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How to Set Up And Manage Custom Questions for Customers to Answer When They Give Review

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Discover how to set up custom questions for your reviews widget and gain valuable insights from your customers. Let's dive in!

-First, Navigate to the ReviewXpo dashboard and scroll down to Reviews > Settings.

-Access Custom Questions.

-Select "Manage Question" to add new inquiries.

-Here, customize your questions, specify response formats, designate placeholder text, indicate whether responses are required, and even opt for privacy settings.

-Once you've tailored your questions to perfection, simply click "Save Question" and your changes will be saved seamlessly.

Now you can check it yourself when you go to the review section of your store.

You can check the response from your end by going to The ReviewXpo DashboardReviews> All Reviews and view any review.

Hope you found this article helpful. If you need any help, feel free to reach us via the live chat.