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How to Set up and Customize Average Review Rating Badge

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Average Rating badges are essential to showcase social proof of your store’s products. Here’s how you can customize and set up the rating badge.
So let’s get started,

First, from the ReviewXpo Dashboard menu bar, open the “Badges” drop-down (1) and click on “Avg. Ratings” (2).

You will see a customization panel on the left (1) where you can design the badge to your preference and, a preview panel on the right (2) which will showcase how the the design will look like

Under the “Layout” drop-down of the General section, you can set which side the rating number will be displayed. It can be set horizontally or vertically on top, left, or right.

You can set the alignment of the badge widget to the top, left, or right using the “Alignment” feature.

You can set the radius of the badge using “Card Radius”


You can choose to show or hide the rating number using the  “Show Rating” (1) toggle, with the “Show Review Count”(2) toggle, you can show or hide the total number of reviews, if you want to show outlines over your badge widget, enable the “Show Outline” (3) toggle and if you want to show just one star instead of five, just turn on the “Single Star” (4) toggle.

In the “Color Choose” (1) section: On the “color scheme” section, you can set if you want the theme of the badge widget to be Dark, Light, or Design it to your preference by setting it  “custom” (2).

After Setting the theme to “Custom” :

  • You can customize the background color of the badge widget (1).
  • You can customize the Outline color of the badge widget(2).
  • You can customize the primary text color of the badge widget(3).
  • You can customize the secondary text color of the badge widget(4).
  • You can customize the rating icon color of the badge widget(5).
  • You can customize the accent color of the badge widget(6).    

In the “Rating Types” section:

You can set the types of rating stars(i.e. Star Rating, Happy Face, Emoji Rating) you want to display on the badge widget by selecting the drop-down menu bar.

You can set the name of the label to your liking by editing what you want to put on the label of the badge widget in the text field of the “Label” section.

After you are done customizing, click on “Save”

Now let’s show you how you can add the Average Rating Badge to your store. Go to the “Online Store” section on your Shopify store.

Select the “Customize” option on your current theme

Select  “Add Block” of the section where you want to add the badge widget.

Select “ ReviewXpo Rating Badge”

Set the badge where you want to (1) and click “Save” (2).

The Average Rating Badge can now be seen in your Shopify store.

Hope you found this article useful. And if you have any queries, feel free to reach us over the livechat.