to showcase reviews through widgets_Screenshot_1

Step 2: Click on "Customize" to open the theme editor webpage.

How to showcase reviews through widgets_Screenshot_2

Step 3: Click the "Home page" dropdown in the top center of the page, then select "Products" to open the "Default Product" page.

How to showcase reviews through widgets_Screenshot_3

Step 4: From the sidebar, scroll down to the section where you want to showcase your product reviews and click on “Add Block”.

How to showcase reviews through widgets_Screenshot_4

Step 5: Type “ReviewXpo in the search bar and you will get to see the available widgets, select the “ReviewXpo Reviews” widget.

How to showcase reviews through widgets_Screenshot_5

Step 6: Lastly, click on “Save” and the widget will get integrated into your product page. You can also rearrange the placements using the “Drag and drop” method.

How to showcase reviews through widgets_Screenshot_6

This widget not only showcases your product reviews but also helps you to collect on-site reviews through the “Write A Review” Button. Hope you’ll have a great time using ReviewXpo!

For further queries please contact us, we'll always be there to help you!